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Top Presales Software for 2022

Top Presales Software

Pre-sales software has mostly remained undeveloped up until this point despite the fact that sales technology has existed for decades. Pre-sales technology has surged onto the IT scene during the last few years. The amount of time and effort presales teams were devoting to elaborate RFP questionnaires, tailored demos, and other sales-focused content started to dawn on leaders.

Pre-sale software has grown in popularity since then. G2 and Gartner created new categories for presales software in the last year. It can be challenging to understand exactly what presales software is, how it might improve sales outcomes, and which software is best for your company given all the buzz around it.

We’ll define presales software, explain why it’s significant, and list some of the top presales solutions available right now in this article.

What is presales software?

Solution consultants, demo engineers, and solution architects may better organise their workload and highlight the capability of their product in a way that enthrals and engages prospects thanks to presales software. In other words, presales software streamlines the tasks of presales specialists. The objective of pre-sales teams is to assist customers in imagining how their lives might be after acquiring a product.

Usually, this entails demonstrating the value of the product through demos or publishing proof of concepts. Pre-sales teams must adapt POCs and demos to match the unique requirements of each potential customer, as well as maybe respond to long RFPs. It takes a lot of time and effort to finish these chores for several prospects each day or week.

Even if presales create the ideal POC or demo, problems could appear when least expected, endangering the sale. In order to streamline the process, offer outstanding presentations, and/or boost presales productivity, presales software is created to minimise the effort and potential errors associated with presales activities.

Top 7 presales software on the market

It’s critical to comprehend the various software categories and the industry leaders because the presales software market is expanding. The effectiveness of each product’s impact on presales teams is described below.

1. Demodesk


Demodesk transforms a one-sided demo into an interesting dialogue by serving as a live meeting space where presales teams and prospects can interact. Pre-sales teams can upload battle cards, pre-populate chat tracks for particular use cases, and save other content on the Demodesk platform.

Therefore, presales have all the necessary knowledge at their fingertips when a query about rival companies or a specific subject is raised in conversation. Demodesk was specifically designed for teams that interact with prospects. It automates non-selling duties like scheduling and CRM data input while providing presales teams with the data they require in real-time.

2. Consensus


Delivering individualised, self-service demos is Consensus’ area of expertise. The Consensus platform is where pre-sales teams store the demos they produce from pre-recorded films, presentations, and other documents. Prospects are sent to a demo highlighting the pertinent product features and benefits when choosing topics of interest.

Consensus monitors prospects’ emotions while they view the demo, identifying which demos are more or less well-liked. Pre-sales teams benefit from Consensus’ Salesforce interface by being able to send, track, and report on demo views and shares. Consensus links can be shared across an organization, allowing presales teams to identify new stakeholders they may not have known could end up championing the product.

3. Navattic


Any sales team member may lead or share overview demos that are controlled, consistent, and created by presales teams using Navattic from the first engagement they have with a prospect. A built-in no-code editor enables us to create gold-standard pared-down demos that highlight the product’s key features. Replace static sales decks or screenshots with genuine products so prospects may see them during the initial conversation.

Before mass editing text and graphics, Navattic users first capture the portions of the product front-end they want users to see. They then connect each screen using native global linking. In order to lead prospects directly to aha moments from the first demo, presales teams can use Navattic’s bulk editing to develop demos for certain accounts or verticals.

4. Vivun


With the help of AI and machine learning, team members can create templates, exchange tactics, and track their progress with the help of Vivun, a presales workspace built on top of Salesforce. Pre-sales team leaders can identify where team members spend the most time and what tasks produce the best results with Vivun.

Managers can create step-by-step procedures to standardise and maximise the outcomes of buyer assessments, discovery, mutual accountability plans, and demos using this information. Users of the platform can set up task automation to get rid of low-value, time-consuming jobs and notify product teams of persistent feedback.

5. CloudShare


Virtual software experiences made possible by CloudShare promote client acquisition and retention. Sales engineers can create specialised virtual environments using Cloudshare to give prospects a taste of how the actual product operates. Because CloudShare is a virtual environment, presales teams control what customers can see and do there, reducing the likelihood of mistakes or defects.

Pre-sales teams may develop demo templates on CloudShare, tweak them, and then see which ones work the best. Pre-sales teams may utilize CloudShare to issue invitations to demo environments, monitor prospect behaviour, and send customized follow-ups thanks to interfaces with the majority of CRMs.

6. Hub


Hub is an integrated platform for presales productivity that acts as a single point of record and execution. Hub gives presales ICs a single location to keep track of notes, schedule tasks, and evaluate the results of discovery conversations, demos, POC/POV presentations, and discovered product gaps. Since many of these tasks share a common foundation, Hub enables presales teams to create “playbooks” to automate and standardise parts of their workflow.

Playbooks guarantee that presales teams communicate with the appropriate prospects at the appropriate time. In order to get and keep presales teams on track, presales leadership can monitor people, processes, and product attributes on the backend. Hub can be integrated with CRMs like Hubspot and Salesforce, but it is not reliant on them, giving administrators more control over the presales process.

7. Avnio


Avnio is a native RFP automation tool for Salesforce. The whole RFP lifecycle, from document ingestion to bid qualifying, response management, and data and analytics, is automated by Avnio’s workflows. Avnio dynamically matches up the information in a company’s knowledge library with RFP questions using built-in machine learning and NLP, significantly reducing manual effort for presales teams.

This is especially useful if a prospect calls or approaches a presales team member while they are out in the field or on the phone. The conversational AI-powered Avnio Assistant can swiftly and accurately respond to inquiries from prospects by querying the RFP response library from any channel or device. Avnio not only automates RFPs but also streamlines teamwork by integrating with Slack and Teams.

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