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Using IP Geolocation API to Locate Website Data

Are you a website owner or developer? If yes, then you may need to personalize your experience by learning more about your website visitors. IP Geolocation API will give you this amazing service that will help you develop your website. It is easy to use, therefore enabling you to serve a lot of people around the globe.

Importance of using geolocation data

It is more precious, especially when creating a personalized website experience. The data inform your website’s aspects like the language of the user and the time zones. Your website will be able to give content in the most appropriate language of the user and send important notifications at different times. The data given by IP Geolocation API may include the prefixes of country codes. Geolocation is defined as identifying the real geographic position of a device connected to the internet on the map. It gives privacy to the users because it gives detailed information without specifying the actual real IP address.

What it does

It gives information such as country or continent location, numerical codes, location name, the language of that country, the latitudes and longitudes, currency codes, and international prefix. It has all the detailed information of all countries in an integrated system.

The tool uses packaged information from all countries as convenient JSON tools. This data includes ISO 3166 and ISO4217, and E.164, which outlines countries and states subdivisions, currency, and phone numbers, respectively. The data is usually updated monthly to keep the information up to date.

The tool offers quick and easy access to crucial information intending to spread and speed the development of applications and websites. The company’s objective is to ensure everything at the back end of your website is made easier and customer friendly. This tool is created by Apilayer, a company that makes different searches for creative and innovative tools for website owners and users. It guarantees that the quality of the IP Geolocation APA tool is high since it is from a well-known website development company.

Please give a few lines of codes to your website and enable it to give users specific information based on their location. You can shift a language to your own if you visit one where you are not familiar with its language. All this is accredited to IP Geolocation APA. Solutions are created at the back of your website to give users a wonderful experience from the beginning to an end.

How to find it

You can easily find it on IP Geolocation API at no cost. It is also available on “Deploy to Heroku.” There’s no warranty with this free tool, though a good track is kept by the team to ensure the tool’s smooth operation.


The best part of this IP Geolocation APA is that it provides valuable and critical website data that the website owner can use to make special adjustments to their websites, thus giving them ample experience. Your website can collect all the necessary location information on the globe and empower your website. Try to use it and enjoy its service.

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