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Top 10 BEST Reporting Tools For Better Decision Making in 2022

Reporting Tools

What is Reporting Software?

In order for the user to obtain meaningful information, reporting software interacts with data sources, gathers data, and provides insights in the form of graphs and charts depending on the input data. This software programme is typically included in a business intelligence package.

The decision-making process is aided by reporting tools. You’ll have more control over the data thanks to detailed insights. The data is presented in an appealing way using reporting tools. These technologies improve data’s readability, utility, and presentability by visually expressing it.

Static reports and interactive reports are the two different sorts of reports that can exist. Users cannot change static reports, but interactive reports let you dive down into the data to gain detailed insights. Additionally, these reports offer the ability to browse, sort, filter, and traverse the data.

These reporting tools can produce many report kinds, as follows:

  • Business intelligence reporting,
  • Reporting and visualising,
  • Reporting via self-service,
  • Business reporting,
  • Reporting on application performance,
  • Financial reporting.

There is a difference between reporting tools and business intelligence software, despite the common misconception that they are interchangeable. A business intelligence suite includes reporting tools, whereas business intelligence software includes a variety of tool categories. The ability to correlate the data is where they diverge most.

Let’s Investigate!

Top 10 BEST Reporting Tools For Better Decision Making

Here are the top 10 BEST Reporting Tools For Better Decision Making discussed below.

1. Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics

An easy-to-use reporting tool is Zoho Analytics. Users can quickly produce actionable reports from any data with this tool. It has an AI-powered assistant that may provide users with insightful responses to their inquiries in the form of insightful reports. 100+ connectors with pre-built reports and dashboards, unified business analytics, white-label/embedded BI, and intelligent assistant. Smart data alerts and predictions are provided by the tool. It uses ML, NLP, and AI technologies.

2. HubSpot Marketing Analytics

HubSpot Marketing Analytics

With powerful built-in analytics, reports, and dashboards, you can track the performance of your whole marketing funnel in one location. You may become a more knowledgeable marketer with the help of HubSpot Marketing Analytics. With integrated analytics, you can decide quickly and intelligently. Landing pages, emails, marketing automation, lead management, analytics, content management systems (CMS), social media, SEO, ads, and many more things.



It provides a seven-day free trial. To learn more about the price, request a quote. charges customers based on subscriptions. A platform for integrating data on the cloud is called It provides options for developers, support staff, sales staff, and marketing. will assist you in creating a comprehensive marketing and sales analytics solution. You can create complete and successful marketing plans.

4. FineReport


For businesses to handle the complicated needs of reports and dashboards and obtain insights into their operational processes, FineReport is 100% Java reporting software. For IT and business departments to fulfil a variety of report application scenarios, it provides three simple yet creative report design patterns. Data entry for data collecting, scheduled reports, mobile reporting, TV and large-screen display, all-in-one management platform, 3D charts with amusing animations, and exporter in many formats are all available.

5. Juicebox


The fastest, most beautiful method for making dynamic, visually appealing data visualisations and presentations is Juicebox. Juicebox differs from other visualisation tools with a focus on data storytelling and usability. The pricing structure is cost-effective for groups and free for individuals. Juicebox enables the rapid creation of high-calibre reports, dashboards, and infographics. Juicebox is able to mix lightweight, in-browser editing with striking, contemporary visual design, unlike more complex visualisation systems.



By replacing boring dashboards with robust SQL Notebooks that provide real insights, the analytical and reporting application seeks to alter the way people view data. Using adaptable tools for data collection, analysis, and visualisation, enables you to bring your team together on the same page. Users are able to plan the automated dissemination of highly customizable reports.

7. Answer Rocket

Answer Rocket

Any business can use Answer Rocket. No technical knowledge is necessary because this tool was created for business professionals. Any team member can produce reports and analytics. Since it is a web-based utility, any operating system can use it. This online utility is compatible with all OS systems. You can arrange when the report will be sent using this tool. It facilitates the use of natural language when posing queries.

8.  SAP Crystal Reports

SAP Crystal Reports

It is a tool for reporting and business intelligence. It offers an attractive user interface and effective processes. The technology can be utilised by small and medium-sized businesses and will guarantee data protection. numerous file formats, including PDF, HTML, and spreadsheets. Security of data will be ensured. both several languages and language-specific formatting.

9. Izenda Reports

Izenda Reports

This self-service reporting allows consumers to choose when and how they want to obtain the data. Software development teams and enterprises can use it to integrate reporting and BI capabilities into their applications. Both mobile devices and desktop web browsers can access it. It can also be set up locally. Any size of business can use this system. There are several languages supported. Ad-hoc reporting, financial forecasting, profit analysis, and a number of other uses are all possible.

10. DBxtra


Ad-hoc reporting can be done using the business intelligence and reporting application DBxtra. It is a reporting interface for websites that also offers a free desktop report viewer. Web-based dashboards are made possible by their dashboard creator. It is a cloud-based tool that allows businesses to design and share web reports. simple to use Knowledge of web technologies and SQL programming is not necessary. It is a robust, adaptable, and simple to use reporting tool.


The essay on reporting tools has come to a close. Before we wrap up, let’s see a one-liner about each tool for your quick understanding.

You will receive complete data exploration from Answer Rocket. The content can be distributed via SAP Crystal Reports in PDF, Spreadsheet, and HTML formats. Izenda can be utilised for financial reports and profit analysis.

DBxtra is strong, adaptable, and simple to use. Your efforts in sales, marketing, social media, and customer support are visible thanks to GoodData. The flexible and scalable Phocas system offers a private cloud option.

The most effective free reporting tools are BIRT and KNIME. Plans for monthly subscriptions are available from Zoho analytics, Datadog, and Phocas. But Datadog offers monthly options that are less expensive.

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