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Top 10 Best Vonage Alternatives In 2022


Not sure if Vonage will suffice as a corporate phone system or communications platform? We recognise that choosing can be challenging given the abundance of possibilities. So what should you know if you’re seeking VoIP phone systems or other communications tools for Vonage Business? How can you possibly choose the best solution for your business communications when there are so many possibilities available? I’ll outline the most reasonable options for your company in this piece.

What is Vonage?

VoIP service provider Vonage was established in 2001 and uses an Internet connection to connect callers. Like many VoIP services, Vonage does not require traditional phone lines to make calls. Vonage provides call forwarding, voice and video conferencing, and other capabilities in addition to audio calls.

All reliable VoIP service providers share these features. Even though Vonage is a well-known provider, there are a few reasons you might prefer a different VoIP phone system. Learn why as you continue reading.

Why would you use a Vonage alternative?

To start with, your small business is special. For certain businesses, Vonage might be the best option, but not for others. A VoIP provider that fits your needs and price range is essential. Additionally, Vonage may end up being a somewhat expensive choice for many enterprises. (More to follow on this.)

Even if the cost of a Vonage phone plan is acceptable to you, it can lack some essential services you require (customer service is another matter entirely). Let’s now have a look at a few factors to take into account while comparing different VoIP services. Several criteria were employed to assess these Vonage alternatives.


You may have noticed that the feature lists for VoIP services and unified communications providers all resemble one another. And the majority of them really are! Most of these features, including call forwarding, call routing, and auto-attendant, should be included as standard features in any quality phone system (or at least in the base price).

Nevertheless, we’ll discuss certain distinctive characteristics (like AI) that not all Vonage options have in more detail below. Price—what you have to pay more for—is typically the more significant differential in this situation.


Every dollar matters when you manage a business. But that doesn’t necessarily imply you should choose the cheapest phone plan available. (And frequently, what appears inexpensive first ends up costing more regardless because everything is an extra charge.) With some of the alternatives below, we’ll highlight where to be on the lookout for this.

Customer support

This is a major issue. Different UCaaS and VoIP phone options have different levels of customer support. Some suppliers only offer customer service in the US or don’t offer it everywhere else, while others charge you every time you open a ticket. Be sure to read the small print.

Call quality

The quality of Internet calling is one of the best features of VoIP services. But not all VoIP service providers are made equal. Call quality is influenced by a variety of factors, even though each cloud phone service works in largely the same way.

To prevent issues like call delays, the VoIP provider must have the servers and service available. Examine these choices’ architecture and how it affects their call quality in addition to pricing and features.

Ease of use

You shouldn’t need to be a rocket scientist to use a VoIP service, even if you run an aerospace engineering business. Employees in every department should be able to use your new phone system with ease right away.

This holds true for even the most sophisticated functions, regardless of the device you’re using. Everything from installation and setup to buying additional numbers or adding new users should be simple to do independently, ideally in your web dashboard. Here’s how that appears in Dialpad as an illustration:

Adaptations to the applications you use

Another crucial factor to think about is whether the VoIP or unified communications system you’re considering integrates with other programmes and tools that your team already uses, such as CRMs and ticketing systems.

One of the main benefits of choosing a VoIP service provider rather than a conventional PBX phone system is that you may reduce the amount of time you spend switching between windows and programmes. As a result, make use of all the integrations available to you.

As long as the supplier has an open API that enables you to adapt and create your own integrations, it doesn’t matter if they don’t offer the integration you’re looking for.

What makes it a good Vonage alternative?

An effective Vonage substitute is ultimately a platform that benefits your company or team. The major edge any rival has over Vonage will be emphasised in this section.

10 best Vonage alternatives

Here are the top 10 best Vonage alternatives discussed below.

1. Dialpad


Dialpad is a cloud-based corporate phone system that is much more than simply a phone system because it was created by the same team that created Google Voice, which is a significant reason why it has such an intuitive user experience. We take pleasure in being a scalable, mobile, and cost-effective option for both small and large businesses. However, you shouldn’t simply believe what we say. The U.S. News & World Report has named Dialpad as the Best Business Phone for Small Businesses in 2020.

2. Zoom


Of course, Zoom is most well-known for being a free video-conferencing tool. At present, it also offers a “Zoom Phone” option that provides companies with telephony capability if they require one. Overall, it’s simple to use and, like Dialpad, is truly cloud-based (rather than just a PBX phone provider with outdated technology that has tried to add new features). Zoom’s popularity increased in 2020, but it also turned into a favourite target for hackers and faced a number of other security issues.

3. Ooma Office

Ooma Office

Cloud phone service provider Ooma Office targets small businesses with its advertising. It’s a no-contract service that provides the typical features of a small business phone system, including a virtual receptionist, call parking, and the capacity to place long-distance calls. They even provide Ooma Telo, a residential VoIP solution.

4. RingCentral


Since the era of the conventional PBX, RingCentral has existed for a considerable amount of time. Today, it advertises itself as a VoIP phone system for all kinds of enterprises, and like many other unified communications platforms, it enables customers to place and receive phone calls, have video conferences, and send instant SMS/MMS messages.

5. Nextiva


Another established provider of VoIP business phone systems is Nextiva. It touts itself as a unified communications system with a phone call, text, and video conferencing capability, similar to Dialpad and RingCentral. It’s important to keep in mind that Nextiva is a reseller of both its UCaaS4 and CCaaS solutions and does not manufacture its own products. 5 This is typically not a good idea since it may lead to issues like uneven user experiences and trouble contacting an internal team for support because you might be transferred to a third-party customer support team.

6. Webex


Teams of all sizes can use the calling, meeting, and messaging software Webex by Cisco. You may extrapolate whatever you want about usability and implementation from the marketing’s heavy enterprise focus. You can have all of your communication channels under one roof, much like many of the other Vonage options listed below. However, the fact that you must download the application in order to utilise Webex is the most bothersome aspect.

7. GoToMeeting


To assist keep organisations connected in a remote working environment, GoToMeeting provides a phone system. Although it isn’t as widely known as some of the other choices on this list, it is still a good choice.

8. Bitrix24


Of all these Vonage rivals, the cloud phone service Bitrix24 is undoubtedly the most distinctive because it combines so many disparate, seemingly unrelated capabilities. It has a phone system, call centre functions, a Kanban board, and even a website builder in addition to basic CRM features.

9. 8×8


Another company that has been around for a while, since the days of PBX, is 8×8, which caters to both small and large organisations. Through its mobile and desktop apps, you may access its call, chat, and video facilities over the cloud.

10. 3CX


Office phone system 3CX is an open platform that works on-premises with Linux or Microsoft Windows. Of course, this means that if your business employs Apple products like Macbooks, you may skip this choice and move on to the next. Even as add-ons, you won’t receive “fancy” features like AI or real-time transcriptions, even if it does contain some fundamental phone system characteristics like the ones described below.

What distinguishes it from Vonage?

You have total control over your VoIP system with 3CX thanks to its more conventional PBX setup choices. However, bear in mind that an on-premises VoIP system necessitates additional hardware. As a business, you are also accountable for all the data you store. This includes any recordings, information, and other behavioural data you may gather about your clients and your business.

Reasons why Dialpad is a best Vonage alternative

One of the greatest Vonage alternatives available is Dialpad thanks to its scalability, dependability, and customer support. Dialpad is made to grow with you whether you’re a start-up, a small business, or a major corporation.

Dialpad ensures that your calls can reach even further than you do with coverage all around the world. Additionally, no matter where your office is located or what device you’re calling from, you’ll always have access to your vendors, clients, and employees thanks to low rates for international calls and free long-distance calling.

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