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7 Ways to Boost Your Brand With YouTube Videos

Getting your company’s name out there on YouTube is a terrific method to build a sales funnel. You have the chance to convey your narrative and express your viewpoint on your products and services with customers directly.

If you’re not taking use of the numerous marketing options available on YouTube, you should. To assist you, here are seven methods to use YouTube videos to promote your business.

Tell Stories

People are fascinated by stories. Since the dawn of time, it appears that storytelling have been the preferred technique of imparting a subject. By telling stories that fascinate your audience, you can explain something about your firm, introduce your team, or announce a new product.

Get creative with the way you promote yourself, whether it’s generating bio films for your staff or inventing a false and outrageous narrative for a new product you’ve released, and it’ll drive customers to your website.

Do Product Tutorials

It’s not uncommon for businesses to sell fantastic items with a plethora of helpful and exciting features that many customers never use. Smartphones, for example, quickly come to mind because most users only use a small portion of their phone’s capabilities.

Tech companies could create an infinite number of movies showing consumers how to use the operating system as well as the phone itself. You can educate your consumers about the things they’ve previously purchased by creating video lessons for them. These videos will help you build a selling video or increase your customers’ confidence in their abilities to use the goods you’ve already sold them.

Show Testimonials

You can create YouTube videos that convert effectively when embedded on your website and lead to sales. A testimonial video is one of the best types of videos to make for this instance. Customers will be able to see that someone similar to them has already purchased the product or service and can attest for its effectiveness.

Short interviews with satisfied customers should be recorded in videos that are no longer than 30 seconds long so that future customers can watch them quickly.

Repurpose Web Content

Knowing what to do is one of the most difficult aspects of content development. You can repurpose content created for other online platforms or media into YouTube videos if you’re already developing content for those platforms or media (which you should be).

Take blog entries and record someone talking about the same subject while adding some interesting graphics or pictures. If your website includes a FAQ page, create a single video that addresses each question, or numerous videos that handle each question one at a time. There are a plethora of ways to turn your web material into video, so you’ll never run out of options.

Go Behind the Scenes

Nobody likes to watch how the sausage is made, according to a popular phrase. While this may be true for certain items, there are some things that people are actually interested in seeing how they are manufactured. Show your consumers how you package their gadgets, print their t-shirts, or make components for their devices by bringing a camera into your business.

There’s always a way to take folks behind the scenes in whatever you do. If you’re concerned about disclosing trade secrets, be cautious about what you show. You don’t have to present the complete procedure; just what you believe people will be interested in seeing.

Optimize for SEO

When it comes to uploading videos to YouTube, it’s critical that your target audience easily find them. Do some research on similar search terms to what you want to be found for, then include those keywords in the title and description.

You can also gain an advantage by creating a custom thumbnail and giving the file a search-friendly name. The same can be said for the video file you’re uploading.

Repurpose Your Videos

You’re not thinking large enough if you’re afraid of putting together YouTube videos because you’re afraid they’ll just go up on YouTube and not be used for anything else.
You may repurpose your films in a variety of ways to get the most out of them. Cut your videos into small bits and share them on social media sites like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

If you’re recording a big video, even one that’s 15 to 20 minutes long, you may split it up into smaller, more manageable chunks. Customers will be able to find exactly what they’re looking for without being intimidated by a 15-minute duration if you add these clips to a specific playlist on your YouTube channel.

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