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The Advances in Tech That are Changing the Game

The video game industry has come a long way their mainstream debut back in the 1980s, but these changes seem so minor compared to developments that lie ahead. There are many tech advances reshaping the industry, giving even the most seasoned gamer something to look forward too. Here are the top advancements getting ready to rock the gaming world.

Facial Recognition

Much like Memojis have become a popular addition to smartphone and texting, the addition of facial recognition and 3D scanning will allow the gaming system to create a surprisingly accurate likeness of the gamer for use in the gaming world. This would allow gamers to make a custom avatar that can be used across multiple gaming platforms or the games can transfer facial expression onto other digital creations. Developers are working to establish games that can adapt to the emotions of the gamer, which could be senses used a RealSense 3D camera. By scanning over 78 different interest points on an individual’s face, the systems could adapt the gaming difficulty based on the perception of grimaces, frowns, or other facial expressions. While it would mean upgrading to new versions of games, using WhitePreGifts makes it easier to purchase new games across a variety of platforms.

Voice Recognition

Though gamers seem to be connected to their controllers, the future of gaming will bring the convenience of voice recognition and voice-controlled gaming. Though voice-controlled gaming isn’t completely novel, new boundaries of potential are more fully being recognized. Computers can recognize a gamer’s voice commands, as can many gaming consoles. Voice control can also be used to control gameplay, interact on social media channels, or play favorites from your media library. By talking to your gaming system, you will be able to jump on the web and use one of the online gifts cards you were given from WhitePreGifts.            

Controller-Free Play

For those who want to totally be controller free, RealSense Technology is making it possible for you to set aside your controller and interact with your device through gestures. A 3D camera will track 22 separate points on your hand, allowing you to play a first-person shooter game by just waving your hand around. With gesture control, gamers can enhance their gaming experience through natural body movements. If you decide to use WhitePreGifts to order the game Warrior Wave, the tech already employs RealSense. It allows you to wave your hand and lead your troop of Ancient Greek soldiers out of harm’s way.

Graphics and Displays

The gaming screen is no longer relying on 8-bit graphics for a blurred image of the game world. The advancements in tech provide gamers a realistic setting with texture and graphics that are crystal clear. Higher image quality makes it easier to play for longer periods of time since it feels like you are playing from within the game. High-def displays have also moved from just television applications and entered the gaming industry. The latest tech is Ultra 4K gaming but at price points for computers and laptops that increasingly becoming more affordable. The colors and crispness are revolutionary, giving the gamer a realistic experience.          

Virtual Reality

There has yet to be an influx of virtual reality gaming consoles released to the market, but there has been a steady increase of VR gaming headsets that have been tested and gamer approved. Some of them can still be quite expensive, so asking for an Amazon gift card from WhitePreGifts for your birthday can help your purchase become more affordable. The cost is well worth the investment, as a VR headset and corresponding console can present a truly immersive gaming experience.      

Augmented Reality

For those with some hesitation in escaping their reality to a virtual world, augmented reality will present another option. Rather than being confined to a computer monitor or TV connected to a game console, AR games will take your current real-world environment and put the game into it. You could find yourself playing air hocked on your kitchen counter or scrambling over obstacles in the backyard.

Wearable Gaming

Taking the gaming experience to another level of human contact will come from the use of wearable gaming. While fitness trackers and medical devices have been some of the most used wearable tech advancements, game makers are looking to incorporate entertainment elements as well into glasses or smartwatch technology. The consoles and games that are already familiar may become an extension of your body. By using WhitePreGifts, you can easily purchase gaming cards that keep you ready for the next level of excitement.

Mobile gaming has already changed the time and place of gaming, with smartphones making it easier to keep up with your avatar or competition even when outside the comfort of your living room. Compared to the tech advancements that are continuing to be released, the gaming industry has incredible potential for both noobs and serious gamers alike.

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