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Underrated Browser-Based Applications To A More Convenient Home School and Office Life

PPT to PDF online

It’s no question that distance learning and telecommuting, are two of the important parts of everybody’s life right now. We are at a point in time where the more we stay at home, the faster we’ll flatten the curve of the virus. That’s why more and more institutions are moving to at-home set up to make things possible, and keep the economy moving forward.

There is nothing more convenient for students and office workers worldwide than having the right tools when you need them. With the proliferation of the Internet, more tools are available and within reach, including ones that may not be available from a decade ago. And in this article, we’re listing some of the best ones for your reference.

A trusty PDF editor

There’s nothing like a good PDF editor. PDFs are the most commonly used file format for shared files when it comes to distance learning. Even for employees and clients, it’s also a popular file format. So it only makes sense that having an intuitive PDF editor that can convert PPT to PDF online, delete PDF pages, and password protects it, easily and seamlessly, is part of your office and online school tools.

For you to do this, you’ll need a standalone software that may cost hundreds for an annual subscription. With the power of the Internet, this isn’t a problem anymore. Online PDF repositories like PDF Bear has a suite of applications that effortlessly answer any PDF edit you may need during online schooling. The number of individual tools is staggering – from encryption, splitting, and converting Office-based file formats to PDF.

A site that blocks entry to social media while studying

Listen, social media can be very distracting. No one is immune to it. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are designed to let you endlessly scroll for hours at a time, and it can kill focus and concentration more quickly than you can say one, two, three. That’s why when it’s time to work or study, you should be restricted from accessing social media sites to prevent temptations.

There are online tools that do exactly this, one of which is Keep Me Out. You can access the tool via its website and choose the social media sites to be blocked. You can also set the time when to restrict and when to ease up. This way, you can make social media scrolling sort of a reward for the time that you spent studying. For best results, use the Pomodoro technique for better results.

A site that makes your presentation easier to create and share

Online schooling focuses mainly on presentations, whether it is on Powerpoint, Keynote, and other platforms. But you can actually create and share your presentations online on a browser-based application like SlideShare. Doing your presentations online will be more convenient because it can easily be shared on any video sharing platform you use for online classes.

There are other similar options, of course, and it will go down on your personal preference what exact tool to choose. Features should be considered, but in the long-run, having dedicated software to do presentations may be more convenient. Although, for mobile use, browser-based applications are more likely to be more intuitive.


Bookmark these tools for easier access when you need it the most. Whether you are using Chrome, Safari, or any other browser, just press CTRL or Command D to bookmark. We recommend organizing these sites in a separate folder and keep it on your browser’s toolbar. With these tools, you don’t need to have a high-end desktop or laptop, you just need a working browser!

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