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Using Social Media Monitoring for Your Marketing Campaign: How NetBase Can Help

Developing a robust marketing campaign should be a top priority for all brands. In fact, your marketing campaign should be strategic, targeted and based on real data. It’s the reason why social media monitoring has been exceptionally beneficial to brands across industries. It’s a great resource for building a marketing campaign that optimizes the ROI. The information below sheds light on the different components that should be considered, such as how you track conversations after the campaign has been executed.

Finding a Simple Solution

Whenever you have a problem in life, there’s often a simple solution available. You just have to find it. This is certainly the case when it comes to developing a marketing campaign that’s effective. Social media monitoring is an example of an easy solution that can help to build your brand, protect its reputation and increase profits. This is made exceptionally easy when new technologies are integrated into your strategy, such as artificial intelligence (AI).

NetBase is a social analytics company that uses artificial intelligence to deliver accurate, fast and comprehensive consumer insights to brands. In fact, they have worked with Fortune 500 companies and other industry leaders to help them develop marketing strategies that yield remarkable results. Some of their clients include Lloyds Bank, Arby’s, McCann, Saatchi & Saatchi, Credit Suisse, Edelman, Ogilvy, Coca-Cola and Cuisinart. Why do so many top companies use NetBase? Because it’s an easy solution to a common industry problem, which is gathering the information needed to make sound business decisions. They are experts in social media monitoring.

Social Media Monitoring and Listening

Social media monitoring is essentially identifying every instance of someone mentioning your brand online. This includes mentions that are passive and those that are intentional to provide feedback or submit a compliant. It’s often used for the purpose of responding appropriately to those mentions. There’s also social media listening that must be considered. This is a more proactive approach that involves analyzing the information that has been gathered so that you can gain insights and make decisions accordingly. This is where companies like NetBase excel. Their analytics are precise, which means you can use the data obtained to create a tactical roadmap for your marketing campaign. 

Benefits of Social Media Monitoring Tools

There are a wealth of monitoring tools that can be used to achieve the desired results. There are even tools that can be used to access real-time data. The information obtained can be scaled based on your unique needs. This includes machine learning that can provide actionable insights. You can view a dashboard with valuable information and generate reports that can be shared with your entire marketing team. These are tools often used to develop top performing marketing campaigns. You can monitor your brand, services and individual products or services. In fact, you can enter as many relevant terms as necessary to gather the information needed. 

Engaging Your Audience

The information obtained through monitoring can also serve as a great way to engage your audience. You can build a substantial community with increased engagement, which will inevitably result in better leads and higher conversions. Social media engagement is a critical part of any marketing campaign. Being able to more effectively reach your target audience is beneficial for many reasons. 

Industry leaders have mastered the art of responding to customers promptly with the help of monitoring tools. It’s an element of brand development that can pay dividends. The bottom line is that there are valuable tools available to boost the performance of your marketing campaign.


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