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Best WeChat Alternatives (Updated List 2022)


The finest WeChat alternatives for Android and iOS are provided in this article. According to the statistics, This is by far the most widely used messaging app in China. Even while the messaging software is less well-liked elsewhere in the world, it is still very prevalent there. Tencent, one of the most significant businesses in Asia by market cap, is the owner of the reliable communication program WeChat.

In addition, it provides access to amusing articles, fun minigames, and a speedy mobile payment option. However, it performs poorly in terms of security and privacy, much like other Chinese apps. According to a recent study by CitizenLabs, WeChat online also keeps an eye on the content of users who are not Chinese. Here are the Best WeChat alternatives you can utilize in 2022 if this major concern makes you feel awful.

Best WeChat Alternatives


Is it necessary to introduce or justify WhatsApp’s position at the top of this list? The app is the most widely used messaging platform worldwide and is owned by Facebook. More than 2 billion people utilize it throughout 180 nations. According to the most recent statistics, WhatsApp users make over 2 billion voice and video conversations each day. These figures demonstrate the size of the messaging app’s role. There is therefore no better option than WhatsApp if you’re seeking for a WeChat substitute that is more widely used and has features similar to this.

Similar to this, WhatsApp enables you to interact with others through the use of photographs, videos, multimedia, and voice messages. Therefore, the app will enable you to communicate with your friends and family in whichever way is the most convenient for you. WhatsApp, on the other hand, can function effectively even with a slow internet connection, making it more dependable for video and phone calls.


With its popularity and versatility, Viber, which has more than a billion users, appears to be a good alternative to this. The program is available for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux, among other operating systems. Rakuten, a large Japanese corporation, manages it. Therefore, it is irrelevant what platform you are using. The software allows you to communicate with your loved ones. You can communicate with your pals in a variety of ways with the app’s multimedia features, including text, stickers, GIFs, pictures, and videos.

You can make a group with up to 250 individuals, depending on your needs, to stay in touch with everyone you care about. Apart from group conversations, it performs well even with a sluggish internet connection, making it superior than WeChat for video/audio calling. It allows you to send vanishing messages just like Snapchat, except you have more control over the self-destruct timer. But more than anything else, creating an unlimited-member Viber group has always drawn me to the app. It’s great to stay in touch with folks who share your viewpoints.


Although it has less users than WhatsApp and fewer functionality than this, Telegram is definitely one of the most secure messaging services available. Not for nothing are several comparisons made between this texting tool and the well-known Messages program from Apple. This is primarily due to how well it safeguards private messages. All of your data, including chats and media, is encrypted by the app using 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie-Hellman secure key exchange for further protection.

The program not only offers excellent data security, but it also makes messaging simpler than WeChat. Because the user interface is less congested, it operates more quickly than WeChat, which is frequently accused for being slow. The ability to create a group chat with up to 200 000 participants is what distinguishes it. WeChat, on the other hand, limits group chat membership to 500 users. There are plenty more things Telegram has under its sleeve. To learn about them all, please read the article that is linked.


For a very long time, Snapchat has been a fantastic social networking app. And this one might be the way to go if you want to add a lot of fun to your social networking. You are correct in that! Snapchat is significantly more effective than WeChat from China Tencent in terms of making communication enjoyable. You may instantly shoot and share images with your pals with the app’s smart camera. Additionally, you may give your images the appearance you want based on particular themes because there are so many lovely filters to pick from.

Additionally, Snapchat features a tonne of amazing filters and entertaining effects. These lenses and effects might be useful when trying to instantly capture viewers’ attention with your photography. Similar to this for PC, Snapchat enables you to keep up on breaking news, exclusive programming, and tales from your neighborhood. I’ve discovered that Snapchat’s news and stories are more dependable and well-organized than those on WeChat. Additionally, I appreciate how snap map makes it simple to see where pals are and where they are. I’m also interested in the opportunity to play games with friends. These are only the tips and tactics available on the surface of Snapchat. It offers much more than that.


It is simple to send and receive messages using iMessage because of Apple’s well-known privacy policy and the fact that it functions well with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. Because it offers so many amazing features, like Animoji, Memoji, and messaging effects, the app is a lot of fun. It shines out as a fantastic alternative to the this app when combined with the enormous iMessage App Store, where users can download and install games and programs for iMessage, as well as Apple Pay, the most secure mobile payment system.

One of my favorite features of Apple’s Messages program is the ability to manage messages using rather fluid gestures. This makes handling messages simple. One of my major priorities has always been the ability to hide warnings from folks who persistently send bothersome texts. You already know that iMessage’s only drawback is that it was designed exclusively for use with Apple gadgets (the so-called walled garden). But you would like each and every blue bubble if you could call this tiny but incredibly safe ecology home.


Although there are many video calling programs available, only a select few compare to Skype’s functionality. I suggest giving Skype a try if you want high-quality video. The program allows you to converse via instant messages in addition to allowing you to make video and audio calls. Skype’s user interface is more aesthetically pleasing than WeChat’s. On devices like the iPhone, Android, Mac, and WeChat for Windows, among others, it is better optimized and performs effectively.

Facebook Messenger

Consider Messenger carefully if you’re looking for WeChat’s most feature-rich alternative. The biggest feature of this texting software is definitely the fact that it integrates with Facebook. Given that Facebook is used by nearly 2 billion people, the majority of your friends and family might already be members. Consequently, keeping in touch with them is simple.

You can communicate in a variety of ways with the app. There are options for text, voice, audio, and video calls. In comparison to profile Tencent china WeChat, which only allows you to call 9 people at once, Messenger now allows you to start a video call with up to 50 people. Additionally, Messenger offers a rather rapid and safe method of payment. One of the better replacements available, I enjoy that Facebook is striving to make the Messenger app less congested.

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