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Top 10 Best Sites for Torrent Download in 2022

The epidemic of the coronavirus has continued for another year. It’s safe to suppose that devoted BitTorrent users have been searching for the most trustworthy torrent sites in 2022 so they can easily obtain their preferred media.

Top 10 Best Sites for Torrent Download

Here are the Top 10 Best Sites for Torrent Download discussed below.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

The First Torrent Website The Pirate Bay (TPB), which is still utilising its original domain, is the most popular torrent website in 2022. After KickAss Torrents was destroyed, the well-known website assumed the crown. TPB has proudly displayed its outdated user interface since the beginning, which has been constantly disabled and resurrected.

It is a torrent index that categorises files into a variety of genres, including text, music, and video. A key selling point for The Pirate Bay is that users can quickly find torrents with good seeds and swifter download speeds. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) service like Private Internet Access or ExpressVPN can allow you to access TPB if it’s blocked in your nation.

2. YTS


The intended market for YTS is enthusiasts of movie torrents. The torrent website’s domain name has changed. The original YTS/YIFY group, which stopped operating a few years ago, has no connection to the website. But the popularity of the website hasn’t gone unnoticed. The appealing design of YTS is one of its selling factors.

The home page is currently only a search engine, like other torrent indexing websites. YTS’s aesthetic is good enough to compete with other well-known streaming services, despite the fact that it mostly uses illegal content. Users of the website can make recommendations and complaints about the content using a straightforward approach. However, a user account is also required in order to post comments on the website.


1337x is a torrent website that values aesthetics. Every page, from the homepage to the index, has a similar level of high-quality design. The well-known torrent website offers torrents in a wide range of markets.

Additionally, it contains a Trending section that lists the daily and weekly most popular torrent downloads. Lists of the top 100 torrents in various categories are very useful to users.


Although the website’s outdated design may deter some users, it effectively accomplishes its stated task of giving leechers high-quality torrent files to download. There may be a tonne of pop-up windows when a consumer hits a link on the page. Rarbg’s Alexa ranking may have dropped, but it hasn’t stopped it from being one of the top torrent sites online.

On a special page maintained by Rarbg, you may find trailers for numerous movies and television shows in addition to the typical torrent downloads kinds including movies, music, software, games, etc. Maybe people won’t visit torrent sites solely to view previews. However, some people could find it useful. The Top 10 Torrents lists for various categories are a good place to start if you want to learn more about what other users are downloading from Rarbg.


One of the top 10 torrent websites on our list will once again be Limtorrents in 2022. Once more, this is a location where you can find torrents for television episodes, films, software, games, and anime. LimeTorrents is one of the greatest torrent sites because its content is regularly updated and locating a working torrent seems to be simple.

The top 100 torrents downloaded most frequently and the most recent torrents added to the site are listed separately on separate web pages on the torrent website. Additionally, users have the option to register for an account, which is necessary for doing actions such as uploading torrents, offering feedback, bookmarking torrents, corresponding with other users, etc.

6. KickAssTorrents


What might serve as a viable substitute for the defunct KAT is gaining popularity quickly and appears destined to rank among the top torrent sites of 2022. The mirror domain‘s user interface and feature arrangement are remarkably similar to the original. The most popular torrents, the complete torrent catalogue, and the Top torrents section are all located at the very top of the website.

A tag cloud, an additional feature, offers information about the most popular terms on the website. You may download torrents from kickasstorrents with ease and dependability because of its acceptable number of seeds and leeches. Here you can find magnet links and downloadable torrents.

7. TorrentGalaxy


In the BitTorrent ecosystem, Torrent Galaxy is a fantastic substitute for other torrent websites. The user interface is a chic shade of olive green and shows each torrent entry in a clean, well-organized grid along with any necessary information. The built-in bar can be used to search for a suitable amount of time.

However, the website for Torrent Galaxy could appear disorganised due to the wealth of information provided. Another choice is to create an account and save your favourite torrents there. The torrents have a discussion forum as well.



You may be acquainted with the release team EZTV, who previously set sail on KickAss Torrents and other top torrent websites. has regularly been outside of Alexa’s top 1000 for the past few years. Internet users who want to download TV show torrents frequently visit EZTV.

In actuality, this torrent website only allows you to download that kind of information. On this torrent site, you won’t find any eye-catching design elements; instead, you’ll discover links to torrents and other helpful information organised in a straightforward table. To store their favourite torrents in one place, users can create their own accounts.

9. Zooqle


Zooqle is ranked as the eighth-best torrent site of 2022. Although it is a new player in the BitTorrent arena, its popularity has exploded recently. This increase is primarily caused by an increase in torrents.

Finding what you’re looking for on the website is made simple by its straightforward design, and the absence of intrusive adverts further enhances the user experience. The majority of the content on Zooqle is made up of TV series and movies, but the well-known torrent site also offers software, games, and other media for a range of devices.

10. MagnetDL


It finally appears on our list of suggested torrenting websites in 2022. In the world of BitTorrent, MagnetDL is a more recent player. The interface’s retro vibe is one thing that stands out right away. That, however, is unrelated to how fantastic this torrent site is.

Like the other top torrent websites described above, MagnetDL’s white-themed homepage has a search bar and torrent categories. After you dig, the torrents are well categorised, and the data is still readable as you scroll down a web page.

Are downloading torrents prohibited?

This dispels a widespread myth. Numerous websites, including the BitTorrent client software and network, are safe. Just keep in mind that certain torrent websites host and advertise copyrighted torrent content, making them undesirable in the eyes of law enforcement. You are safe if you don’t have a passion for pirates.

Why are torrent websites able to get away with it?

There is a tonne of torrent sites on the Internet where you may obtain legally restricted media, including TV series and movies. The torrent files they offer, however, must contain the information required to download content from peers as many torrent sites don’t store the actual content on their servers. They are able to avoid authorities as a result. Nevertheless, they are ultimately caught.

How can I safely download my torrents?

The most well-known torrent sites might provide what you’re looking for, but they might also be lacking in other areas. Your identity is made known and your anonymity is compromised when utilising the BitTorrent network. Despite the decentralised nature of the P2P file-sharing network, anyone with the correct tools or the user’s Internet service provider (ISP) may keep tabs on their torrenting activities. Since a virtual private network (VPN) enables users to conceal their IP address, it can be utilised as a workaround.

Is there a reduction in BitTorrent use?

Torrent sites are gradually losing popularity as a result of things like law enforcement crackdowns. The demise of torrent juggernauts KickAss and ExtraTorrents may be remembered by BitTorrent users. Additionally, there has been a rise in demand for virtual private network (VPN) services that allow users to access geo-restricted torrent websites.

Should I use Tor to download torrents?

Tor should not be used to download torrent files as the network is not designed for that usage. Since Tor is designed to favour anonymity over downloading speed, you shouldn’t count on your torrent client to operate at its peak efficiency while using Tor.

Don’t be fooled by imitations

You’ve probably found a copycat if you visit a website expecting to see well-known services like ExtraTorrent or IsoHunt. Both torrent websites have been shut down. Additionally, replicas of well-known file-sharing websites like KickAss Torrents are accessible.

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