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15 Best Sales Acceleration Software In 2022

Sales Acceleration Software

Sales acceleration is the quickening of the sales process. This may be the consequence of a variety of factors, such as time, money, and effort savings that boost a seller’s effectiveness. Additionally, just as technology is simplifying human work, so too is it doing for sales teams. To stay current and advance in their respective sectors, businesses must adopt sales acceleration technologies. We have compiled a list of sales acceleration software that will aid your company in sales acceleration as it becomes more and more popular in the B2B sector.

What is sales acceleration software?

Here, we have a wide range of software products, from sales enablement to CRM support. These instruments by themselves cannot deliver you the projected productivity, but when a small group of knowledgeable professionals work together and learn, they can unquestionably boost sales by unheard-of amounts.

So let’s get started with the list of the top 15 sales acceleration tools:

  • SalesHandy
  • Saleshandy connect
  • TruCadence
  • Lead Connect
  • SalesLoft
  • ProProfs
  • Yesware
  • ToutApp
  • LeadFuze
  • Cirrus Insight
  • Nimble
  • HubSpot Sales
  • Clari
  • EngageBay
  • DataFox

15 Best Sales Acceleration Software

1. SalesHandy


One of the most well-known brands in sales acceleration and sales enablement is SalesHandy. It gives you access to a web app that displays information about the state of your email campaigns and overall client engagement. Knowing how much their prospects are engaged in their emails allows one to target their sales. SalesHandy is the best sales acceleration software available because it is also one of the most reasonably priced products in the market.

Its features include tracking emails, scheduling emails, team reports, campaign analytics, integrating with Zapier’s webhooks, sequencing emails, and tracking custom domains. It is said that this one tool will boost your team’s productivity ten times over. These are just a handful of the numerous factors that make SalesHandy the best tool to add to your toolbox.

2. Saleshandy Connect

Saleshandy Connect

A free Email Finder tool called Saleshandy Connect provides qualified leads in a matter of seconds. Now that you have the most trustworthy and validated source of information, you may expand your relationships and business.

In addition to locating email, this program confirms the lead’s email address using data that is 99.99% accurate, which enhances deliverability. Saleshandy Connect is made to deliver correct data, with the exception of email addresses, to satisfy any Finder’s needs.

3. TruCadence


Another software program that manages sales interaction techniques is called TruCadence. It enables you to call and email your leads at scale.

TruCadence sequences engagement via phone, email, and social media and gives users’ best qualified leads priority. You may boost your sales productivity by implementing a user strategy at scale.

4. Lead Connect

Lead Connect

LeadConnect helps you automate your LinkedIn routine, making it a superb sales acceleration tool. By automatically looking through the profiles of thousands of relevant individuals, businesses, and potential customers that you target, it allows you to produce high-quality leads from LinkedIn.

Your sales team will be more productive by using LeadConnect with LinkedIn because it automates lead creation activities and frees them up to just communicate with warm prospects. With only a few clicks, you can connect with people and send them personalised messages and auto-follow-ups.

5. SalesLoft


By enabling sales teams to create, communicate, and carry out their pattern of sales steps across email, phone, and social media, SalesLoft quickens the speed of a sales organization by assisting sellers in forming more contacts and closing more deals than previously.

Teams can react to buying signals more quickly thanks to real-time email tracking, and users can dial log, and record calls from anywhere thanks to the integrated dialer. More than 35 other sellers of sales technology can integrate with SalesLoft.

6. ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat was created to assist all businesses in providing immediate, wonderful customer service. And ProProfs’ live chat function assists your company in interacting with website visitors and assisting them in making decisions by starting a conversation at the right time. It even enables you to monitor if consumers were pleased with your customer service representative’s advice by giving you access to analytical reports.

The live chat tool also enables you to easily build your support suite by integrating third-party systems. Additionally, ProProfs Chat aids in the identification of leads for your company that are easily approachable by your sales team and are market qualified. You essentially receive the ideal tool that benefits both your sales and support teams.

7. Yesware


Yesware concentrates on overseeing sales teams that must send out mass personalized messages to individuals while keeping track of follow-ups and actions like opens and clicks. And Yesware excels in sending smaller-scale campaigns and messaging experiments. Yesware can help you if your sales team needs to perform a 30- to 40-person campaign with personalisation while also needing to save time.

It will provide them with the information they need to understand what transpired after they pushed the transmit buttons. You can view Who opened, clicked, forwarded, or replied to the emails sent out through Yesware’s dashboard.

8. ToutApp


Another email monitoring application created to assist the sales team in lead nurturing is ToutApp. Like other tools on this list, it keeps track of the engagement statistics for each of your emails and gives you the data instantly anytime a user views, downloads, clicks, or views it.

You can now find out if an email bounced or was flagged as spam by looking at which emails haven’t been delivered and why. All of your emails, client conversations, calendar events, and CRM data can be analysed by ToutApp to turn raw data into information. ToutApp is the programme you need if you want to track your emails and see how they fit into the bigger picture.

9. LeadFuze


Salesloft and other similar tools can be replaced well and cheaply with LeadFuze. You can create a list of prospects from a LinkedIn search with the aid of LeadFuze.

It automatically locates their social media profiles, emails, and phone numbers, making it simpler for you to get in touch and network with them.

10. Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight

A commercial email tracking tool called Cirrus Insight would be adequate for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) with busy calendars. This software allows you to track emails and syncs them with your calendar and Salesforce account, enabling you to arrange meetings and follow-ups.

Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, and mobile devices may all be used with Cirrus Insight. The standard monthly subscription costs $28 per month (or $19 per month if paid annually) after a 14-day free trial.

11. Nimble


Nimble An Intelligent Relationship Platform is another name for it. All contact information is instantly synced by this sales acceleration software across all available online platforms, including social media.

It helps you identify and close high-value opportunities by using “social listening” as a filter to uncover connections and prospects on websites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.

12. HubSpot Sales

HubSpot Sales

Small business owners can easily enter the world of CRM solutions with the help of HubSpot. There is a HubSpot free edition accessible that provides up to enough functions to let you get a handle on the programme and have an influence.

It is regarded as one of the top sales-accelerating tools in the field and is additionally credited with pioneering marketing with its cutting-edge capabilities.

13. Clari


Clari is a platform for sales productivity that blends data science, design, and mobile to assist sales managers in leading their teams through the selling process. And Clari is the platform of choice for sales managers because it integrates with current corporate systems, boosts productivity, and increases the accuracy of sales forecasts.

Some of their important capabilities include the ability to monitor all possibilities by stage, track deal activity throughout your entire team, comprehend transaction progress and risks, and view deal status and milestones.

14. EngageBay


Built to help startups and small businesses succeed, EngageBay is a straightforward, inexpensive, comprehensive platform for marketing, sales, and service automation that also includes a free CRM. The email marketing platform from EngageBay assists you in expanding your company through effective, clever email marketing.

You may automate repetitive, manual processes, nurture your audience, and save time with the aid of the marketing automation package. You can keep track of deals and the sales funnel, manage all of your email contacts, and increase sales using the free CRM and sales automation. Additionally, you can create long-lasting, significant consumer relationships.

15. DataFox


Not all businesses in the market will suit the description of your ideal client. DataFox helps you locate the best candidates.

It searches through thousands of data sources using artificial intelligence and machine learning to find new, precise prospects who are most likely to respond favourably to your messaging. This reduces the number of time firms must spend prospecting.

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