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Proxy servers for your safety: how it works

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The more people care about their business, the more they do their deals online. It is natural because, nowadays, you will hardly find a person who does not use social media or Internet sources for work and study. Company owners must adapt quickly and provide a secure connection for their communication and work channels to develop their business. One of the most common ways to complete this task is to use proxy servers. How do they work, and why does provide the best Malaysia proxies?

What are proxies

A proxy is someone representing another one in some process. The noun describes the mediation that a person conducts while doing something on someone’s behalf. The work of the proxy servers happens just the same. 

These servers exist for mediation between the user and the visited hosts. It can be a means to control online activity, secure the data flow, or provide anonymity. These functions can be implemented separately or simultaneously – it depends on what providers offer and what customers need. The more functions you need, the more services cost.

Of course, there is an opportunity to use the free services, but they are mostly not as reliable as paid services. It results from the finesses of organizational and maintenance issues. If the providers do not invest decent amounts of money in the backend hardware, it works weakly. 

Another point of risk is encryption issues. When the proxy server receives the request of a user, it should change the data according to the setting. If there is supposed data encryption, the proxy has to change it along with the IP address. But free services often neglect this and use initial info to connect the host. It can be risky, for example, if you often use online banking services. 

Types of mediator servers

There exist various typologies by different criteria. According to what level of anonymity a server provides, proxies are divided into:

  • transparent – changing no information of a request, just controlling the activity;
  • anonymous – hiding IP, encrypting the data;
  • distorting – showing the false IP and providing data encryption;
  • high-anonymity – showing the faux address and changing it from time to time.

These proxies have many use cases for business and private life. The combinations of these functions are possible, for example, if you want to save anonymity and monitor users’ Internet activity at the same time. Transparent proxies function as a parental control for those who want to protect their children from the harmful influence of some sources; or as a limiting force to prevent employees from cyberloafing.

But not hosts you visit have a chance to hide their identities too. Regarding this, people distinguish:

  • Forward proxies – those described above. They help users to stay safe and anonymous while visiting doubtful or other sources.
  • Reverse servers – act on behalf of the hosts you can visit. Server owners use them to optimize the website’s functioning and to prevent their data from being stolen. For example, reverse proxies can enhance website availability and loading speed. 

Depending on your requirements, can offer you a wide range of solutions for your case.

What advantages does offer?

The service works for business customers to provide the best conditions to develop their companies. The services include using residential or mobile proxies and managing them from the application. 

Residential proxies are those that provide IPs assigned to many locations around the globe. Internet service providers make these addresses available and prove them to function well. You can use them without hassle. Mobile proxies work through mobile devices and have fewer use cases than residential ones. But it does not mean they are less efficient. 

You can use the services for your business to:

  • Collect data – high-quality encryption and reliability of servers are used to provide a wide circle of opportunities for data collection. It touches upon market research, finding out the pricing changes, the tendencies investigation, etc. Finally, it facilitates the building of the marketing campaigns and their implementation.
  • Verify how your Internet campaigns work – location-based marketing is a thing with many pitfalls, but using proxies can help you eliminate them. The same is for setting your website to function seamlessly. 
  • Protect your customers and your business from counterfeits.

Working with brings you much calmness to the working process. You can choose from a variety of plans according to your budget, needs, and opportunities. 

Generally, proxy services are helpful to provide basic safety and control to what is happening in the Internet space you exist in. Depending on the aspects you want to see and control, you select the desired functionality and enjoy the results. The servers will complete the picture by their reliability, speed, and management simplicity. 

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