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Rules for a witty designed website that will satisfy SEO specialists

The company’s website is an entrance point to the digital marketing world. It is not only the face of the company or brand but also the source of organic traffic which is the most desirable.

In this article, we will explain why SEO is so closely related to website design, and also consider the main elements that are important to take into account when developing a website whose goal is a lead generation and high rankings in search results.

Why does a website need the right design?

First of all, good design is not well-designed shadows and pretty colors. 

In 2018, experts from McKinsey reported on the assessment of the economic effect of the design, having previously studied the approaches in three hundred companies around the world. There is no direct dependence between sales growth and design. But design leaders do have better financial results. Another conclusion: the correct design works regardless of the specifics, sphere, and type of service (during the study, companies from various fields were considered, for example, medicine, banking services, trade, etc.).

Here you can see the results of the research.

Web design is a big part of marketing as is SEO. At the same time, the effect of developing a website with high-quality design and focus on SEO-promotion will be stronger when both of these tools are applied.

There is a close connection between search engine promotion and the visual component of the project since now a lot is determined by the behavioral factors of the site. And web design, in turn, is focused on making the site user-friendly.

However, website promotion in search engines begins not with an analysis of how the user behaves on it, but with determining the compliance of the project with the requirements of search engines. After all, the user must first be brought to this site. This means that the site should be made attractive for search engines as well.


The quality of the future site is largely determined by the fundamental principles that guided its creation.


Hosting is also essential for both site visitors and SEO. Reliable hosting should ensure that your site runs smoothly and quickly. Users do not like slow sites, which are often inaccessible, which means that he will hardly be able to take high positions in search results.

In an era of information overload, users are very impatient. Most of them won’t wait if the page takes too long to load. 

Better hosting such as Interserver provides better loading speed. It can be the best choice for you. You can use Google PageSpeed Insights to assess site speed. It will show you how fast pages load on computers and mobile devices, as well as provide recommendations for optimization.


The choice of a content management system (CMS) largely determines its further success in promotion. Also, it directly depends on how you want to see your site. Whether it will be a blog, an online store, or the site of a residential complex. Therefore, before deciding on a specific CMS, you need to check all the functions and features of each of the systems and compare them with the goals of your site.


Usability depends on site structure and means ease of use of a resource and combines several factors at once: page loading speed, certain design requirements, as well as an approach to creating a site taking into account user requirements.

Convenient website structure is the most important process in website creation. The site should not only be user-friendly but also fit the search engine algorithm.

The best solution is to think over the structure of the site in advance so as not to remake it when the time comes for SEO optimization.


The basic navigation element is a menu, it visually reflects the structure of the site and helps the user to quickly navigate between sections. Therefore, it should be accessible from all pages and contain links to all major sections. In addition to the menu, navigation can also include such elements as filters and sorting of products, blocks of links to similar materials or products, etc. Everything that helps the user to quickly get the information he needs. All major links must be readable by users and indexable by search engines.


Mobile phones are the most popular browsing device on the Internet today. Since 2018, Google’s algorithms have switched to the Mobile-First format. This means that the mobile version of the site is the most important factor for raising a site in the rankings.


One of the main steps in building a website is to make its pages available for crawling by search engines. And here it is important to pay attention to the following:

  1. Convenience for Search Engine algorithms. For the search robot to be able to crawl the pages of your site, its content must be as accessible as possible. This means that you should not replace text content with images, animations, or videos. The relevance of site pages to user search queries is the main task of SEO, and if a search robot cannot determine whether your site belongs to a certain category, then it will simply consider such a resource useless for the user.
  2. Structure of links. For the search robot to check your site beyond the home page, special attention must be paid to internal links. Well-thought-out navigation and a correctly configured sitemap will contribute not only to correct and quick indexing but also to improve behavioral factors since users can easily and quickly find all the necessary sections of the site.


Content is an important part of any website. The content of the site should be presented to the visitor in such a way that it is interesting and easy to understand.

  1. Text. We mentioned earlier the importance of text for indexing and ranking. Besides, the visual component of the text is also important. When creating a website, it is necessary to pay great attention to how the text will be located on the page, how it will contrast with the background of the pages, what font and size will be most convenient for perception. All these things need to be thought out in advance, since quite often there are situations when for SEO it is necessary to add specific text to the page, and the site design does not provide for the possibility of placing text content. You can also check how efficient your website content is. 
  2. Images. In addition to text content, the site should be filled with high-quality images. For both SEO and user experience, it is important to be:
  • Unique;
  • Displayed correctly with different monitor extensions;
  • Loaded quickly;
  • Fit to the content of the page;


SEO and design cannot be separated from each other. A well-designed site will be user-friendly and get high rankings from search engine robots. Therefore, the design should be given attention at the very beginning. This will avoid mistakes and save your budget.

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