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Top Mobile Battle Royale Games 2020

Everyone spends a lot of time on their phones and battle royale games are one of the reasons for that. Mobile battle royales have grown to be a bigger phenomenon than anyone could anticipate, literally everyone has heard of at least one mobile battle royale title even if they don’t play the games themselves.

So, let’s take a look at some of the top battle royale games that could be found on our mobile phones right now in 2020. 

PUBG Mobile

battle royale games

A worldwide phenomenon that spawned the birth of countless clones and one of the bigger names that made mobile battle royales what it is today, it would be a shame to not include PUBG Mobile in this list. 

The game features 100 people competing in a map that gradually gets smaller and smaller, forcing players to face off with each other. The game offers a variety of weapons, vehicles and gear for players to choose from and deck themselves out. With that said, remember to get your PUBG Mobile UC Cards to get those premium skins and outfits!

Aside from that, PUBG Mobile has a Lite version to cater to those with lower-end c, which is a nice touch. The Lite version has less intense graphics, holds 50 players instead of 100, and other optimizations to render smoother gameplay. 

Garena Free Fire

battle royale games

Another battle royale on the more popular side of things but doesn’t seem to be talked about much – Garena Free Fire. This game has over 80 million active users on the app daily around the world and has a strong base amongst South Asians.

One game of Free Fire only takes up about 10 minutes and involves 50 players in the usual battle royale gameplay mechanic. Although graphics are not the strong suit for this game, there are other things that draw people into playing it such as the characters molded from real life artists and a unique class system as well as the use of adorable pets.

There are options for players to play in groups of four with the use of the in-game voice chats or go through the battlefield solo. Garena Free Fire is a freemium game that implements in-game currency known as Free Fire Diamonds for players to purchase cool outfits and pets.

Battlelands Royale

battle royale games

Alright, here’s something you probably haven’t heard of as much as the other two above. Battlelands Royale is a smaller scale battle royale when compared to most as it only allows 32 players for each session that takes up to 3 – 5 minutes. That’s really short for a battle royale game, but that only means more rounds to play.

The game has unique goofy looking graphics and uses the top-down view of the battlefield rather than the usual first or third person view. This can be annoying, or the downfall of many. It does make aiming and sighting targets way easier though. 

Needless to say, Battlelands Royale is for the more casual players among us. You can just open up the game, spend a few minutes and leave. Don’t need to worry about being stuck on your phone for long periods of time and just enough game time for you to have fun.


battle royale games

Unique is an understatement when it comes to this game. OVERDOX brings you another top-down view game similar to Battlelands Royale but you fight without guns. Throw it back to the era of gladiators, cause that’s how things will go down in this game.

Players are thrown into a gladiator style arena to battle it out with melee weapons as the place starts shrinking. Aside from their weapons, players will have two skill slots that could be equipped with abilities that they think could help defeat the most players. 

There are only 11 players in each session and aside from defeating them, players would need to collect coins in order to proceed to the next area. If you don’t have enough coins when the next area unlocks, you will not be able to proceed. So make sure to get the coins!

COD Mobile

battle royale games

Another staple in the battle royale world, Call of Duty may have been late to the mobile game but with it’s already huge fanbase, that was not a problem at all. COD Mobile quickly gained momentum and is now in the big leagues with PUBG Mobile and Fortnite.

100 people thrown into a map with various vehicles and weapons? It doesn’t sound like much but nobody does it better than COD with their multiple game modes and fast-paced action. When it was newly released, it was described as a ‘greatest hits’ collection as it combined the best maps and modes of two of the fan favourite COD games – COD: Black Ops 4 and COD: Modern Warfare.

Honestly, if you’re looking for a fun time and a game with some flexible control mechanics, COD Mobile is the one for you. With the amount of updates and love the mobile gets, it is not one to be forgotten anytime soon. 

Cyber Hunter

battle royale games

If you’ve ever wondered how it would feel to be a futuristic super spy, perhaps this is the game for you. Cyber Hunter is a battle royale equipped with futuristic weapons and parkour mechanics where players would have to scale buildings, jump and roll around whilst avoiding being killed by enemies.

Described as an Assassin’s Creed style battle royale, Cyber Hunter allows players to maneuver through the world in style. There is even an option for players to fly through the air with the help of drones – how futuristic is that? Players also have an option to build structures as a form of defense, similar to Fortnite

So if you’re in the mood for a colourful, futuristic form of battle royale, this could be the game for you.

To Conclude

There are thousands of variations of battle royales out there so if any of the games on this list doesn’t satisfy you, we hope you find what you’re looking for. As usual, we try to balance between the generic and rather interesting games that caught our eye. We hope you enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoyed writing it. Now, get to playing these battle royales and may the best one win!

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