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UpNest: mitigate the pressure, and leave the selling to the professionals

Selling your home can actually be quite stressful. So, you want to mitigate the pressure, and leave the selling to the professionals. Of course, you’ll have questions, and the two primary ones from most owners:

  “Where do I find a recommended real estate agent who really knows how to sell a house effectively and quickly? A realtor with a strong track record of performance in selling at the best price possible having regard to market conditions”

  “How do I reduce outlay on the realtor’s commission and other fees, yet still obtain the services I need to effectively sell my home? After all, the more I can save, the more I’ll have to put towards my new home or a new car!”

Well, Upnest is the simple answer. Using this “industry disruptor” comes with no obligations, it’s fast, and best of all for many, it’s free. This fast-growing digital platform provides complete answers to these and other questions. Indeed, judging by its service reviews and amazing success, the site is offering exactly what home sellers want!

With extensive, national lists of and connections to professional, top-performing realtors, Upnest helps real estate agents connect with clients who are “ready to buy” or “ready to sell”. Yet, maybe best of all, it helps sellers save thousands of dollars in commission fees. Through its nationwide services to home sellers, the platform has already produced $30 million ++ in commission savings.

How Upnest works and why it’s fast

UpNest has introduced a more transparent, no-obligation, efficient, and cost-effective way for sellers to compare and work with realtors. It is a digital platform that uses comprehensive transaction data to match owners looking to sell a home with a reputable, professional real estate agent countrywide, and in your area. 

Competing realtors’ sales performance is carefully analyzed to provide home sellers with the best selection of real estate agents who know how to sell a house at the best price in their shortest possible time. UpNest knows that the property market dynamic and speed is the essence of real estate deals. It also knows that an experienced real estate agent may be the difference between the transaction going ahead or not. 

How come Upnest is FREE for sellers?

UpNest receives fees from the realtor only when a sale has been consummated. There are no fees to the seller and, perhaps best of all, for the seller using Upnest, real estate agents have to compete on fees in order to secure your business. And bear in mind these are realtors who are in the top echelons of the industry. Of all of the 17,00 or so agents on the site, almost 30% are top agents, ranked within the top 5% for transactions in their respective areas. 

The platform consistently has the best conversion rate across all real estate referral platforms, as it is an excellent channel for sales with little downside for a realtor. So, despite lower fees, sellers still can work with the best agents at the best commission rates—saving countless dollars in fees as a result. 

UpNest is ranked #322 on the 2018 Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies and #85 on Deloitte’s 2018 Technology Fast 500. It has featured in more than $4 billion in home purchases and listings across the United States and has been covered by Inman and Yahoo! News.

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