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The Advantages of Working with 3D Animated Walkthrough

3D Walkthrough

Are you familiar with the various possibilities that using 3D provides? It is probably the most precise way to visualize an idea before it has been actually put into practice. You can show your concept in detail and get valuable viewer feedback, while, in reality, it is still nothing but a plan. Being able to use countless images and sounds, you will find that the way from an idea to a realistic 3D motion video is much shorter than you might have ever expected it to be. This technology enables you to meet all the client’s preferences and ensure that they get exactly what they need as a result even if their own ideas are blurry at first. Ten years ago architects had to spend hours handcrafting models to present their vision to a client. Luckily, such necessity is in the past now that architecture has implied 3D real estate walkthrough. This does not only save your time; one thing paper can never do is give a person a complete image of what awaits them once the project is finalized – a modern need that 3D animation undoubtedly fulfils. The accuracy of detail you can achieve makes it possible to show any property precisely without skipping the smallest aspects. You can make sure that there is no misunderstanding between you and your customer by taking a 3D walkthrough every part of your presentation.

Walkthrough Unic

3D Flythrough Animation Video – Unic Project


Using Animation for 3D Walkthrough

Have you ever given up on a concept before even starting it because of worrying whether it is worthy of your time and money? From the first glance, ideas can often seem unrealistic or impossible to bring to life. Well, it is certainly a common issue, especially in real estate, where financial risks are particularly high and failures can be fatal for a company. This might be just the solution you need. What really makes 3D technology absolutely groundbreaking today is how it brings your pure idea so close to reality. This has changed not only the real estate industry but also the process of working with architecture and property generally. 3D animation is also frequently used to conduct realistic gallery and museum tours for visitors all over the world. Such an approach can make your life much easier regardless if you are selling or buying, offering a service or looking for one.

Walkthrough Showreel

VisEngine Animation Showreel 2017


The Pros of 3D Animation

  1. As an entrepreneur working in the real estate business, you may sometimes find it really hard to convince a potential buyer to choose your building over others when it has not even been constructed yet. The customer may find it risky and none of the best parts of your plan can be exposed. However, very often it is necessary for your company to make a deal before the project is ready. Using 3D animation can solve this problem once and for all – with an opportunity to introduce your customer to all the benefits of your property including landscapes and a realistic view of what it will look like all you need to do is show them what you offer and let them make a decision.

Walkthrough Barcode

Barcode Project – Architectural 3D Animation (General Masterplan)


  1. Very often, the process of building is not completely financially covered to begin with. In order to persuade the bank to help you with money or attract new investors, you have to present more than a verbal description of what you are working on no matter how smooth a talker you are. A 3D animation is exactly what you might need to convince them. All the figures are much easier to foresee and all the possible faults or problems are much easier to prevent once the picture is complete. So why waste the time and effort you can save yourself? There is a huge difference between investing in an idea and investing in a project that you can see, hear and be a part of and the latter is definitely more appealing.


  1. Another sphere that 3D tours can improve dramatically is product marketing. Builders no longer have to waste time dragging clients from one place to another to show them examples of flats and houses. Instead, this can now be achieved simply by showing them a 360 tour. This way you save your client’s valuable time while being able to show them all the advantages and disadvantages of the area. Adapting spaces for the specific requirements of a customer has never been easier – you can alter the external and internal design as you wish and it is as fast and convenient as it can be. Being able to adjust your work to the client’s taste is one of the privileges modern technology provides.

Walkthrough London Mews

Flythrough Animation Video | The London Mews, Finchley

  1. Projecting a building requires a lot of planning and scrutiny such as making precise measurements for architectural and designer decisions or calculating the expenses. It is crucial that the building finds its buyer before the actual construction takes place to eliminate the potential risks. Being able to show your customer a realistic view of what you are offering will make it so much easier for them to make this decision! And you can be sure that they will not be disappointed afterwards. There is no space for miscommunication once every aspect of your agreement is clear and visible.

Using 3D animation can help improve your performance as a real estate company, an entrepreneur or an architect. It will enable you to see a finished product regardless if you have already started it or it is simply a concept in your head. Without a doubt, this is the ultimate way to build open and honest communication between a constructor and a client. This experience can change your work, make you a better professional and give you the confidence you need for implementing your new bald ideas without any anxiety about the final product. As a potential buyer, you will also benefit from seeing exactly what you are about to purchase.

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