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Best SoftClinic Software Alternatives in 2022

Best SoftClinic Software Alternatives

SoftClinic Software

The greatest clinic and hospital management system software that enables you to manage the patient’s work skills is called SoftClinic. The platform provides you with integrated solutions that help you manage operations more efficiently and with high levels of collaboration and support. By optimizing the flow of data and information, the software is helping doctors, clinics, and hospitals take their practice management systems to the limit.

The software includes a number of modules, including Laboratory, Pharmacy, HR, Inventory, and Accounting. It also makes stunning use of cutting-edge digitalization to make it simpler to preserve patient records. Numerous features are available, including an online appointment system, a barcode reporting system, audio and SMS alerts, compliance cloud backup, sophisticated data analytics, equipment interface, and additional standout features. SoftClinic is a time- and money-saving alternative for you that efficiently manages all of your everyday work at the hospitals with no issues at all.

SoftClinic Software Alternatives

1. American Medical EMR

American Medical EMR

You may manage all of your electronic records with American Medical EMR, which is a single piece of software. The software has all the tools necessary to incorporate an automated workflow that produces better results. The platform offers client-server and cloud-based medical software solutions that support several healthcare facilities, including charts, billing, scheduling, and ultra-portals.

2. Clinic Master

Clinic Master

A flexible and reliable practice management tool called Clinic Master was created with the purpose of handling all medical tasks in a professional manner. Rich tools are being provided by the software thanks to cutting-edge technology that has integrated the entire system and automated the flow of information inside and outside departments. Clinic Master offers you three different sorts of solutions: premium for managing your entire practice, optimal for improving customer relations and efficiency, and finally, ultimate for enhancing marketing services.

3. Clinicea


You may manage the task professionally using Clinicea, an all-in-one EMR, EHR, and practice management program. The program provides tools based on cutting-edge technology that integrates into the system and automates the entire system, increasing productivity. The program is in line with the requirements that stipulate that every patient must receive advance services, such as records, reports, consulting time, and medical histories.

4. ClinicKernel


ClinicKernel is a flexible, cutting-edge, safe, and web-based solution for clinical duties that, through functional agility, alter the scope of the management process in the healthcare industry. The program dispenses reliable tools built on cutting-edge features that make practice administration extremely efficient, leading to more fruitful outcomes in the healthcare systems. Clinickernel expertly automates management and information workflow based on integrated processes and IT infrastructure.

5. Vertikal Systems

Vertikal Systems

With the help of the dynamic hospital management system software Vertikal System, you can manage all the challenging tasks associated with patient care. The program is equipped with all the tools and features necessary for highly efficient health care operations, which improves business productivity and profitability. Vertikal System is advancing by connecting all of your departments and procedures in a single location that is simple to use, easy to deploy, and has cutting-edge assistance for its employees.

6. PracticePal


PracticePal is a flexible and well-known web-based practice management tool that consistently provides top-notch management services to the medical industry. With appointment reminders, task scheduling, online payment, a patent portal, and other features, the program provides a set of tools that efficiently automates the entire clinic procedure. PracticePal enables you to effectively manage all aspects of your clinic’s commercial operations from any location at any time. The program provides efficient services in various healthcare fields, including dentistry, mental health, aesthetics, and more.

7. CureMD


With CureMD, you have access to active practice management, EMR, telemedicine, billing, and more reliable health care services. The software‘s user-friendly interface makes it simple to operate and maintain, and it enables all the capabilities needed to provide services more quickly and improve client satisfaction. CureMD is presenting a range of solutions for practice management, patient portals, public health, health records, and more. The electronic health records provided the framework for next-generation interoperability, electronic labs, and automated workflow.

8. AdvancedMD


The software package AdvancedMD was created for medical, and physical therapy, independent libraries, mental health clinics, and independent laboratories. The platform is a practical option that offers completely integrated AdvancedMD EHR solutions, offers you expert practice management services, and keeps up a great user experience around the globe. AdvancedMD offers solutions for numerous billing, scheduling, reporting, and benchmarks to improve practice management.

9. Sunrise EMR

Sunrise EMR

Sunrise EMR is a reputable platform created to offer healthcare options in hospitals for improved administration and treatment. The platform provides useful tools and services that simplify management, allowing for more fruitful outcomes. Sunrise EMR delivers high-quality, industry-standard healthcare, enabling you to stay on the cutting edge of innovation and expand your opportunities to enhance clinician experience while providing high-quality patient care. The software is presenting the data your teams require at the precise moment to help them decide more accurately.

10. Cliniko


A customizable practice management system specifically created for clinics and Allied health services is called Cliniko. The program is built on cutting-edge technology, has a cloud network, and handles all management responsibilities, which lightens the load of managing intricate activities. You can manage all of your appointments, reminders, timetables, and time-saving automatic messaging with Cliniko. Cliniko includes all the cutting-edge tools required for efficient management that prepare the way for high-quality, standard-compliant online care work.

11. Clinic Sense

Clinic Sense

Clinic Sense is a dynamic message clinic management tool that enables you to expertly shorten the time spent on management tasks. You may save time by using the software to handle all of your daily tasks, reminders, scheduling, and invoicing. With Clinic Sense, you can manage every aspect of your massage business in one location, which simplifies the complexity of dealing with filling cabinets. Clinic Sense offers everything that an effective managing process required.

12. Legal Jarvis

Legal Jarvis

Jarvis Legal is a reputable and straightforward legal practice management system that offers you a sophisticated solution to maintain your knowledge, increase profits, and save time. The software’s automated workflow, which includes time-tracking, centralized case management, and 3-click billing, enables you to complete tasks more quickly. Jarvis Legal is a helpful tool for case collaboration that establishes parameters to improve team effectiveness through task assignment, counsel invitations, document sharing, and post-it notes.

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