Best WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives to Watch Free Cartoons

Cartoons are the most attractive entertainment for any kid; remember our childhood? We used to love cartoons so much; sometimes, we had to dump study for them. Different cartoons play different characters and teach us valuable lessons about our lives in a fun and productive way. Growing up, we have lost interest in cartoons; still, we have seen people love to watch cartoons no matter the grade of their life.

We will talk about WatchCartoonOnline, a platform where you can watch online cartoons for free. It is a well-known website where millions of users watch cartoons online for free.

Our article aims to bring the best sources of free online cartoons for you. We will present our users with a list of the best WatchCartoonOnline alternatives involving anime-streaming websites for anime enthusiasts.

Best WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives to Watch Free Cartoons

1.  KissCartoon


KissCartoon is at the top of our list of sites to watch free cartoons and provides its users with remarkable content. It is the most popular cartoon website with millions of fans because of its extensive high-quality cartoon series database. The best thing is they update their website and upload cartoon episodes on a regular basis.
This cartoon website gave birth to other sites like KissAnime and KissAsian, intending to provide anime and Asian TV Films/Movies. You will find a particular section for the Cartoon list to discover any cartoon series specific to your wish. Every listed cartoon series is classified whether it’s been finished or still running with soon-to-be-released chapters.



2.  KissAnime

It’s the best option for anime fans, and it’s not only amongst the best WatchCartoonOnline alternatives but also a brilliant site itself. It offers massive content for anime lovers, and it is just a world for cartoon viewers. If you want to watch anime, there’s no other site better than KissAnime.

KissAnime puts a lot of focus on the quality of anime content made for dedicated anime enthusiasts. You can call this website a cousin website of KissCartoon and KissAsia, both of which are very common in the online entertainment and cartoon market.


3.  KimCartoon

KimCartoon is another choice in the list of best WatchCartoonOnline alternatives. The website is famous worldwide and has won the hearts of millions of users. You can see massive content, and it doesn’t compromise on the quality of content.It is evident from the traffic of this website that there’s something special for cartoon lovers. All the users speak high of its quality and service, telling us how good the KimCartoon website is. It allows users to pick cartoons from different categories like the Cartoon List, Request, Report Error, etc., for a convenient and ad-free online cartoon streaming experience.


4. CartoonCrazy

CartoonCrazy is a website specially developed for cartoon fans around the world. This website is full of a well-known, and content-rich collection of hundreds of thousands of cartoon episodes spread among thousands of cartoon series. We have placed it among the sites to watch free cartoons, and it doesn’t only offer the Cartoon List section. But also the “Select Genre” part, which enables you to find the kind of content the cartoon is based upon. One can view cartoons in different genres, like Animation, Mystery, Comedy, and much more.


5. Cartoon8

It is next on the list of WatchCartoonOnline replacement sites and is growing day by day. Cartoon8 is a new website which is not so popular among the users at the moment. However, the website’s content is a high-quality cartoon series, some are finished, and some are ongoing with regular new episodes. This website offers a special section for the ongoing cartoons that include the new episodes of cartoons. Also, the cartoons aired on TV; you can find all of them in Cartoon8.


6. MyCartoon

MyCartoon is a new website for free cartoons but gaining the attention of people across the world. The cartoon site is continuously getting fame due to its consistency in uploading new episodes of popular cartoons. Moreover, the best thing about MyCartoon is, it provides complete series of cartoons and movies, providing a complete experience. This is a remarkable feature, as you get to watch the whole series on a single platform. The website is amongst those best WatchCartoonOnline alternatives, which have an attractive and most advanced user-interface. Though the amount of content is not massive, it is still growing and uploading new content on a regular basis. It enables users to request their desired cartoon series or movie to enjoy the most.


7. is a free cartoon streaming website; it is not much popular though it offers high-quality content.  It works simply and efficiently and does not allow annoying or popup ads that disrupt your enjoyment. can be regarded as one of the sites to provide free content with an effortless streaming procedure. The quality of content is exquisite and allows the users to choose whichever Episode they want, even on the streaming page of an episode. Thus making life easier for their users, and you can jump anywhere on particular carton series.


8. GoGoAnime

Although Anime appears under the cartoon category, it has way more followers than any other popular non-anime cartoons. One can even place the Anime on one side and all the other cartoons on the other side for comparison. Yet you will GoGoAnime dominating. This best WatchCartoonOnline alternative has popularity among anime enthusiasts. Right now, the GoGoAnime site has almost 2 million monthly page views, placing it above any current non-anime cartoon streaming site. GoGoAnime has massive traffic because of its massive content of famous cartoons that you are looking for.


9. Chia-Anime

If you dont like GoGo Anime for any reason, then you can seek Chia-Anime. Chi-Anime is equally capable and between the best WatchCartoonOnline alternatives. This amazing cartoon site has about 6 million pageviews all over the world per month. And Chia-Aime owners know the burden of having such vast traffic. You can get an idea from its name its anime website, so visit and enjoy.


10. 9Anime

9Anime is another famous website that is one step ahead of GoGoAnime in the best WatchCartoonOnline alternatives list. More than 30 million people visit this website per month, among which 50 percent are direct visitors. These stats show how loyal and regular are the fans of 9Anime. This is only possible due to owners’ hard work and the quality of content they provide to their fans.


We made the list of best WatchCartoonOnline alternatives in our article for cartoon lovers worldwide. You can watch cartoons for free using any of these services, so what are you waiting for? Choose one and start entertaining yourself or your kids who love cartoons. You can make good use of your time watching anime or cartoons for free.

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