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The right worktop for the kitchen: matching design with modern kitchen style

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A good working basis is important in the kitchen. Worktops come in many designs and materials. They are the basis for a number of activities in the kitchen. Here you can snip, stir, pour, and sometimes put something hot. In our guide we show what is important for the worktop, where the differences in the materials are, and how modern design can cope with your interest for your new fitted kitchen.

Vegetables are cut on it, meat is knocked, or cake batter kneaded – the worktop in a kitchen is on the one hand a work basis for kitchen work, on the other hand, it is an important design element that has a decisive influence on the appearance of a fitted kitchen. The surprisingly large selection of colors, materials, decors and thicknesses make up the variety of design options for the kitchen furnishings. Which materials are suitable for the kitchen worktops, and how to care for the worktop are further factors when choosing the worktop.

Worktop trends – the right work basis for every kitchen

While some are fascinated by trendy design kitchens, others are thrilled by cozy country house kitchens for the whole family. Due to the variety of worktops that are offered, you are sure to find a first-class worktop for your personal kitchen dream. Ultra-thin worktops are currently the trend for designer kitchens. By planning handle-less kitchen fronts in trendy materials and decors such as concrete or stainless steel, the design kitchen gets a special look, which is additionally supported by a thin worktop of 1-2.5 cm thick. In order to enjoy the selected worktop for a long time, a robust material, the precise planning and the manufacture of the cutouts for the hob and built-in sink by a kitchen professional are important. Do you know this kind of work top are perfect to place light weight smart kitchen appliances such as toaster, instant coffee maker, etc.? If the work top is slightly larger, you can also put Rotimatic roti maker.

In traditional and cozy country house kitchens, you can find worktops made of real wood. These are not only robust and durable, they also give the kitchen an authentic look. The natural grain pattern that wood brings with it, harmonizes excellently with furnishings and kitchen cabinets in country style. You can also choose natural stone countertops when designing modern country-house kitchens. These look cooler and rougher than wooden worktops, but give the kitchen an extremely modern and natural flair. A still little-known material which is used more and more in kitchen design, are worktops made of Dekton. The material offers numerous advantages that make it increasingly popular for countertop design. Dekton is a mixture of raw materials that is considered to be particularly robust and durable. Dekton can be designed even in large formats without joints or edges. So that a worktop made of Dekton is very suitable for both modern and classic kitchens. Check more information about rotimatic reviews.

Versatile use of worktops in the kitchen

Although worktops first think of the surface on base cabinets, the practical worktops are much more. When properly planned, they represent an impressive design element in the kitchen. If counters or bar counters are also made of worktop material like the kitchen worktop, a harmonious overall picture is created in the kitchen equipment. If the kitchen is large enough, a cozy dining area with matching table and chairs can be set up in the decor of the worktop. The table legs and frames for the table top are also conveniently available from kitchen retailers.

If you have no space for a table and chairs in your own kitchen, you can install a small side table. This is a space-saving alternative to the conventional dining table, and can also be used as a seated workstation for kitchen work. When planning a small counter, it is also possible to match the look of the selected worktop. The design of the niche rear wall in the worktop decor creates a harmonious overall impression of the kitchen furnishings.

The material of worktops can also be used when planning side panels. The side elements, which are attached as end panels next to the cabinet body, give harmonious frames to free-standing kitchen islands. The visual result becomes particularly elegant when you choose a few colors for the different kitchen elements. This creates a clear appearance and an optical unity.

Design of kitchen furniture for modern kitchens

When planning, you should make sure that the kitchen furniture has straightforward shapes and takes up little space in the room. In particular, a modular kitchen block or a chic kitchen island reflects the pure style. Smooth surfaces and a reduced range of colors complement the whole. Closed fronts, which also prove to be easy to care for, are very popular. Behind it, all electrical devices can also be hidden, or placed so that flat surfaces are created. Mixes of styles and design classics are allowed in modern living, provided you use them cautiously and still have enough free space available. For example, an old sideboard in shabby chic sets a decorative exclamation point in your modern kitchen.

Decoration for the modern kitchen

The modern living ideas include pillows for the chairs in your kitchen, curtains by the window, and nicely arranged herb pots. The fresh green of the plants looks appetizing and also enriches healthy cooking. Natural textiles, or materials from nature are often used as decoration in conjunction with the modern style, which creates a great contrast to the otherwise cool materials of the furniture. Large, graphic patterns are a good choice for pattern fans and can be integrated harmoniously into the modern ambience. Light sources above the worktop or kitchen island are recommended as lighting which make working in the modern kitchen easier. An additional attached ceiling lamp made of glass, metal or wood in an unobtrusive form makes the kitchen light complete.

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