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Signing Up For Instant Messengers With Temporary Phone Numbers

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Instant messengers are everywhere at this moment. We use them to get in touch with friends and family members, read the news, watch movies and even advertise services and goods. But all these projects have one big disadvantage. This disadvantage is presented by mandatory verification of the mobile phone number at the registration stage. Because of this, creating numerous accounts becomes impossible for regular internet users since most often they have only one mobile number. There is nothing to get upset about though. That issue has a simple solution provided by any temporary phone number app of tens apps of this kind available online.

What is the app for temporary numbers?

Right now there are a lot of online platforms that offer temporary phone numbers. Most of them operate in the form of a website. However, there are also some apps either for mobile phones or PC. This is just one of the forms of providing relevant services.

So, such apps give users the opportunity to take advantage of temporary numbers. But what are those numbers? Well, speaking simply, temporary phone numbers are nothing but classic mobile numbers that unlike the latter supposed to be available for use during some period of time or even only once which happens more often.

In fact, numbers of this kind were designed specifically for registration purposes on different websites and apps including instant messaging services such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, and others. Their main and literally only purpose is to receive the verification code required to complete the verification process. Due to this, they are pretty cheap and can be easily used in bulk to create numerous accounts on whatever platform.

How much does one temporary phone number cost?

The price of a temporary number may vary in a wide range as it depends on a bunch of factors. It’s always up to their providers what prices to set. But there are also a few factors that affect them. Those factors are:

  • Country of issue. This is the main thing that affects the cost. Numbers that were issued by cellular carriers in a country with high GDP most often cost more than numbers from a country with lower GDP even though they have the same purpose.
  • Online service. Temporary phone numbers supposed for registration with social media networks and dating sites are the cheapest on the market. You will have to pay more to use temporary numbers that are set up to receive verification codes from instant messengers or online marketplaces.
  • Time of use. Most often numbers for one-time use cost no more than a few tens of cents. On the other hand, temporary phone numbers for unlimited use during a certain period of time may cost up to $100 depending on rental time.

You can see that there may be really different prices. Sometimes they are really high. However, the most popular choice among internet users is one-time temporary numbers. They are enough to sign up for instant messengers and cost $0.50 per number on average.

Buying a temporary number

The internet is full of platforms that offer users to benefit from temporary phone numbers. Currently, the best one among them is SMS-Man. This service provides its solutions via the official website and the mobile app or software for PC. Moreover, there is also a bot on Telegram. You can choose between multiple options and operate temporary numbers most conveniently.

The most popular option is the website though. It has been in high demand among users for years and this situation probably won’t change in near future. So here is how to get a temporary phone number through it:

  1. Register an account on the official website of the service.
  2. Choose a suitable payment method on the appropriate page and use it to replenish the balance.
  3. Proceed to the start page and select the country of issue for the temporary number.
  4. Scroll the page down to the section with supported websites and apps. On this page, it is necessary to find the instant messenger app for which you are going to sign up. You can use the search field to make it easier as a few hundred online services are presented.
  5. Click on the purchase button after finding the required platform.

These five steps are basically everything there to do. You will get a temporary phone number within seconds after completing them. It is set up to sign up for an account on the intended instant messaging service. Just enter it on the registration form and request a verification code, then finish registration with the received one-time password. In other words, a temporary number should be operated in the same way as a regular mobile phone number.

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