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What Are Butt Connectors Made of: Materials, Colors, Etc

Multiwire connectors come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. Butt connectors, among all others, are the most convenient to use, given the quality of materials is good. While that depends on the manufacturer, the choice is totally your responsibility. And if you want to have a successful multi wire connection, you need a shop that will only offer top-notch parts and wire crimping tools.

One such shop that can provide you with the best wire electrical connectors is There you can get a waterproof terminal and a tool for successful electrical wiring work.

As we’ve touched the topic of electrical multi connectors materials, let’s see what a butt splice connector is made from.

What Are Butt Connectors Made of?

There are two main parts to such a cable connector:

  • Metal sleeve;
  • Outer insulation coat.

The metal provides the connection between two wires, while the outer coat provides insulation, making the connection safe and damage-proof.

There are also parts without insulation, but they require a separate coating to be protected.

Insulation Material

Insulation material can be different as well:

  • Vinyl.
    This material is basically used to insulate small, light wires. It doesn’t provide a lot of weather resistance so it’s better to use these indoors.
  • Nylon.
    This material provides more strength and protection and can be used in rougher conditions.
  • Heat shrink.
    This material requires heat to seal the connection, which adds an extra layer of protection against all kinds of damage. You can use such elements in your car, on your boat, or in any other application that requires extra safety.

On WirefyShop, you can find all kinds of insulated electrical multi connectors of top-notch quality.

Why Butt Connectors Come in Different Colors?

As such connectors are used in automotive, marine, and industrial fields, it’s clear the sizes have to be different. So, a certain color means a certain wire gauge range the connector suits:

  • Red – 18-22 gauge;
  • Blue – 14-16 gauge;
  • Yellow – 10-12 gauge.

The same rules apply to other kinds of multiple wire connectors such as 2-pin, T-tap, ring and plug terminals, etc., no matter if you’re using them in your auto, at home, etc. 

WirefyShop offers all of the above, for any purpose, as well as the best tools to crimp them with.

Choose Materials According to Your Needs

There’s no need to buy heavy-duty connectors unless you need to use them in rough conditions. In case you’re not sure about the type or size of your wires or the connectors, it’s always a good idea to consult a specialist.

Butt splices can connect two wires of different sizes, you just need to crimp them tight! With the right wire crimping tools you can find on WirefyShop, any butt connector can be installed in several minutes, even if you don’t have a lot of skills. They are very easy to use and are usually made from high-quality materials safe for your health if used properly. 

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