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What Happens When There Are No More Bitcoin To Kjope


While there have been loads of virtual tokens popping up after bitcoin made its initial appearance on the market in 2009, bitcoin still ranks as the more dominant of the bunch. 

Even though the virtual tokens have seen greater than a decade in the market, entities and individuals are curious about the functionality as it pertains to an everyday lifestyle.

In many ways, crypto is described as the “digital gold” since it offers comparatives regarding features like monetarily and in the sense of store value. 

According to Wall Street, the two are considered as “alternative investments” though each operates with unique processes but are easily verifiable. The most significant commonality is the fact that each of these is mined, and both offer finite supply.

Bitcoin mining, of course, is accomplished in the digital respect with the transactions processed and the network secured using high-powered computer systems and software specific to the procedure. 

In order for miners to acquire bitcoin rewards, they need to solve complicated mathematical equations resulting in the overtaking of a block of data.

Only 21 million bitcoins are available for mining to avoid the potential for inflation. The limit plays a role in the fluctuating price point. Thus far, roughly 19,000 bitcoins are in circulation, with merely 2,000 remaining before the cap has been reached. 

That leaves many wondering what happens when there are no more available. Let’s see what opinions indicate.

What Happens When There Are No More Bitcoin To Buy

Those enthusiasts of the bitcoin currency might find the ultimate supply being reached as an exciting moment in history. Once miners have completed their job, the only supply will be from those who decide to sell unless there is a change in the protocol allowing a greater supply. 

There has been no indication in that direction to this point, however, making it relatively safe to assume that’s not an option. So, what effects will the world see once the virtual tokens have been exhausted? Check out some of the proposed repercussions.

  • Miners impact

Miners gain rewards when performing the bitcoin mining process once a block is successfully verified within the network. The indication is there are actually two sorts of mining rewards, including incentives resulting from transaction charges and a part of bitcoin for each block confirmed. 

These rewards are given for the exceptional effort miners exert with every transaction.

With more significant fees, the miner has the potential for greater incentives. That’s how transactions are prioritized. The more a user pays for their transaction, that’s how rapidly you’ll see it placed in a block.

There will no longer be a reward for miners when the mining process is complete. That’s due to the fact there will be no more coin generation. The only potential for earnings will be in transaction fees, with each verified. 

The miners will still perform network securing tasks earning these fees, but there might not be enough resources to satisfy them.

  • Bitcoin mining network impact

Price increases for the virtual tokens imply the potential for miners’ transaction fees to increase with each spike in the price point, but no one can foretell bitcoin’s future technology or how it will work.

 If mining processes become more simplified and improvements are made, allowing for cheap processing, there is the potential for creating another business. 

Unfortunately, as it stands, the procedure is noted as having adverse environmental effects with its high energy consumption. With considerable changes, the network can continue to be secured, with miners sustaining their business.

  • Investment/market price impact

Bitcoins’ price points can increase due to scarcity of supply and high demand. That is excellent news for those who have invested in virtual tokens due to the extreme volatility of the asset garnering high gains and drastic drops. 

The potential is there for those interested in investing to enter the market and give it a try.

  • Appreciation in price

Bitcoin price appreciation can result in a loss of revenue showing in the bitcoin denomination, but it will show as a revenue gain with a fiat denomination. A broad majority of the mining community uses fiat currency for payments, meaning they are more concerned about the fiat revenue than bitcoin. 

That means if the price point of bitcoin significantly increases, perhaps double in a four-year timeframe, that can show as a drop of 50 percent in “block subsidy” but no loss in fiat revenue.

  • Concerns in the economy

With deflationary money in the economy in the future, regardless of how it’s used at that point, academics are concerned about the effects. This can leave an insufficiency in the financial system, with money stifling growth and skyrocketing interest rates.

Nakamoto was prepared for nearly every situation when developing his plan. Each bitcoin can be divided down to 100 million bits. 

These reference as “satoshis.” As the value of the virtual tokens appreciates with adoption gains, the smaller pieces will offer more significant purchasing power, and goods or services with a bitcoin denomination will fall in price.  

So, the amount you see in the system for total bitcoin is not necessarily the significant factor. What genuinely makes a difference is the degree of purchasing power each satoshi carries. 

The suggestion that bitcoin will “destroy demand” is inaccurate. Instead, it will shift the demand to where the public is looking to “future goods and services” rather than looking at “immediate goods and services.” 

Those industries involved in buying and selling short-term products could possibly see a negative result from deflationary currency. Still, those involved in the “tech sector” would most likely have an exceptionally positive impact.

The indication is that this industry has seen tremendous deflationary pressure over the past few decades, with prices of phones, TVs, and computers falling or staying “flat.” Still, the variations and quality are off the charts. 

Regardless of the deflationary impact, worldwide consumerism shows purchases higher than ever before.

Not All The Bitcoins Will Be Accounted For

While the suggestion is that there are merely two million bitcoins left to kjope(buy) or trade or mine, and then all 21 million will be accounted for, that’s not entirely accurate. Many people have lost their private keys, with some considered “whales” in the industry.

Whales are individuals holding a significant amount of virtual currency in their possession.

The problem with acquiring these “lost” bitcoins is that access is impossible once the keys have been lost unless Nakamoto comprises a method for overriding the fool-proof system he created to break the key strategy to access these products. 

That’s highly unlikely since the idea was to have no recourse for lost keys, lost passwords, or incorrect transactions; pretty much, mistakes will result in a total loss. 

In saying that, it means while there is 21 million total in the world, there will be less than that available to the public considering the permanently lost ones.

Final Thought

While everyone involved in the bitcoin world is concerned with what will happen when the currency “runs out,” it seems there is much more to the crypto than merely what you see on the surface. 

The ability to divide it down into such small pieces sort of goes against the “finite” definition allowing for a great deal more availability than what many anticipate since members can sell these tiny chunks as you could a large token.

These tiny bits carry substantial purchasing power also. Bitcoin seems to have much more ahead in the future than what people anticipate despite nearly reaching the proposed cap. Click for bitcoin predictions for 2022.

As the future unfolds, those with holdings need to pay attention and be patient (remember, don’t allow emotion to get in the way). Thus far, there haven’t been any disappointments – have there?

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