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Step By Step Guide To Create Wedding Invitation Video

In the modern age, designing a physical invitation, getting it printed, and mailing it all your guests can take much more time than we tend to have at our disposal. In light of this, many are moving towards online invitations as a way to create unique and fascinating videos while saving a lot of time. This is where InVideo comes into the picture. InVideo is a simple tool to create highly customizable video invitations for all your events with ease. This article lays down how to create beautiful but straightforward videos using InVideo for wedding invitations.

Choose the size of your video

On launching InVideo, the first thing you will be asked to do is choose an appropriate size for your video. You have three options in terms of ratio-16: 9, 9:16, and 1:1. The above numbers all represent the units of width, while the latter indicate height. Depending on what size you choose, you will be able to upload it on different social media platforms. The original size, 16:9, is suitable for YouTube and Facebook. 9:16 is appropriate for Instagram Stories and IGTV, while 1:1 can also be used on Instagram and Facebook. 

Select the Pictures and Videos You Want to Include 

Once you’ve nailed down your choice of dimensions, it is time to decide what kind of pictures or videos you want to include in your invitation. You can use the slideshow maker in InVideo to create a single stream of pictures one after the other. Through our tool, you can also adjust how long a particular image stays on the screen. In the case of videos, the inbuilt video editor will help you make the required changes for inclusion in an invitation video. Or you could use both, and create an interesting mixture. 

Choose a Template, or Use a Custom-Made Design 

InVideos’ invitation maker lets you create your own template from scratch if you’re a pro, and offers several custom templates for newbies. You will find a wide array of designs to help you start on your video. To make an appealing invitation, use templates that are eye-catching, but do not have colors that strain the eyes too much. Match your color and theme with the nature of the event you’re hosting, and balance the color of the template with your pictures to ensure an adequate balance. 

Utilize the Many Enhancers of InVideo

InVideo offers several tools in its invitation maker for you to make adjustments to pictures and videos. These include cool overlays, stickers, layouts for a collage, and more. All of the mentioned categories have several different options within them, and as such, there is a lot of room for experimentation here. Make sure you play around with the features before deciding on the ideal look for your invitation. If you have posted about your wedding invitation on Twitter or Instagram, you can attach that to the post as well. 

Do not forget to include a catchy tune in the background 

Songs can often be the factor that keeps your invitation viewers interested in the video, and so your song needs to be something catchy, which suits the mood of your event at the same time. To help with this, InVideo has its wide selection of songs that are categorized by emotions like ‘angry,’ ‘calm,’ ‘bright,’ etc.that you can use to narrow down your selection. On the other hand, if you have your heart set on a particular song, you can easily include that into your video as well. 

Use Text Boxes and Fonts To Their Full Potential 

Besides the template complimenting your pictures, the style of your font must also compliment your template. You can use any of InVideos various creative font selections to jazz up your invitation video. Also, you also have text boxes of various styles and themes to compliment every video design. Using the inbuilt editing tools, one can highly customize these to make even more visually appealing videos. Adding and aligning your text in a picture can often be a clumsy affair, but Invideo’s slideshow maker helps make it easier.

Take Your Video to the Next Level with Animations 

This might be for some of the more experienced video makers out there, but InVideo also offers a fairly diverse range of possibilities regarding animation in its videos. You can choose to customize lines of text, text boxes, characters, etc. You can also adjust the timing, and apply the animations for inserting and deleting text from a picture once it has been displayed. Animated characters are a popular feature of many wedding invitations due to the personalized narration they offer, but the process of animation is a time-consuming one, and may not be everyone’s cup of tea. 

Simple is the ultimate sophistication 

Despite the enormous number of tools and features that InVideo offers, you don’t necessarily need to use all or any of them. Simple invitation videos often pack the hardest punch, so do not be afraid to tone it down and keep things relatively minimal. An attractive template, a suitable font, the right pictures or videos, some catchy music, and the right transitions are more than adequate to make a decent invitation video that will excite your guests for the upcoming event. As one learns, the possibilities are truly endless. 

Making videos online is all the rage these days, and InVideo offers all the possible tools one might need to make attractive and beautiful invitation videos for any event you might have. Be it a birthday party, a bar mitzvah, or a wedding, or just a celebration, InVideo has you covered in terms of many custom designed templates for beginners, as well as a powerful interface for pro users with significant experience in video making. Opening an account is free, and if you have a special occasion coming up soon, hop on to InVideo, follow our list of recommendations, and tinker around to come up with your very own invitation video!

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