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11 Best Pre-employment Assessment Tools in 2022

By ensuring that you only interview the most qualified individuals, pre-employment assessment tools can assist shorten the time it takes to make a new employee. They evaluate candidates on the skills required to accomplish the job. There is no one pre-employment assessment method that is optimum.

What matters most to your business and the recruiting assessment technique you should employ will depend on your demands. We’ve compiled this list of the top pre-employment testing tools because there are hundreds of choices right now.

What is Pre-Employment Assessment?

Think about employing pre-employment testing to evaluate a candidate’s tool and skill set. The tools can help the human resource department or hiring managers to hire the candidates with desired skillsets that can ace their responsibility.

It is a survey or test that is put together as part of a functional evaluation to discover the greatest possible match. The evaluation tools can include questions focused on a position or industry, as well as questions about problem-solving, soft skills, cognitive capacity, situational judgement, communication, aptitude, and motivation.

In addition to this, a pre-employment or pre-hiring assessment that provides in-the-moment reports on a candidate’s performance is prefabricated and adjustable. These instruments can be used for evaluating technical, coding, engineering, and IT skills.

11 Best Pre-employment Assessment Tools in 2022

Here are the 11 Best Pre-employment Assessment Tools. Let’s dive in!

Top Hard Skills Pre-employment Assessment Tools

Even if there are fewer jobs that require a degree, you still need to know if an applicant has the abilities required. These hard-skill pre-employment assessment tools can help you understand each candidate’s degree of proficiency for the essential job criteria.

1. iMocha


iMocha delivers one of the most thorough skills-based pre-employment evaluations, with over 2,500 skill tests. It offers exams in practically any subject you would require, including coding, IT, engineering, business, accounting, and more.

Additionally, it provides a “live interview” feature for hiring developers, allowing you to use their pre-employment evaluation while doing the interview. Additionally, a specialist in the area can build a unique skills evaluation for your business in less than two days.

2. Vervoe


Vervoe asserts that by evaluating applicants’ pre-employment skills, they may anticipate how well they will perform on the job.

Its assessment library contains tests on a variety of skills, including IT, copywriting, and retail employees. You’re sure to find a pre-employment skills assessment that meets your demands with such a vast collection.

3. HackerRank


HackerRank aims to find skills not listed on a candidate’s résumé and is designed exclusively for technology businesses or positions in the field. You can see a candidate’s competence level in each of the important aspects of the job thanks to thorough reporting.

Before you hire the individual, you’ll be able to tell where they thrive and where they would benefit from some more training. According to HackerRank, about half of all developers in the globe have finished at least one pre-employment test on their platform. This is your tool if you need to employ a developer.

4. Xobin


Xobin, which provides over 1,000 pre-employment screening tests, states that it can cut the hiring process down to around one week. Tests include a wide range of topics, from business and IT skills to HR and finance. The main selling point of Xobin is that even its most basic package includes unlimited pre-employment tests and applicants.

You don’t need to worry about spacing out candidates if you’re hiring for multiple roles or asking many applicants to take a test because it allows you to administer exams to 100 people at once.

5. Skillmeter


The unique feature of Skillmeter is its ability to let you create your own pre-employment tests. Simply include it in your custom assessment to ask candidates to demonstrate their skills through video, typing, answering questions, uploading files, and many other methods.

Skillmeter provides access to some pre-built assessments, just like the other options. Project management and software tests are included, however, the majority of these are IT-related. Each of Skillmeter’s plans has a 14-day free trial period.

6. Skillsarena


You may assess a candidate’s skills and evaluate whether they would succeed in the position using Skillsarena. It allows you to measure candidates objectively and eliminate the unqualified by providing skills assessments in math, software, language, clerical, industrial, legal, and other tasks.

It also offers reasoning and logic tests you can administer to applicants. These tests don’t really test hard skills, but they might test the kind of unconventional thinking that might be required for a particular job. Although Skillsarena is based in England, anyone can benefit from using it, not just multinational companies.

Top Soft Skills Pre-Employment Assessment Tools

Assessments of soft skills are used to determine whether a candidate will fit in well with the culture of your business. These hiring tools will assist you in identifying the applicant who best possesses the personality traits necessary for success in your company.

7. Harver


By measuring soft skills, Harver employs science and statistics to forecast a candidate’s quality using an algorithm. It evaluates a candidate’s aptitude, cultural fit, and capacity for success given your position’s demands.

The fact that so many applicants fail pre-employment tests is their biggest flaw. Harver creates brief and interesting exams, with a 92% completion rate. In practically any business, including retail, hospitality, banking, and even general remote work, its tests evaluate applicants.

8. Owiwi


Pre-employment soft skill testing is conducted differently by Owiwi. The tests are presented as a video game on a computer. Candidates participate in a game of decisions that ultimately reveals important character traits, allowing you to judge how well they fit into your culture.

Accountability, adaptability, decision-making, flexibility, integrity, learning agility, resilience, teamwork, project management, entrepreneurship, and people support are all factors evaluated by Owiwi in each evaluation. You’ll get a detailed report on applicants’ soft skills after they finish the game assessment. Owiwi, a UK-based company, serves businesses looking to fill any position in any sector.

9. HighMatch


HighMatch asserts that evaluating personality traits and problem-solving abilities, can determine whether a candidate will be successful with your business. It develops a hiring profile for your position based on the requirements of the role using in-house psychologists. With this knowledge, it can adjust its tests to more closely match the position you’re looking to fill.

You can even design your own unique tests. With the help of HighMatch, you may provide tests at every stage of the hiring procedure and screen candidates as necessary.

10. Bryq


Bryq makes an effort to look behind a résumé and provide you with a thorough understanding of an applicant’s soft talents. Its programme examines the applicants for your vacant post and scores them according to how well-suited they are to the position and your business. You may hire the ideal candidate more quickly with this innovative method.

You will receive a comprehensive report outlining the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses after they have completed the assessment. This report will compare job candidates, but you can also use this data to conduct more focused and direct interviews.

Top Free Pre-employment Assessment Tools

Employing people is difficult and expensive enough. Fortunately, the following companies provide free pre-employment evaluation tools to assist you in selecting competent applicants without spending a fortune. Even though we advise utilising one, we may respect your decision if you don’t want to spend extra money on a pre-employment assessment instrument.

11. Indeed


Its own pre-employment screening tools are available on Indeed. Although some of its tests do analyse soft skills and how well a candidate fits your company’s culture, the vast majority of them focus on testing hard talents.

The Indeed pre-employment assessment tool’s biggest feature is that you can use it to screen applications before they even reach your mailbox, saving you time from having to sort through unsuitable prospects. An Indeed assessment can be sent at any time during the employment process.

Bottom Line:

In the modern workplace, many firms have changed to a skills-based approach, doing away with degree requirements in favour of an individual’s capacity to perform the work. This is where a pre-employment assessment tool can be useful. There are many pre-employment assessment tools accessible to you, thus this is not a full list of all of them. Our aim is to assist you in reducing the options and choosing the tool that best suits your requirements. You can hire more quickly and effectively if you use any of the aforementioned methods.

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