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What is a drone – and why should you buy one?


Camera drones are cheaper and easier to use than ever – you have no excuses not to invest in a camera drone. Here you can read about why the little helicopters can become your best friends.

Just a few years ago, drones were so expensive and difficult to fly that they were out of reach for most users.

Therefore, it was almost exclusively professional video photographers who could afford to invest in the new technology.

Today, the drones are more user-friendly, more reliable, lighter and not least cheap than ever before, and so many photographers have opened their eyes to the features of the drones.

What is a drone?

A drone is simply an unmanned, remote controlled aircraft.

The drone technology is far from new, but for many years it has only been used by governments for e.g. military purposes, rescue operations, surveillance, metrological measurements and firefighting.

So why invest in a camera drone? You probably have lots of equipment that is higher up on the wish list than a small flying robot, but there are actually good reasons to save for it as well.

New perspectives with a drone

It can be difficult to stand out as a photographer in an age where more people than ever take pictures. One way to make your images stand out from the crowd is to photograph from new and interesting perspectives.

This is where the drone comes into the picture. It can move over areas that were previously difficult or impossible to reach – steep cliff walls, deep oceans, rushing waterfalls or treacherous rock floods, to name a few examples.

It opens up to scenarios, angles and ideas that were previously impossible, and the results can be next to artistic.

Train with toy drones

Like all camera types, it is also important for drones with cameras that price and quality go hand in hand.

You can definitely get a drone that costs around a thousand, but even if it is a camera drone, the quality is usually so low that the images become largely useless.

But if you’ve never flown a drone before, it might be a good idea to buy a cheap toy drone without a camera for just under a thousand dollars, which you can use to practice basic aerospace technology. Then you get better pictures from the beginning when you fly with a real camera with drones.

For there is no major difference in how to control a cheap and expensive drone, and then the risk of crashing your new, expensive camera drone is reduced.

Here are some tips on what to consider when buying your first drone.

Today there are quite advanced drones for hobby pilots that only cost a few hundred dollars. But the experienced pilot who wants all the features can count on price tags of many hundred dollars.

To make it easier for anyone considering buying their first drone, here we put together some tips.

If you have never flown a drone before, it can be difficult to find the right jungle of different models. One advice is to start with a fairly simple machine. It is only when you have gained some experience that you become clear with what features are missing and what qualities and performance are suitable for your own pilot skill and the places where you plan to use your drone.

When you decide how big and expensive drones you want, there are several choices. For example, built-in camera. Either a model where the images and movies are stored on a built-in memory card or transmitted wirelessly to the mobile or the controller. Some more advanced drones also have a feature that automatically follows the pilot and points the camera at them.

We also suggest that before purchasing, check hs700 drone review and if spare parts are sold. Especially when propellers that can both loosen and break during collisions with trees, for example. But there are also drones with built-in anti-collision system.

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