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Top 15 Best Linux Games That You Must Play in 2021

Best Linux Games

We haven’t created a list of games for Unix-like operating systems in a long time. You are now in the year 2021, and these games will undoubtedly keep you addicted to your computers for quite some time. So, here are the 15 best Linux Games That You Must Play in 2021, listed in no particular order.

Top 15 Best Linux Games in 2021

Our experts have compiled a list of some best games that you must try on your Linux computers. Let’s have a look at the list given below.

1. Civilization VI


Civilization VI


Civilization VI is the sequel to Civilization V, a popular and well-liked strategy game. If you enjoyed any of the previous installments, Part 6 will present you with the most incredible civilization experience yet.

2. DiRT Rally


DiRT Rally


If you’re unfamiliar with Dirt Rally, it’s a serious racing game. Since its release in 2015, Eurogamer has rated it as the best driving game produced by Codemasters on Steam. DiRT Rally is probably the most thrilling rally game ever, as you race for 80 million+ miles over perilous routes that you know will reduce your chances of winning sooner or later.

3. Everspace




Everspace is one of the best Linux games on this list because it perfectly encapsulates my vision of the perfect space mission fighter game. Gorgeous mission spaceships, a beautiful non-linear plot that unfolds as you progress through the game, fascinating cutscenes, and, finally, infinite first-person shooter combat is all featured.

4. This War of Mine


This War of Mine


This Conflict of Mine is one of the most unique games on our list, as it immerses you in a world ripped apart by war, with you as a civilian trying to survive. Your goal is to help other survivors like yourself, but in order to do so, you must kill opposing warriors in order to stay alive.

5. War Thunder


War Thunder


War Thunder is a massively multiplayer online mission game set in the 1940s and 1950s in the United States. You’ll use aircraft, tanks, characters, and gadgets to play the game, which can be improved and take genuine damage. It’s free, and it gives you the choice of upgrading your clothing and weaponry, as well as selling your in-game goods.

6. Onraid




On raid is a 2D scrolling shooter game that is similar to the popular Contra series, but much cooler. Single-player, MMO, online co-op, local multiplayer, and online multiplayer game types are all available. Aside from the plot and play quality, the game’s second major selling feature is the ability for users to create personalized strategies while using in-app purchases to improve their chances of winning.

7. Dota 2


Dota 2


This is a three-dimensional isometric model. Defense of the Ancients is a real-time strategy action game that is the sequel to the Warcraft III mod. The goal of the game is to work together as a 5-person team to crush the enemy squad while collecting digital rewards along the way. Dota 2 is a Steam-exclusive multiplayer game that has amassed over 800,000 daily players, proving that it is obviously a masterpiece. This game is the most popular game in its category, thus it’s a must-have for individuals that don’t give up easily.

8. F1 2020

F1 2020


F1 2020 is a current HD game from Codemasters and Feral Interactive, the creators of the #3 game on this list of the best Linux games, Dirt Rally. It delivers the thrill of the latest F1 racing season to your Linux desktop.

9. 0 A.D


0 A.D


0 A.D. began as a mod for Age of Empires II and has since grown into one of the most interesting FOSS game projects ever. It’s a thrilling battle game that immerses players in a fictional historical era. Make no mistake, the civilizations were once real since the makers painstakingly included historically accurate maps, structures, and landmarks, among other things.

10. Shadow Blade


Shadow Blade


Shadow Blade is a fun ninja-themed action game in which you use your ninja and samurai skills to complete missions while sprinting over huge regions, dodging deadly obstacles, and murdering enemies in your way.

11. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


It should come as no surprise that Counter-Strike GO is one of the most popular First-Person Shooter action games on Steam for Linux.  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a wonderfully action-packed multiplayer game, as you may have seen in the video clip, and given that it has earned over 1.7 million highly positive reviews, you can rest certain that you will get your money’s worth – especially now that it is on sale.

12. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor


Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor


Your search will most likely finish with Shadow of Mordor. With thrilling music, the fighting, storyline, characters, and environment are all intriguing.

13. Insurgency




Insurgency is a fun First Person Shooter game with a strong emphasis on shooting. You could wonder how it differs from other FPS games in terms of concentration.  It does not, however, have a HUD or an ammo counter.  Since its initial release in 2014, it has garnered a lot more traction and boasts a Delta Force-style atmosphere.It is one of the best Linux games that you must play in 2021.

14. Darkwood




Dark-wood is an action, horror, and adventure role-playing game for people of all ages. In this enigmatic realm known as Dark Wood, find items to scavenge and objects to engage with.

15. Football Manager 2021


Football Manager 2021


This is a game that a buddy of mine adores. It’s not quite up there with my favorite games, but it’s clear that I’m missing something.  This new version of the best-selling game puts players even closer to the real work than its predecessors. It is the last name on our list of best Linux games that you must play in 2021.


We have created a list of the Best Linux Games that you can download whenever you want. Dont forget to send us your suggestions and feedback. Goodbye!

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