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10 Best Product Analytics Tools & Software In 2022

product analytics tools

Many questions come up when creating digital products, such as: What features do users want? How are they going to use the product? What can we do to improve the user experience? Product analytics tools answer these and other queries. They enable product managers to evaluate their research and development efforts objectively. Product teams may then enhance performance, remove obstacles, and boost customer satisfaction using these tools’ rich data. In this article, I’ll discuss ten of the top product analysis tools available and explain what they’re great at. I hope this will enable you to focus your search and make more informed decisions.

The Best Product Analytics Tools List

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Quantum Metric
  3. LogRocket
  4. InnerTrends
  5. UXCam
  6. Dragonboat
  7. Zoho Analytics
  8. Heap
  9. Pendo
  10. Mixpanel

My Product Analytics Solutions Comparison Criteria

What do I consider when choosing the finest platforms for product analytics? Here is a list of my evaluation standards:

  1. User Interface (UI): In order to assist product managers in making vital decisions, I look for product analytics solutions that surface pertinent information.
  2. Usability: Here, my focus is on features that make it easy for any member of the product team to find and use the features they require.
  3. Integrations: I search for seamless connections with other technologies regularly used by product development teams.
  4. Value for $: I’m looking for product analytics solutions that are reasonably priced in comparison to other development tools.

Product Analytics Apps: Key Features

Typically, the top product analytics tools will have the following attributes:

  1. Tracking: to track customers’ activities around your website or app in order to improve
  2. Segmentation: to learn about individuals’ identities, backgrounds, and areas of interest
  3. Profiles: that enable you to create user categories based on your own criteria
  4. Notifications: to notify product teams of significant occasions or trends
  5. A/B Testing: to contrast various iterations of a feature to determine which performs best

Best Product Analytics Tools

Here is a quick summary of each product analytics tool, along with examples of some standout features and screenshots showing the user interface.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

The standard tool for examining user behaviour and activity on websites and mobile apps is Google Analytics. It has developed over time into a potent tool that offers thorough reports on user behavior, client location, and click-through rates.

Google Analytics makes it simple to understand where visitors are coming from, what devices they use, and how they interact with the website or app. You may use this information to improve engagement with your digital products, boost conversions, and lower bounce rates.

2. Quantum Metric

Quantum Metric

Quantum Metric, a big data and artificial intelligence platform, offers organizations a thorough perspective of consumer behavior. Interactive customer experience journeys are used to accomplish this. Product managers can better grasp consumers’ demands and problems thanks to these journeys.

In addition to automatically creating step-by-step logs of user behavior, Quantum Metric also captures user sessions for viewing as video replays. Heat maps highlight areas for development by highlighting areas where users struggle.

3. LogRocket


LogRocket assists software development teams in maximizing product engagement, enhancing conversions, and resolving software issues. It combines session replay, product analytics data, and performance tracking on a single platform. Software developers can use these insights to improve the user experience of their products.

This tool repeats user sessions with pinpoint accuracy. To quickly address issues raised by users, team members can search for sessions by user. Managers can choose better products by observing how actual people use the app.

4. InnerTrends


InnerTrends is a solution that combines product analytics with data science and produces clear results. Customer engagement rating, lifespan cycle tracking, and growth opportunity detection are features. Users are monitored from their initial contact through registration, onboarding, and platform use.

This tool offers a selection of pre-built reports intended to quickly deliver useful information. Every report is written in straightforward English so that everyone on the product team can understand what it means. With InnerTrends, the complete SaaS customer journey can be optimized as a unified cross-departmental unit.

5. UXCam


A mobile app analytics solution made for teams, UXCam is user-friendly for your entire mobile app business. User behaviour data is automatically collected, processed, analyzed, and visualized by UXCam, making it simple to understand the user experience’s motivations and actions.

To comprehend the how and why of the client journey, teams can leave comments on session recordings, heatmaps, and travels via funnels. Major platforms like Firebase, Google Analytics, and Segment are integrated with UXCam.

6. Dragonboat


Dragonboat assists team leaders in planning, setting priorities, delivering, and improving software solutions. It enables the creation of data-driven roadmaps and linking goals with projects by product teams. Past outcomes can influence future product revisions. Teams working on a complex and diversified product portfolio would do well to use this tool.

Using agile execution, links OKRs, KPIs, product strategies, and customer needs. The tool’s centralized feedback system, automated progress monitoring, and integrated team messaging are advantageous to product managers. Asana, Jira, Confluence, and Github are just a few of the programs that Dragonboat can be integrated with.

7. Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics

You can connect, compile, and do extensive product data analysis using Zoho Analytics. The application directly handles data preparation. Features include visual analysis, collaborative analytics, data storytelling, and data preparation and management.

Data can be integrated from hundreds of sources, including files, data streams, web addresses, databases, and business apps. Visual analysis features assist with slicing and dicing data as necessary utilizing a number of charts, widgets, pivot tables, and tabular view components to effectively tell the story of your product.

8. Heap


Heap records each user action made on a website in order to assist businesses in automating user analytics reporting. It has functions including a path analyzer, conversion charts, and an event visualizer that are designed for medium- to large-sized businesses.

Contrary to many rival solutions, Heap does not require complicated website integration. It functions right out of the box to record every user action. Product managers may quickly access the information they need because of its usability. Even with their most basic freemium subscription, basic reports and ad-hoc analytics are provided.

9. Pendo


For firms that interact with customers, such as those in the healthcare, educational technology, and financial services sectors, Pendo is a product management tool. Pendo assists you in boosting client retention by providing insights into user behavior throughout their product experience.

You can increase feature uptake and onboarding by using targeted walkthroughs and messaging inside the app. Data analysts can monitor the use of features and products across mobile and online applications. Additionally, using Pendo Feedback, this application enables the product and marketing teams to record, organize, and manage consumer feature requests.

10. Mixpanel


Organizations of any size may study user behavior affordably, thanks to Mixpanel. It offers interactive reports, displays the most popular new features and functionalities, and spotlights power users. Conversion rate analysis and retroactive funnel building are also possible.

Unlike most analytics platforms, this product has a unique strategy. It measures the actions or steps made by users entering the application being watched rather than analyzing by page views. An action can be anything, such as streaming a video or uploading an image.

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Are there any free product analytics tools?

For small product development teams operating on a short budget, several free product analytics solutions are available on the market. Google Analytics, Quantcast Measure, Piwik, and Similar Web are among the applications with free plans. Even though they might not have as many features as tools that cost money, they might nonetheless offer a plethora of useful data.

Why are product analytics tools important?

A digital product must include all the features users want, presented in the best way, to be successful. Product analytics tools assist development teams in maintaining a competitive edge, meeting all user requirements, and staying ahead of the curve.

What are product metrics?

Product metrics are quantifiable data points that give development teams the ability to examine and assess the performance of a certain product. Free-to-paid conversion rate, client turnover, and monthly recurring revenue are examples of core KPIs. Good product management contributes to product improvement and sales growth and requires a thorough understanding of key KPIs.

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