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10 Free Sales Coaching Software In 2022

Sales Coaching Software

Thanks to the quick development of sales coaching software, implementing sales coaching and training doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. To improve their sales talents, your sales agents no longer need to take time away from their hectic schedules or even go to weekly coaching sessions.

They can always learn on the go, even when they’re traveling to meet with their prospects and clients. This article will examine some of the top sales coaching software on the market. To assist you in determining which one is best for your team, we’ll concentrate on their essential attributes and advantages.

10 best Free Sales Coaching Software

1. EdApp


EdApp is now one of the greatest sales coaching software options accessible today, according to the majority of industry professionals and coaching managers. This application is jam-packed with a variety of potent features that may assist you in coaching your new employees and offering ongoing support for training to your current salespeople without having to go through a trying and time-consuming sales cycle.

You won’t have to create all of your teaching materials from the start anymore, which is one of this software’s biggest benefits. You can immediately roll out mobile-friendly sales training courses to your workers using EdApp’s extensive content library. There are microlearning courses available for prospecting, enhancing your sales forecast, closing strategies, boosting sales, and a plethora of other topics.

2. Skillshare


Skillshare, which takes pride in its extensive library of training videos produced live and in advance by professionals and industry experts, is another top coaching software we have on this list. Attending video lectures that might take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours can allow a sales representative to master a variety of different sales abilities and approaches.

The fundamentals of Sourcing and Sales for Entrepreneurs, Sales Essentials for Sales Professionals, Creating High Converting Sales Funnel with Facebook Ads, and many more topics are included in the sales coaching sessions that they provide. But keep in mind that Skillshare only accepts subscriptions, thus access to their classes will cost you money each month.

3. uQualio


If you’re looking for an all-in-one programme that allows you to create and maintain sales courses without switching between several tools, uQualio is one of your top options. With the help of this tool, you can manage course distribution and structure, upload and edit videos, design courses from scratch, and even interact directly with your sales team.

Additionally, it supports the creation of a sales training toolbox where you can list and organise your sales processes, strategies, and tactics that your team can use to get the best results possible. Additionally, you can make real-time adjustments to all of your resources, ensuring that your sales team is always knowledgeable about the newest techniques, tools, and strategies as well as any modifications to your division, company, or product.

4. MindTickle


The main goal of MindTickle is to give sales training managers a user-friendly environment where they can easily track and onboard new personnel as well as manage and train their current sales team. Here, you have access to the coaching resources and rubrics you need to connect with your workforce, engage them effectively, and close any gaps in their field execution, field execution, or knowledge for greater quota attainment.

Through online coaching, virtual role-plays, simulated sales scenarios, or even AI-based feedback, you can help them develop their selling and communication abilities, ensuring that they are fully prepared and educated for any sales circumstance. You can also jump-start your sales coaching using their downloaded Quick Start Kits if you don’t have enough resources on hand. Field Communications, Remote Coaching, Sales Onboarding, and Virtual Sales Kickoff, provide training instructions.

5. Chorus

Chorus is another go-to-market sales coaching tool on this list. It functions as a conversation intelligence platform that evaluates the sales performance of your sales agents from their meetings and produces data-driven outcomes that will reveal the successful strategies and techniques that your team should use.

To improve your team’s win rates and raise sales, you can utilise this information to fine-tune the subject matter of your sales training and coaching programmes. The sole drawback of this solution is the absence of additional capabilities like writing tools or course administration that might elevate your sales training. Additionally, does not offer a free edition, therefore you must subscribe to use its tools and capabilities.

6. FutureLearn


Sales reps looking for a coaching platform with top-notch online courses and programs that will improve their sales skills and help them close more deals have continuously engaged heavily with FutureLearn. Due to the fact that the majority of their sales courses are created by renowned academic institutions and business professionals from around the world, they have been shown to be reliable and legitimate.

Customer Engagement for Sales, Master Digital Marketing, Understanding the Profit and Loss Statement, CRM Fundamentals and Practice, and more popular sales courses are among their offerings. Because FutureLearn allows asynchronous or self-paced learning, students can finish their sales courses at their own pace. Additionally, they can engage in direct conversation with other students, join conversions, and promote peer-to-peer learning and collaboration by liking or responding to their comments.

7. Alison


In order to provide thousands of online courses that are free, flexible, and enjoyable, Alison has successfully maintained connections with universities, foundations, industry-leading businesses, and experts over the years.

Sales Territories and Distribution Management, Fundamentals of Sales Management, Competitive Sales Techniques and Strategies, and Fundamentals of the Sales Funnels are some of the most highly recommended sales coaching courses they provide. All of these courses are divided into manageable sections for improved retention rates.

8. ELearning Brothers

ELearning Brothers

ELearning Brothers became well-known because of its potent authoring tools. To help them develop their verbal and sales skills, you can not only design interactive sales coaching courses but also use VR training and incorporate some immersive real-life scenarios. This learning strategy is beneficial for onboarding new employees in particular since it eliminates the need to ask another member of the sales team, who likely has deadlines to meet, to teach them.

This learning software also provides a selection of pre-built sales courses that are available for instant deployment when you’re short on time and resources. They cover a wide range of critical selling subjects, including customer service, sales presentations, negotiating techniques, and more.

9. Action Selling

Action Selling

With its self-paced online sales courses, Action Selling can assist in overcoming a weak sales culture. These courses are primarily focused on enhancing the three most important components of a successful sales team: product knowledge, sales strategy, selling methods, and competitive attitude.

Here, instruction is provided via a selection of video examples, eLearning books and modules, interactive tests, and certification exams. The majority of these training resources also feature an exclusive open architecture that allows you to add your own settings, items, and selling scenarios. If necessary, you can also talk to them about co-branding their online courses to match the objectives of your business.

10. MTD Sales Training

MTD Sales Training

A wonderful source to get effective sales coaching that will help improve business outcomes is MTD Sales Training. Since 2001, this group has mentored sales teams from over 9,000 firms across a variety of industries, demonstrating the competence and efficacy of its sales training programs.

They specialize in providing e-learning solutions, virtual sales training webinars, and online selling skills coaching that you and your staff can access from anywhere, including your home or workplace. Additionally, they provide online sales training courses that are often modular and last a few months. Although they lack an authoring tool to aid you in creating custom sales training and coaching, they do have a team who can help you construct the ideal program based on your needs.

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