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Tips to Make Your Online Payment Safe

With the advancement of technology, every course of life has changed. today, you can’t ignore or reject the utilization of technology. As like other fields of life, Technology also changes the amount payment and received pattern. Nowadays, Online shopping is a new trend which is quite contrast to traditional trend of shoppings. This industry flourish fastly in twenty  first century especially in quarantine time. Every  person wants to safe himself from corona virus but at the same side can’t neglect the importance of its daily life items. Furthermore, financial transactions are also doing online. All banks are giving online transaction facility, even many of them have Android and iOS system application.

This is the one side of the picture. other one is quite horrible, As it become easier for us to use online banking facilities or online transaction facility meanwhile chances of hacking your account or manipulating by editing in details or such kind of cyber frauds are common these days. Security of your assets is quite important regardless of this for what purpose you are paying. So, today your main concern is to make online payment safe.

However, you don’t need to search out too many articles or studies or to spend your time on internet to know those tips to make your online payment safe. What to do?, nothing much just read this article carefully. Here, we give you some simple tips through which you can secure your asset. So, be focused.

Tips for Safe Online Payment

Be informed yourself before Payment

The first and atmost step is getting the idea about the seller is its website. URL starts with “https” means that website is safe and authentic. this is first thing you should focused. If site is authentic and safe then go further, otherwise switch to other sites.

Don’t trapped with only exciting deals. The cheaper deals might become expensive when it comes a fraud. Here, the first and atmost tip is to get complete information about seller before make a deal. You must check reviews of general public, trustworthiness, and brand rating in public. Make sure that seller is timely  deliver your product, and as per your requirement.

How to do online Shopping

Although online shopping introduces new trends but still it has several aspects which you need to keep in focus and must have complete knowledge about it. Here, in this article we are trying to give such tips that make your online shopping perfect and safe. Further things you should keep in focus are:

Always use safe connection.

it is quite essential because a secure connection protects you from hacker’s attack. So your connection should be safe and secure from scammers, hacker’s attack and malware. Keep in mind, as technology advances hacking techniques also advance with it. So, it is quite important for you to always keep your system up-to date in regards of security.

Don’t Focus only Discount

Rather to focus on discounts and offer you should consider the market worth of the seller. A huge discounted offers can be scam and might be wastage of your money. To know about website always check the public reviews. it is the best to know about brand.

Do searching

Don’t be too quick to take decision. Always do some comprehensive search when you are doing online shopping. It helps alot in respect of product specification as well as brand image in general public. Just focus on those online store who are well renowned, economical and have best in services.

 Give Precise information

Whenever you making account or sign-up never give too much information. give precise and necessary information. Avoid to put-in your credit card details as well as bank account details. If any of online shopping store ask your private confidential information in such case avoid to give information. This is showing that some thing is there which is not right for you. So, In this case it is best to switch other online stores where not much information required.

Password Of Account

As like account information, your account password is your confidential asset. Whenever you make an account on online store prefered to keep unique password which can’t be predict or guess. Many of people set password according to their birthdays, special days or with names. it is best to use unique combination of special characters, alphabets and numbers but it should not be related to your name, special day.

Choose wisely your Payment Method

Remember your bank account information is quite confidential and never express it on others. Credit card and debit card won’t be a good option for online payment. it is highly risky and globally several people had bad experience of hacking. Even to find out such scammers or hackers is not easy for any country’s law and order enforcement agencies. So, we recommend you that choose paypal, union pay or such kind of any account for online payments. Paypal is considering most secure and highly preferable medium of payment worldwide. Hence you can use paypal as medium of payment for online shopping.

Ending Words

As we told that online shopping though need of time but on the other side it is quite risky. Its risky in terms of quality of product, delivery, after delivery services and sometimes in financial terms. We try to elaborate our experience of secure online shopping. We assure you these Tips to Make Your Online Payment Safe.  (ainee)

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