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Best SMS Marketing Software in 2022

SMS Marketing Software

SMS marketing is a way to reach customers via mobile devices. In contrast to other methods of interacting with clients via their mobile devices, SMS marketing can immediately reach customers, wherever they are, even without an online connection.

As a result, it allows businesses to interact with customers, attract new leads, and offer more practical customer care choices.

What is SMS Marketing Software?

It is simple to text numerous customers at once and to reply to them on time using an SMS marketing software package. But most SMS marketing software offers more features than just mass texting. Instead, they offer a set of tools that companies can use to organize, plan, and automate their text messaging campaigns. They can significantly increase your mobile marketing possibilities, allowing you to assist your marketing initiatives using a more varied strategy.

They allow for sending one-way and two-way messages in addition to other features like developing an SMS-based referral or loyalty program, running polls and surveys, holding competitions, and delivering alerts, reminders, or notifications.

Best SMS Marketing Software


TextMagic is one of the more established and experienced SMS marketing software companies, having been in business for about 15 years and offering commercial text messaging services. Because of this, the TextMagic app has one of the most comprehensive feature sets on the market. These include a variety of texting options as well as reporting and analytics features. Additionally, the program automatically removes invalid contacts from your mailing list and makes sure that your message scheduling complies with telecom standards.

For companies of all sizes seeking for a reliable and scalable solution, this is an excellent choice because of its broad range of features, comprehensive integrations, and rapid customer service.


Textlocal provides the essential components of SMS marketing software, such as capabilities for organizing campaigns, managing mailing lists, and conducting SMS surveys. The business also offers the choice of a managed service, in which Textlocal will design and oversee your SMS campaigns. This is a helpful choice for companies lacking the means to develop their own campaign.

Textlocal’s interfaces with well-known instant messaging services like WhatsApp and mobile wallet and payment services like PayPal stand out among its other capabilities. The latter enables companies to accept payments from clients via SMS, a feature that not all SMS marketing software is yet completely capable of supporting.


Simple SMS marketing software that covers all the essentials is SlickText. It provides a comprehensive set of testing options, including in-app tools for developing SMS surveys, competitions, and loyalty schemes.

You can manage your email lists, view reports on the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, and develop opt-in forms with SlickText. It does not, however, offer the comprehensive team management tools that some other texting apps do.


Burst SMS enables two-way communication with clients and leads while making it simple to manage and deploy SMS marketing campaigns to your mailing list. BurstSMS offers a white-label service that enables companies to rebrand and distribute the software in addition to the normal SMS automation functionality and Zapier connectors. This can make it simpler to manage SMS marketing accounts across a franchise, agency, or large enterprise.


Businesses can manage SMS marketing campaigns, communicate with clients, and create and track leads using TextRequest. Additionally, it permits companies to accept payments via SMS using a variety of payment methods.

Healthcare practitioners in the US can particularly benefit from TextRequest. It provides accounts with the extra security requirements required for managing patient data and accounts focused on HIPAA-compliant texting.

EZ Texting

In addition to the standard SMS marketing software functions, EZ Texting offers a few extras that are not offered by other services. These include a tool for making QR codes and access to a library of Shutterstock photos for use in multimedia messaging. Although having this functionality built into the app is useful, it should be noted that there are free QR code makers online that can be used with any texting platform.

The fact that EZ Texting’s mobile software is only compatible with iOS devices is a significant downside. This might be a huge convenience if you want all of your team members to have simple access to your SMS marketing tools from their mobile devices.

Simple Texting

SimpleTexting’s SMS marketing software, as its name suggests, is intended to be simple and simple to use, making it a wonderful choice for small organizations and teams that are just getting started with SMS marketing.

With the help of SimpleTexting, you can develop and manage straightforward SMS marketing campaigns and use a minimal set of tools to follow up with prospects and monitor your progress. Its more constrained set of functions may constrain the SMS marketing strategies you might employ to engage clients. For instance, there isn’t a built-in way to conduct polls or surveys, so you’ll have to use third-party programs to achieve this.


A range of tools are available from Heymarket to develop SMS marketing and customer service operations. Heymarket offers connectors that enable businesses to merge SMS and other mobile messaging channels into a single inbox, making it simpler to create a uniform customer experience across all communication channels. These integrations go beyond scheduling and administering SMS marketing campaigns.


Businesses can use Messente to deliver branded RCS and SMS messages using Viber. However, its SMS marketing features are more constrained compared to most other platforms. The actual app only supports one-way messaging. Other services must be integrated to manage anything else. For firms seeking for all the tools they require under one roof, Messente is less beneficial unless you have the programming capabilities to combine it with current marketing procedures.


A multi-channel marketing solution called ClickSend can also send and receive text messages and support email, fax, and direct mail marketing. As an alternative to MMS, it is one of the few SMS marketing tools that enables companies to send Rich Content Service (RCS) messages.

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