Top 10 Best Trello Alternatives In 2022

Best Trello Alternatives

What is Trello?

Trello is a project management tool that divides your work into boards. Trello lets you quickly see what is being worked on, who is working on it, and where it is in the process. Consider a whiteboard with sticky notes and lists of tasks written on each one for you and your team. Imagine if each sticky note also provides a space for your peers to remark and collaborate, as well as photographs, documents, and attachments from other data sources like Jira or Salesforce.
Imagine accessing that whiteboard from any computer through the web and taking it with you wherever you go on your smartphone. Trello, then!


  • Trello uses lists, cards, and boards to manage projects.
  • Checklists are an excellent way to create subtasks within a card.
  • Multiple members can be given tasks, and they will be made aware of any card modifications.
  • There may be deadlines attached to the tasks.
  • The team stays informed thanks to an activity journal.
  • The effective structuring of resources is made possible by the addition of attachments.
  • Butler, its built-in automation, uses automation to lessen the number of laborious chores.


Trello has more than 40 million users globally, thanks to its ease of use. Several well-known businesses that use Trello include:

  • Google
  • Adobe
  • John Deere
  • Coinbase
  • National Geographic


  • One of the most accessible tools to learn and customize for your needs
  • Reasonably priced, so you don’t have to break the bank, primarily if you work alone or with a small team.
  • integrations with popular programs like Slack and Google Drive


  • Trello being so flexible, more documentation for a broader range of use cases would be excellent.
  • Some Trello users think the free plan is unreasonably restricted.
  • Depending on what you’re seeking to automate, setting up Butler without prior knowledge or coding abilities can be difficult.
  • Ideal for: Small teams and independent contractors
  • Trello also offers paid options, which range in price from $6 per user per month to $17.50 per user per month, in addition to its free plan.

List of the Top 10 Best Trello Alternatives In 2022

1. Basecamp:


Similar to Asana, Basecamp is a popular solution for team-wide project management and collaboration. Basecamp is one of our top recommendations for Trello substitutes because it provides various tools to help you stay organized, productive, and focused. It’s also one of the selections on our list with the most features. From a project management standpoint, you may check schedules, share files, tick items off your to-do list, and use multiple perspectives to monitor your progress. Like Plutio, Basecamp provides a client-facing area that lets you involve clients in your workflow without giving access to essential data they don’t need to view.

2. Wrike:


If you appreciate Kanban boards but also want to see your work in different ways, Wrike is an attractive option. It is a comprehensive online solution for managing people and activities that includes dashboards and tools to help your team plan, pursue goals, keep track of progress, and manage people and tasks. Teamwork is also prioritized with devices like image and video commenting so that users may exchange innovative critiques even when they are away.

3. Plutio:


For team communication with clients, Plutio is an excellent substitute for Trello, and when its lifetime deal was made available on AppSumo, it quickly became a favorite among users. Project management and invoicing are just a few of the essential business software needs that Plutio can handle for you in one place. Check out to-do list applications, too.
Plutio offers project management templates and automation to assist small business owners in working more swiftly. The standard capabilities for editing things like deadlines and notifications are all present, along with multiple project views and recurring and one-time tasks. You can also use the timer to track how long it takes to perform particular tasks.

4. Kanban Tool:

Kanban Tool

You probably have an opinion on the reputation of this tool. Yes, the Kanban board is the center of attention using the Kanban Tool. To help teams manage their projects and workflows, it offers a simple user interface and a few supplemental features, like time tracking.
Kanban Tool is worth a try if you like to simplify your processes so that you can concentrate exclusively on the tasks at hand.

5. Asana:


Asana is likely the most well-known program on our list and a complete alternative to Trello for project management. Asana is an attractive choice if you need a complete toolkit with several viewpoints for project management and progress tracking than a simple Kanban. Additionally, the app allows you to communicate with your team members and create simple to-do lists for infrequent tasks that only require your attention. You may create in-app teams, share files, and generate reports demonstrating recent development.
P.S. Do you like some of Asana’s features but wish there was a replacement app that could better meet your needs? See our list of the top Asana substitutes. Do you want to know how Asana, Trello, and Plutio compare? We are on your side.

6. ProofHub:


ProofHub is a complete task management and team collaboration solution. There is little to no learning curve, and it is relatively straightforward to use, similar to Trello. ProofHub offers a lot as a Trello substitute, going beyond just Kanban boards and other essential project management features. Another option for Trello is this.
As an illustration, ProofHub offers a designated area for in-the-moment discussions and an integrated chat option to facilitate team cooperation. A vital proofreading tool is also provided, which makes it simple to review and communicate comments on files.

7. Nifty:


Nifty is among the top alternatives to Trello since it “brings teams, goals & actions into one space.” Nifty makes it unnecessary to continue using the hugely popular Kanban tool because it offers more features than Trello (and ditch other tools like Slack in the process).
For instance, in addition to the Kanban view, it also provides a list view. Further features include file storage, a Slack-like chat tool, and collaborative documents with two-way connectors for Google Docs, Sheets, and Presentations. Likewise, look at reputable childcare apps.


Now let’s talk about, another all-in-one solution, and Monday Projects, its feature-rich project management platform. Like Basecamp and ClickUp, it offers Kanban boards, but it also provides a variety of different ways to visualize projects and tasks.
You may streamline those repetitious tasks with the tools provided by so you can focus on more crucial responsibilities. It provides a variety of solid automation to prevent time-wasting and repeating tasks (there is nothing like task management software that alerts you to where the tedious work is). Check out money-making apps as well.
If you need to view the broader picture, distribute work to peers, or collaborate remotely on projects, is a popular choice.

9. ClickUp:


ClickUp is a more comprehensive alternative to Trello than the other programs we’ve seen thus far. In addition to project management capabilities, ClickUp provides a wide range of tools for running your business, such as documents, notes, spreadsheets, time tracking, and more.
To keep your team on track, ClickUp offers a range of project management views, including Kanban. With ClickUp, your team will have an easier time tracking progress, collaborating, and meeting deadlines.
P.S. To learn more about this all-in-one tool’s capabilities, read our in-depth ClickUp review.

10. MeisterTask:


We also sought to include natural alternatives to Trello, such MeisterTask, which claims a comparable level of simplicity with a bit different user experience. This list consists of several programs that are more complicated than Trello.
Similar to Trello, MeisterTask is a powerful Kanban board that makes it easy to keep your entire team focused on the present job. When a project goes to a new column, you may configure a Kanban board to automatically ping a different team member to take over the project’s next phase. If you use MeisterTask to manage your content calendar, a writer can convert a board from an “In Progress” tab to an “Editing” tab to let an editor know it is their turn to work on the blog. Another option for Trello is this.

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