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Secrets of good streaming – choosing equipment


What do you need to become a successful streamer on YouTube and Twitch? Many people think that luck, and this is true. However, the technical base is also important: peripheral equipment and internal components of the computer.

By choosing the right camera, microphone, and headset, you can conduct webinars or stream your favorite games from the comfort of your home. Read more on microphonetopgear.

Let’s find out which equipment is best for YouTube or Twitch broadcasts.

Where to start?

For video broadcasts, it is recommended to use separate solutions: separate headphones and a separate microphone. This way, the budget will increase slightly, but the sound and recording quality will be on top. This is very important, because if the video can’t be listened to, then there is no point in watching it.

A webcam is an optional attribute that you can opt-out of. If you already have a camera with an HDMI output, it is better to use it by purchasing an Additional ELGATO Camlink dongle. This solution will cost a little more than a webcam, but the quality of shooting will increase significantly. Connecting an external camera to a PC is quite simple: a USB dongle is connected to the computer, and an HDMI cable is inserted into it.

Thus, to start conducting video broadcasts, you will need this minimal set:

  • a USB microphone (the most versatile solution that will protect against power supply and simple sound cards);
  • closed-type headphones (such as those that cut off at least half of external noise) and
  • an external or web camera.


There is a large selection of microphones on the market for both professional and semi-professional recording. Below are some models of microphones that should be considered as additional equipment for streaming. Each of these devices has its characteristics, but they are perfect for creating high-quality content.

Samson Meteor Mic is a relatively affordable, but extremely effective and high-quality condenser microphone. If you show it in the frame, it will stand out. However, it has two disadvantages. First, the rack mount is only in a vertical position, since the lower part of the device has standard fasteners. A spider or a clamp is not relevant in this case since the microphone legs will get in the way. And you can’t undo them.

The second disadvantage is that the sound capture radius is not very large. The microphone can be installed on a table. But if you want to achieve maximum recording quality, it is better to use a separate rack. The device is equipped as standard. There is a 3.5 earphone port for monitoring the sound level, a Mute button, and volume control.

The Razer Seiren X is another microphone that is easy to attach to your desk. The device comes with a small foot, which can be conveniently placed next to the monitor.

The model was developed to record the streams. Therefore, the sound from the Razer microphone is quite high-quality. The device captures the voice, filtering out unnecessary noise, and creates a professional-level recording. The 3.5 mm audio Jack is installed at the bottom of the microphone, so it is not very convenient to connect headphones. But the Mute button and volume control are always at hand.

The Samson C01U Pro microphone is a more versatile solution that can be used for both voice capture during the stream and studio recording. Thanks to its wide frequency range, you can record vocals and musical instruments. It is also suitable for sounding or dictation of text, and the sound will be clear enough. At the same time, it will be easy to process any of the available sound Loots at your fingertips for an even richer sound.

The microphone is connected via USB. The distinctive feature of this model is its built-in sound card, which processes the received sound and converts it into a digital signal. There is no volume control or mute button on the microphone body, but there is a 3.5mm dual-section headphone port. Note that modern three-point headsets will not work with it.


The SteelSeries Siberia 200 headset is a good option in the middle price range, which is suitable for games, and for recording voice or music. This is a convenient, lightweight, and reliable model made of durable materials. The sound quality is high. The closed type of installed speakers allows you to completely isolate yourself from what is happening around you and concentrate on recording.

To connect the Siberia 200, a 3.5 mm audio Jack with a forked tip is used for headphones and a microphone. For those who want to connect the headset to a Mac or mobile gadget, the kit includes a 3.5 mm adapter with a triple cross-section.


The camera is useful for webinars. But to use it for game streams or not, everyone decides for themselves. If you can’t do without this accessory, pay attention to the following models.

The most popular Webcams among streamers are Logitech B525 and Logitech C920 HD Pro. These are inexpensive models, but at the same time able to give out honest 720p and 1080p respectively. Both cameras are capable of recording high-quality video even in low light conditions. Logitech B525 is more budget option; Logitech C920 HD Pro is more expensive, but with a very smooth focus and automatic adjustment for different lighting.

Ideally, you will need a full-fledged DSLR camera connected via an image capture card or specialized dongles like Elgato Camlink. In this case, the high-quality recording is achieved by changing the optics, full-fledged stone matrices, and flexible settings. The only disadvantage of this solution is the high price of equipment. Therefore, if you have not previously conducted a video broadcast, do not immediately buy all the equipment and spend money. First, try using gadgets for beginners, and only then buy a professional camera.

Thus, it is not difficult to choose the appropriate equipment for conducting online broadcasts. Feel free to experiment with different peripherals and settings — and you will achieve better audio and video quality.

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