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The Use of GPS Technology in Sports

Technology has permeated all aspects of our lives, and we rely on our mobile phones and computers to perform basic everyday tasks. Experts keep discovering new ways that technology can make our lives more comfortable, helps to regain focus, keeps us more secure, and we find ourselves implementing these discoveries almost immediately. As a result, technology has changed how we work, live, and relax. We didn’t even notice, how we’ve got it all: improved healthcare, safer online payments & online shopping, the rise of smart cities, telecommuting opportunities, etc. Technologies have integrated into almost any scenario of everyday life you can imagine, and that’s why these innovations are such important game-changers. 

In the world of sports, technology has found its way in and is used to assess athletes’ past performances by using Global Positioning System (GPS) Technology. Evaluating an athlete’s performance requires constant monitoring and reviews of previous performances to detect improvements and lapses. Coaches and trainers decide who gets to play in the field and who sits on the bench through these assessments. 

Before GPS technology became widely used, coaches checked video recordings to spot errors and identify inconsistencies by athletes. However, GPS Technology provides an easier and effective way of doing this. Coaches and trainers can monitor real-time performances of athletes during practice and analyze each team member’s performance. Athletes can also train personally with GPS devices as GPS technology is not sophisticated or out of reach. Most mobile phones have GPS technology installed, and portable GPS watches that athletes can easily strap on their wrists.

Apart from running, cycling, and other distance-based sports, GPS Technology is used for leisure games. You can go golfing, hiking, and other fun outdoor games using GPS enabled smartphones.  This way, gamers can measure distance accurately, explore different outdoor locations, and have fun. It is safe to say that this technology is also handy for safety reasons. Hikers can easily retrace their steps if they get lost using the navigation features. 

Before the wearable GPS was launched, athletes used other tools to screen their performances. The pedometer is a simple electronic tool used to measure the length of your step. It’s mostly used for casual training and is known to greatly improve the number of steps taken each day. Although the Pedometer tool was cheap. However, it’s not accurate.

Athletes and game lovers are less concerned with using this technology but concerned with finding less obstructive devices that will help them track their performance while ensuring they enjoy their sports. For instance, if you want to use GPS technology on your next golf game, you will be less concerned about where to find one. Instead, you would want to know what is the best golf GPS?

Every sports lover appreciates owning good sports devices and equipment as they make practice fun and safe. However, the best sports devices differ for each sport. For instance, you will need a dedicated GPS device for swimming while you can simply use a GPS watch for cycling. If you want to engage in team sports like rugby, soccer, or hockey, you can use high-tech GPS technology to monitor and track your team players’ performances or a combination of a stationary ground-based reference receiver and wearable receivers. The cycling sector also uses GPS gadget with 3 to 4 inch LCD screens. This allows the athletes to see the route that they’re on and track down their distance, speed, rate, and location as they plan their way in real-time.

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Another important factor to consider when choosing a GPS device for sports is portability. If you are not car racing, you don’t need the GPS installed in a car. There are portable options you can opt for with high sensor technology that monitors performance more accurately. 

Apart from keeping athletes on top of their game, GPS technology makes sports safer. Trainers and coaches may adjust speed, reduce distance, and monitor the heart rates of athletes on the field,  predict how long the athlete will able to maintain a given performance level. Athletes will, therefore, be safer with this technology and conclusively, we can say that GPS technology has significantly improved sports.

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