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Best 11 PubFilm Alternatives To Watch Movies Online

What is PubFilm?

Pubfilm com is a website that allows you to watch movies online. It is one of the world’s oldest movie streaming platforms. PubFilm is noted for its extensive library of films, online and television series, shows, and videos. This streaming site’s user interface is simple to understand and navigate.

All of the content on this streaming service is organized into genre-specific categories and subsections. This website has almost eight million monthly active visitors. Because of its large selection of content, it is undoubtedly one of the top streaming sites on the internet.


  • Pubfilm  123movies has become well-known and has been utilized by many people for a long time. You do not need to re-register even if you access PubFilm’s new domain. Look for your favorite film and watch it on-site.
  • The search results display movies and television programs comparable to or in the same genre as the entered keyword.
  • It’s simple to save movies you’d like to watch later. Either the download button or the video downloader can be used.
  • Finding movies will be straightforward with many available categories, such as genre, release year, current TV series, top movies, and IMDB ratings.


  • Films that promote violence
  • Movies are made to make money.
  • Form False Conceptions
  • Money and time have been squandered.
  • Respect for law and order is either insufficient or non-existent.

List of Top Best 11 PubFilm Alternatives

1. Popcorn Time:

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is another program comparable to Pubfilm alternative that you may use to watch high-quality movies and TV shows. Unlike other online video streaming services, Popcorn Time needs you to download and install an app from their website. Still, this is one of the best pieces of software you can acquire because all you need is a good internet connection, and the application will do the rest, searching the internet for the best movies and TV shows for you to watch. Furthermore, because this program allows you to watch movies and TV series with subtitles, you will gradually enjoy watching them. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and use this program to watch your favorite movies.

2. Movies Found Online:

Movies Found Online

This alternative to Pubfilm’s  online movies website could be another excellent choice for anyone wishing to view popular Hollywood films online. This free online movie streaming website’s library contains many films. There are several movie categories on the homepage of this website, such as “Most Watched,” “Featured Movies,” “Latest Added,” and so on. You can search through these sections to find your favorite streaming movie. You can also watch movies online in HD video quality, which you can change to low based on your preferences.

This site contains popular cinema genres such as action, comedy, romance, thriller, horror, family, western, drama, melodrama, fantasy, and suspense. Furthermore, the Movies Found online website is an excellent choice if you appreciate watching various popular anime episodes on your smartphone. Go to our website’s homepage and register for free access to all this stuff. The only drawback we’ve found with this service is that movies and other web pages take longer to load. Aside from this shortcoming, the Movies Found Online website is an excellent resource we enthusiastically recommend to our users.

3. YahooView:


Viewers can use YahooView instead of the Pubfilm one  website, which is excellent. This website allows users to log in using their authentic Yahoo account. Furthermore, the total number of videos available on this website is massive. The most recent uploads of several different movies can be found straight on the YahooView website’s homepage. In addition to the film, this website has a large selection of web series and television shows, making it a fantastic alternative for users. Select the genre of the movie you want to watch on your device, then select your favorite film to start watching movies online. You may also use the search bar at the top of our movie streaming website’s homepage to look for your favorite movie. This website will give ad-free streaming, which is an excellent feature. Newly added movies can be found in a separate section of the YahooView website, making it a perfect substitute for Pubfilm.

4. MovieFlix:


MovieFlix is a fantastic option for anyone seeking a free internet streaming service with all of the premium content and features. Anyone can watch this streaming website because it is an open-source project for free tv. Furthermore, the available quantity of movies available on the MovieFlix website is one of its most intriguing features.

MovieFlix also provides a mobile app that can be downloaded on any Android smartphone running Android 4.0 or later. It’s a shame that the MovieFlix app isn’t available for iOS users. The total number of videos available on this website is steadily increasing. There are no annoying commercials or uninvited backlinks while you watch movies online. You may easily monitor all of your favorite movies in HD streaming quality on this website if your device has a stable internet connection. This site has recently received several new Indian web series and Korean drama series.



Vumoo‘s collection isn’t as extensive as Putlocker’s, but you’ve found it if you’re looking for a film that even tiny children have seen. As a result, one of the platform’s advantages is that it has little or no adverts.

The website is simple to use and browse. Buffers exist between streams. The titles, however, are not as neatly organized as those on other free streaming platforms. You don’t need to create an account to get started. Although the service only has a few HD films, the video quality isn’t bad. It’s about the same grade level as the rest of the class.

6. PutLocker:


This site has the fewest commercial pop-ups when watching a movie. This website has the potential to be an excellent replacement for PubFilm com. All of this website’s content is free and open to the public. One of the best advantages of this movie streaming site is. It has a feature that allows website visitors to request a specific movie or show.

If users can’t find a particular video on our online streaming service, they can request it. Users may even watch some of Hollywood’s most excellent classic flicks. The design and layout of this movie streaming service are fantastic. There will be no need to register or sign up/log in on this site.

7. Io Movies:

This is one of our favorites. Few people are aware of this site because it is not easily found on Google. We believe, however, that this is simply the owner’s attempt to avoid being pulled into copyright issues.

IoMovies isn’t precisely unknown, but it doesn’t have the same level of popularity as sites like Putlocker and SolarMovie. There are no commercials on the site, and it loads swiftly.

You do not need to create an account to start streaming. It is, without a doubt, a haven for movie enthusiasts. Consumers can enjoy a flawless streaming experience because there isn’t much traffic. The site’s proprietor also makes a point of regularly updating the site with new movie content.

8. XMovies8:


XMovies8, like Pubfilm, has a vast library of movies and TV shows to choose from. The bulk of your favorite film is available here.

A list of all the freshly released movies and TV shows may be found on the homepage. You can arrange them by IMDb rating, most popular, trending, and other criteria.

The bulk of the films listed are available in HD, and no registration is required. Find your movie, select a server, and start streaming. If XMovies8 doesn’t have the movie you desire, try one of these XMovies8 alternatives.

9. WatchFree:


WatchFree is a terrific free streaming website with a large selection of movies and TV series. The user interface on this site is quite lovely; everything is listed neat and orderly, and you will like perusing it once you get started. You may easily search for different movies and TV programs on the site using the numerous filter options available.

WatchFree features a big movie and TV show library regularly updated with new releases, new series episodes, and the year’s best films.

There is no need to register. Enter the title of the movie you want to watch, plug in your headphones, and start watching.

10. TheWatchSeries:


Another popular Pubfilm alternative for watching HD movies and TV episodes is Gowatchseries. The website is a platform where legitimate copyright owners can share and distribute their video works. They do not, however, organize or administer the videos on GoWatchseries.

As a result, our website hosts virtually all TV shows and movies that are not legally available elsewhere. Servers such as Server HD, Vidnode, Openload, Streammango, and others are supported by Gowatchseries, as are others. As a result of the load balancing, users will be able to watch videos without buffering. A user registration option is available on the website, granting users access to more services. However, it is not required, and users can still watch and download videos without registering. Choose the initial letter of both TV series and movies from the A-Z list. At the same time, they can use the search box to find their favorite video. You can request a specific movie or TV show by logging into the website. Because most of the videos are not given with correct authorization, they change their domain name every time they receive a DMCA notification. The following is their current domain.

11. Kanopy:


Another great free online movie streaming portal features all of the premium media content for customers. The Kanopy website contains one of the largest databases of Hollywood films, which is terrific for users. Thanks to one of the most unique and exciting movie collections globally, the Kanopy website has become a hugely popular choice among millions of users worldwide.

On this website, you can find almost every form of content. From erotic content to entertainment content, informative content to children’s content, the Kanopy website’s database has it all, making it an excellent alternative for consumers. Users may also download their favorite movies on their devices for offline watching on this open-source website. The implementation of the night mode theme significantly improves the graphic user interface of the Kanopy website. Go to this website’s homepage and click the Sign Up icon to create your free account.


PubFilm 2016 movies offers a diverse selection of films and web series. The vast majority of the movies and TV shows available for streaming on our site have received excellent reviews. The enormous amount of content on this website attracts visitors. There are several PubFilm alternatives available on the internet. We’ve spoken about a few of the best streaming sites with roughly equal (or even more) features as PubFilm.

Some of these options are free, while others charge a monthly subscription cost. Users who sign up for the streaming service will have access to various services. We’ll keep adding new sites like PubFilm to this list as we find them, so keep checking Central Viral for updates. Also, please let us know in the comments section below if you have any issues.

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