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Top Rated Best 5 Mini Drones Of 2020

Mini Drones

Everyone loves having gadgets, and few ways are better to spend the day than flying a drone. Whether it is just your hobby or something to do with the kids, seeing the world from a different perspective can help you truly appreciate everything around you. There are several different types of drones. When they think about drones, most people are thinking of large drones, but having the best mini drones ensures that you can have just as much fun. You can even enjoy maneuvering the drone around to do different things larger drones can’t do.

Whether you are a trainee or someone with experience flying drones, you can have a significant amount of fun in the great outdoors and not spend a large amount of money. When you find the best micro drone, you will find that being in the outdoors is even more fun, as you get some great aerial photos and video to accompany your memories.

Top Quality Mini Drones

Mini drones and nano quadcopters come in all different designs and have a variety of prices. The great news is you don’t ought to break the bank to get great mini drones.

1. Global Drone

Model: GW66

Some drones are designed with the needs of a beginning pilot in mind. Whether you are looking to fly indoors or outside, this mini drone’s durability and easy one-button controls allow you to learn how to fly a drone before you get way ahead of yourself and have to deal with the results of a crash you didn’t see coming. As a gift for kids, few mini drones are better on the market.

When using the Global Mini RC Drone, you’ll notice the buttons for the 360-degree rollovers are very tempting…And as you become a better pilot, you’ll be able to deploy this button with aplomb and amaze family and friends.


  • Durability and settings allow you to bounce off walls without worrying about crash problems.
  • 360-degree rollover button adds flair to flight.
  • Different speed modes make playing a blast.


  • Great mini drone for novice pilots, especially useful for helping kids learn about flying drones.
  • Auto-locator eliminates the navigation problems that lead to crashes when bringing the drone back from flight.
  • One-button controls eradicate much of the flying guesswork.

2. HolyStone Drones

Model: HS-150

One of the best ways to have fun with small drones is to race them. Of course, with racing comes more opportunities to crash and ruin the mini drones, so you need a racing quadcopter that is exceptionally durable and can handle the high speeds required for racing.

Fortunately, the Holy Stone mini drones offer everything you need for racing success, including durability. Two modular batteries will give you double the flight time included in the box. When you break out this impressive mini drone, you will notice right away. There are five different speeds. For the novice racing pilot, this is the ideal way to train yourself to navigate courses.

Distinguish Features

  • Five different speeds allow you to learn how to race without the pressure of going fast on the first try.
  • Multiple batteries were included for double the racing time.
  • Includes eight spare propellers to fix if there are crashes quickly.
  • The base model comes without a camera.


  • Ideal for young mini drones pilots to learn how to race drones.
  • Plenty of extras in the package help make mini drone flying more fun.
  • Fast acceleration reaches up to 30 mph for a real racing experience.

3. Syma Mini Drones

Model: X21W

If you are looking for a mini quadcopter that allows you to take great pictures, then this Syma model is very much the one for you.

Many things allow this mini drone to work beautifully for both novice pilots and veterans. One of the usual interesting peculiarities is the “flight plan” function. This is where you can create a route on the interface, and the mini drone automatically goes along that path—one example of a feature that helps novice pilots learn how to maneuver.

Distinguish Features

  • SYMA GO app is a one-stop-shop for all of the controls to operate a mini drones.
  • Use flight plans and altitude stabilizers to make the flight much easier for novices.
  • The camera is excellent for taking pictures of natural areas right around you.


  • SYMA GO app makes it much easier for novices to learn how to be great pilots.
  • One-key takeoff and landing eliminate the need for steady hands during crash-prone moments.
  • Hold and hover at altitude, stabilizes photos and video.

4. Potensic Drones

Model: A20 QuadCore

When looking for a durable and appropriate drone for all ages, this Potensic drone is ideal. It’s particularly useful for families looking to make heading out into nature and flying a drone part of the fun routine.

You can also use this drone when flying indoors. Because the propellers have shrouds protecting them, you don’t need to worry about crashing the way you would with other mini drones. Though the price point is low, it is deceptive because several great features are built into it.

There are three-speed settings, and you can control the altitude as well. A headless mode is an option on this mini drones too. Because there are many safeguards built into this particular model, you can’t worry too much about the different pitfalls that come with learning how to fly a mini drone.

Distinguish Features

  • Altitude control & headless mode
  • 30-minute charging time
  • Seven-minute flying time
  • Includes extra propeller blades, USB cable
  • Uses three AAA batteries for the transmitter


  • Ideal drone for beginners, as it’s built to withstand crashes.
  • Controls for altitude help newbies avoid fundamental flight problems.
  • Unbeatable price point compared to other drones.

5. Tello Mini Drones

Having significant components is the key to success with any computerized item, and the Tello mini drone is one of the best examples of this. With parts from Intel and DJI, great software programs allow these mini-drones to fly with great effectiveness and responsiveness.

The mini drone’s lightweight and durable design ensure that you can have fun flying it without worrying too much about any damage that could come from a crash.

Though the mini drones are small, it’s a great way to get kids involved with the hobby. There are features like auto takeoff and landing, which take the guesswork out of two of the most challenging things to do with a mini drones. There is also fail-safe protection. This is when your mini drone safely lands even when you lose power and connection with the controller. 

Distinguish Features

  • There is a bundle that includes VR goggles, a spare battery, and a carrying case
  • HD camera with five-megapixel and 720p
  • 13-minute flight time
  • Specialized tools for repair are included


  • Nearly 15 minutes of flight time.
  • The camera is one of the best on the market.
  • Intel and DJI tools provide seamless software efficiency.

Concluding Remarks

There is a bunch of entertainment to be ought when flying mini drones, regardless of whether you do it independently or with family. Though mini drones are not as expensive as the larger drones, there is no disputing that the level of enjoyment is equal. Once you take your mini drone out into the world, you’ll be amazed at the fun of flying and seeing the world in a completely different way.

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