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Top 10 Best YouTube Video Editor Apps for iPhone in 2022

Video Editor Apps

Best YouTube Video Editor Apps for iPhone: Before publishing, would you like to edit your YouTube videos on your iPhone? Anybody who wants to can do so. No one wants to sacrifice quality for this reason.

But the majority of them are having trouble locating the ideal iPhone video editing program that can meet their demands. Not to worry. The list of the top YouTube video editing apps for the iPhone has been condensed. That is all you require.

Top 10 Best YouTube Video Editor Apps for iPhone

The top free YouTube video editing applications for iPhone, iPad and iOS are listed below. You are able to edit videos on your iPhone like an expert by choosing any app that suits your needs.

1. KineMaster


One of the greatest and most comprehensive iPhone YouTube video editing apps is KineMaster. As an editor, KineMaster has everything you need. With the help of its extensive capabilities, you may edit recorded films at all skill levels. Thanks to its multilayer editing interface, we can navigate the editing timeline and change the audio, effects, trimming, and clips.

Adding visual effects, stickers, typefaces, and animations is simple with KineMaster. You can improve a video’s aesthetic attractiveness because it enables 4K video editing. KineMaster, however, works with iPods, iPads, and even iPhones. However, iOS 10.3 and later support it.

2. InShot


Yet another excellent tool for editing videos on the iPhone and Android. Because of its user-friendly editing features, InShot is very well-liked by iPhone users. It includes every tool needed to edit videos, such as a video cutter, splitter, merger, slideshow maker, and compressor.

InShot is the app for you if you wish to switch between text, typefaces, emojis, visual effects, and stickers. Any video’s speed can be changed. It now contains more than 55 transitions. Some notable transitions include fade in/out, light, ghost, glitch, and slice. It is one of the best YouTube Video Editor Apps for iPhone.

3. iMovie


The list of the top iPhone video editing apps is lacking without iMovie. One of Apple’s most comprehensive tools for editing iPhone videos. With the help of its robust editing features, you may produce short films and trailers in Hollywood style. Although the UI is cluttered, once you get acclimated to iMovie, you’ll adore how easy it is to transform an ordinary film into a work of art.

The necessary components are all present in iMovie, including dynamic visual effects, fonts, color schemes, filters, premade templates, and layouts. When compared to other editing software, its built-in creative eight themes, which include matching titles, transitions, and music, are revolutionary. To create 4K cinematic view videos, try iMovie.

4. PowerDirector


For iOS users, PowerDirector is yet another useful video editing tool. Numerous eye-catching intros with animated titles are available in the full-featured editing tools. With video stabilizers and Power Director, you can steady, unsteady camera footage. Additionally, the program includes all necessary editing tools.

You can make a slow motion and fast-forward the video by changing the video’s speed. The standard text, animation, filters, and effects are accessible, and there are more than 4500 templates to choose from. It is one of the best YouTube Video Editor Apps for iPhone.

5. Splice – Video Editor & Maker

Splice – Video Editor & Maker

Splice is one of the best illustrations of how capacity and simplicity coexist. With the free editing tool, professional editing is difficult, but Splice has you covered. You may create a beautiful YouTube video using this free tool.

Anyone can enjoy trimming, cutting, cropping, and modifying exposure, contrast, and saturation. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of filters, effects, transitions, and vintage settings. Additionally, it offers infinite Shutterstock photos and more than 6000 pieces of direct-use royalty-free music.

6. Filmmaker Pro

Filmmaker Pro

Another free YouTube video editing tool for iPhone users is The Filmmaker Pro. You can create and manage an endless number of projects using Filmmaker pro. You have access to more than 220 eye-catching illustrations from the filmmaker. Additionally, you may divide, rotate, crop, and trim a video. Another useful tool is the reverse video tool.

With the Apple pencil on the iPad, its drawing tools, like the brush, eraser, and opacity, are incredibly convenient. You are free to utilize its music in your video. Despite all of its capabilities, filmmaker Pro is one of the best editing tools.

7. GoPro


Try using GoPro if you want to swiftly edit your films. GoPro’s speedy automatic editing feature is its best feature. The cinematic view will be completed without anything; GoPro chooses the finest shots, adds music, and even transitions. Is this not good?

Other than that, GoPro has all editing features. It can be a useful video editing tool for rendering fast-forward footage. You may remotely operate the GoPro camera, thanks to it. Because of this, GoPro Quik has a little more variety than other editing programs.

8. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush

Another excellent iOS video editing program for content producers is Abode Premier Rush. Videos, pictures, and graphics can all be arranged using a straightforward drag-and-drop motion. An easy way to flip, crop, and trim a video. It, most importantly, provides capabilities for modifying speed and increasing color.

Additionally, the free edition comes with filters, effects, and animations. Until you pay for the pro version, you won’t be happy with the free version. The professional has access to a variety of outstanding features.

9. VideoShow


For iOS users, VideoShow is a fairly practical video editor that is completely loaded with numerous helpful functions. To make your YouTube video more visually appealing, you can utilize its many kinds of filters, effects, stickers, and sound effects.

You can use the pre-made templates that VideoShow provides you with. Additional noteworthy functions include editing, combining, cropping, dividing, inverting, copying, rotating, speed-adjust, and zooming in and out. For editing YouTube videos, you might give VideoShow a try.

10. Magisto


Apple named Magisto the top video editing program for 2019. With pride, Magisto is carrying on the tradition. With the help of its pre-built templates and themes, you may quickly make a gorgeous video.

Magisto employs artificial intelligence to automatically provide stabilization, object detection, filters, and effects in addition to all of the standard editing features. However, all of its premium features need payment.


Finding the best YouTube video editing applications for the iPhone for the first time is not a simple chore for anyone. But we have already completed it for you to choose from. Tell me which app you are utilizing.

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