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Top rated Android App To Manage To-Do List

Android App To Manage To-Do List

Nowadays, everyone is busy in his or her life. In this busy life many times you forgot important tasks that must have to do on a particular day. This has become even worse when you forgot to do an important official task. It might have a big cost to pay.  So, keep in view many developers make an android app to manage to-do list. But not every app meet your requirement at par. That is the reason why we bring for you a Top-rated android app to manage To-do list. Be focused while reading this article.

Benefits of Android Apps To Manage To-Do List

The great android app to manage to-do list stay out of your way. So you can input something and get back to what you had been doing. Additionally, they can help you quickly discover those duties later when its topics. Designing something that does this well is tricky because there is more than one factor to keep in mind. In our experience, the nice Android to-do lists:

  1. Offer multiple ways to arrange responsibilities, consisting of tags, lists, due dates, or projects.
  2. Make it brief to add responsibilities.
  3. Remind you approximately self-imposed closing dates.
  4. Offer a smooth Android interface, with local capabilities like notifications and widgets.
  5. Sync duties to your other devices.
  6. We attempted every especially rated application that met our criteria; here are those that stand out, and why.

Android Apps To Manage To-Do List

1. Google Assistance

Google Assistant has sincerely pulled ahead of different companies’ smart assistants is excellent. You may use these android apps to manage to-do lists at your private home. You may also make daily purchasing lists, and lots more.

From this android app to manage to-do list standpoint, you could upload obligations on your numerous lists with easy Google Assistant voice instructions. And if you set up the perfect IFTTT applet, you may even automatically e-mail a list of recent responsibilities to yourself at the end of each day.

2. Todoist

Todoist isn’t huge on the visual android app to manage to-do list. Its interface is flat, white, and largely bare. The app gives a free of cost version as well as a Todoist top rate ($3/month). Inside the unfastened version, you have got the capacity to arrange obligations into initiatives, create sub-duties, leave notes, and trade precedence levels.

The pro model adds labels and filters, automated backups and reminders, attachable files, iCal syncing, and productiveness tracking tools.

3. Google Keep

Sticky notes are one of the most dependent android app to manage to-do list handling techniques round. Google maintains digitizes this method right into a pleasant shape for computers and cellular gadgets.
You can jot down a reminder onto a single note or create basic lists with checkable items. In case you don’t want to neglect approximately a particular project, you can inform hold to shoot you a notification at a time of your choice.

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4. Zenkit

Zenkit android app to manage To-Do list is an easy and streamlined to-do list and challenge control app. Some of the standout capabilities encompass folder assist for list enterprise, the ability to point out different users, pass-device synchronization.

The app will also attraction to all of us who are looking for a Wunderlist opportunity. The as soon as-famous app subsequently close down for exact in can also 2020 following Microsoft’s 2015 buyout. You can circulate all of your Wunderlist facts into Zenkit To Do way to the devoted import tool.

And do not forget, Zenkit offers a suite of recommendable productivity apps, together with a Kanban board and a Gantt chart. Responsibilities you create within the app will sync across all the products.

5. Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft purchased Wunderlist so it is able to combine lots of Wunderlist’s features into its deliberate to-do app, Microsoft To-Do.
These days, Microsoft To-Do is 3 years old and better than ever. It’s an appropriate Android app to manage a to-do lists for everybody. It’s suited for those who exclusively make use of windows, thanks to its quite integration with the running gadget and Microsoft’s other productivity apps.
Of path, many Wunderlist customers would argue that a number of the vintage app’s first-class functions are nonetheless missing. To Microsoft’s credit score, however, the app is underneath active development, with new features rolling out on a near-monthly basis.

6. TickTick

One of its standout features is the availability of a smart android app to manage to-do list. These can pull obligations from all your projects primarily based on parameters of your choosing. Different key features include separate notes and remark sections, a guide for attachments, a calendar view, and repeat reminders.

The $28 in step with year seasoned plan introduces revision history, sub-project reminders, and calendar integration.

7. Remember The Milk

In evaluation to TickTick, recall The Milk is the oldest android app to manage to-do list in this regard. All of the capabilities you count on—such as labels and folder-primarily based hierarchies—are present. However, it’s the app’s latest functions that permit it to compete with services like Todoist.
As an example, there’s integration with Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, Evernote, and extra. You may additionally dig into the respectable remember The Milk IFTTT page to discover applets that link don’t forget the Milk to different services.
The $40 in step with year pro model will give you colored tags, superior sorting, file attachments, and new themes.

8. Google Tasks

Google gets second access on the list thanks to Google obligations. It gives a more traditional android app to manage to-do list interface than maintain’s sticky be an aware method. Think of it as Google’s solution to Microsoft To-Do.

You get due dates, checklists, reminders, subtasks, and drag-and-drop venture prioritization. Google’s tasks additionally integrate with the relaxation of Google’s app universe. As an example, you could use the app to create obligations directly from emails or make your tasks pop up as reminders in Google Calendar.


Any. Do has been one of the best android app to manage to-do list for many years. It gives all the standard features. Reminders, cross-device syncing, and closing dates. However, the incorporated calendar is wherein the app honestly shines. Its inclusion means you only want one app to keep both your schedule and duties in sync. You can pull calendar facts from Google, Slack, Salesforce, Alexa, and greater. Any. Do also helps voice notes, location-primarily based alerts, notes and document attachments, and even an own family organizer.

10. Trello

There may be no “proper way” to arrange your to-do lists; you have to do whatever works for you. In case you locate that regular obligations management apps aren’t for you, you may attempt a wholly extraordinary method on your notice-taking and assignment control workflow.
One of the maximum popular alternative strategies is the Japanese Kanban device. It uses playing cards to tune and log the progress of tasks and chores.
The main digital version of the Kanban method is Trello, which is to be had on Android. Take a look at our listing of Trello recommendations if you’d like to examine more.

11. Habitica

The Android app to manage to-do list to tune your duties on the move. Notifications remind you about your due dates and things like quests. A widget helps you to tune your tasks and your man or woman’s HP from the home display screen. The downside: it’s tough to apply Habitica to control initiatives. The to-do list is very simple, and the sport is designed to inspire you to clear out speedy. There may be no manner to split responsibilities. If you use Habitica, you’ll likely want to use every other tool for long-time period planning

A delightful array of pixel art honestly sells this whole system, which can make carrying out things downright addictive. You may additionally join a celebration of your buddies and combat monsters collectively. This provides a social dynamic to the incentive.

Still, Habitica gives a completely unique manner to inspire you to get matters accomplished, and the network is one of the friendliest locations on the complete internet. Provide it a shot if you want something particular.

12. Simple Task

There is no motive to-do lists to be complex—pen and paperwork nice for the task, after all. A simple task android app to manage to-do list in the old style. This is based on Todo.Txt, a text-based totally system for dealing with your responsibilities. To summarize: every line inside the report is a single project. You may add +tasks, @places, and due dates to every line and set a priority degree with the aid of starting a line with a capital letter in brackets. The screenshot above receives a number of this throughout.

A simple task makes this device practicable in your smartphone, that’s quite the accomplishment. Superior filtering helps you to organize your duties however you want. A very customizable widget allows you to browse your mission from the home screen. And syncing through Dropbox method you can get admission to your tasks on another device the use of a text editor or devoted apps for the one’s platforms. If you need to strive something absolutely distinct that outputs to a textual content file you may edit directly, Simpletask is what you need.

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