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This portable air purifier from LG promises to protect you from air pollution

LG has released the LG PuriCare Mini, a small, portable air filtration system that claims to help users avoid the effects of air pollution. 

LG promises that the device will help users breathe a little bit easier because of its four-step filtration system.

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The PuriCare Mini first uses a sensor to assess the quality of the air. Then, the motor draws air into the filter before the ‘Total Allergen Removal filter’ removes particulates from the air. Finally, the fan disperses the clean air back into the room.

LG says the filter can clean 50% of the air inside a car (with a vehicle interior of 3m^2) within 10 minutes.

At the moment, the product is only available in China, but it will be available in the US in early 2020. Will it come to the UK? We can hope.

The car example, offered by LG, is a good one. If you’re stuck in traffic in the summer months you face the conundrum: “Do I put on the air-con and bring polluted from the surrounding traffic into my car? Or, do I leave it off and get too hot?” At moments like this a portable air filter could be a useful glove compartment gadget.

“Providing useful technology in a form factor that goes where our customers go – this is what LG PuriCare Mini is all about,” said Song Dae-hyun, president of LG’s home appliance and air solutions division.

“There is nothing more important than the health of one’s family and LG is committed to using its engineering know-how to deliver innovative solutions.”

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LG claims the filter lasts six months if used for 12 hours a day. An accompanying app allows users to to monitor the condition of the filter and its battery status, so it won’t unexpectedly run out of power.

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