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TITOLO: The Best Online Role Playing Games

TITOLO: The Best Online Role Playing Games

Online role-playing games, as the name suggests, are role-playing games that are played exclusively on the web. As in classic role-playing games, there is a precise setting and the player character, indicated with the abbreviation PG, must follow the rules. When role-playing moves from the real gaming table to the virtual world, the PC uses tools such as chats and forums. Generally there are so many participants, and the game is regulated by moderators or supervisors.

These games vary for the theme, the setting, but also for the duration. They can last a few minutes or last for days or weeks. As for the theme, this can be historical, fantasy, gothic, horror, science fiction or based on myths and legends. Many RPGs, whose widespread acronym is RPG, are played on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Another type of role-playing game concerns those based on videogames. In this case they are practiced with the various gaming devices, which must be networked.

The world of role-playing games may seem truly boundless for those approaching you for the first time. The beauty of these games is that many are free and so trying them out and participating costs nothing. Many games are available for PC, and they are free, even if they then require payment to get an upgrade and increase their competitiveness. But this is a voluntary choice, you can decide to continue playing for free. Paid options often only provide more customization options.

We list some very popular free games.

1: Tera

 It is an action player, based on combat and level progression. As you progress there are new and more complicated challenges. You can choose from many characters, and customization possibilities.

2: Dungeon & Dragons

 The famous table-top role-playing game is also very successful in its online version. In free version or with subscriptions to have advantages.

3: Guid Wars 2

 Missions to be performed and characters to be developed, for this game that will entertain you for a long time even with the non-paid version.

4: Star Trek

 A must for science fiction fans and the historic TV series. As in the series, we wander through space and face battles and enemies.

5: Darkfall

An epic battle based on unholy wars. A massive online multiplayers role games with 3D graphic environment.

As you can guess the tools currently available online offer endless possibilities for role-playing games. Everything is possible and this means that the different narratives involve areas that are very distant from each other, but equally exciting.

Among the curiosities there is a role-playing game based on politics, entitled GDR Italia. The plots of politics are the basis of this particular game set in the Italian palaces of power. Orchestrating mess-ups is something that everyone can do at least for a few hours, and without real effects on the Italian people. A game whose charm is based on the mix of reality and fantasy.

Our heroes and favorite characters can continue to live beyond the series finals, even when they are not appreciated. The last of Game of Thrones didn’t satisfy everyone, but fans can make up for it with a role-playing game. This is set in Westeros, and takes place through forums. It will thus be possible to imagine and make one’s own personal adventure real.

Often dedicated to an adult audience, role play embodies an innate desire to live in someone else’s skin. It is the advanced and technological version of the first games that are played by children and that begin with the phrase: “Let’s do that I was a princess and you.

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