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What is Adobe Illustrator?

what is adobe illustrator

What is Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is an application program mainly used to draw different kinds of illustrations, drawings, or artwork pieces. Illustrator uses operating systems like Windows or Mac OS. Illustrator was introduced in the computer field in 1987 for Mac OS, and today it is also applicable on Windows. And with time being, many updates were made in this. Today it is a part of the significantly developed company Adobe Creative Cloud. The default format for the files created in Illustrator is AI format. But it can also save graphic arts in other formats like PDF, JPEG, and EPS. People mostly use Illustrator to draw logos, create icons, create posters, and several other things. The current version in which Illustrator is available today is Adobe Illustrator CC.

How Adobe Illustrator is used?

We often use Illustrator for making many graphical things, including digital cartoons, logos, diagrams, Graphs, and Illustrations. We can also import any image in Illustrator from the outside. A user can trace objects or edit photographs according to need. This can also be used to re-color the image or edit it to a sketch-like appearance. We can also make posters, cards, postcards, and other text containing things with Illustrator’s help. We cannot do this if we do not have a full hold on the text. That is why we can manipulate text on Illustrator. It is also used to show how a website will look, and icons of different applications are also makeable on Illustrator.

The Creative Cloud and Adobe Illustrator

A collection of Mobile and Desktop application is referred to by the name Creative Cloud. It includes more than twenty mobile or desktop applications. It gives its users access to any software used for graphic designing, video editing, web development, and several other things. It had made difficult work like photoshop easily accessible on mobile phone or iPad. Adobe Illustrator is also one of the applications of the Creative Cloud. Because of this reason, we can also share AI format files to other applications of the creative cloud-like Photoshop, InDesign, and several other applications. On the other hand, we can also import files into Illustrator made up from other Creative Cloud applications. For Example, we made a piece of art in Illustrator, and we want to give it some further detail of After Effects; we can export this AI format file to Adobe After Effects.

Vector Graphics in Adobe Illustrator

An excellent feature of Adobe Illustrator is that after performing some Adobe Illustrator tasks, the image’s quality is not compromised. We can magnify or crop any image without any breakage in pixels or image quality. This is a field of Vector Graphics in which mathematical methods are used to describe lines or arcs of a specific image. Intensely studying other applications of Creative Cloud, we can easily say that other applications are dependent. Their resolution varies after magnifying or minimizing the appearance. But in Adobe Illustrator, Vector Graphics is used. Every image is composed of vectors in this method. There are nodes or control points overall image. They have defined coordinates. When an image is cropped or magnified, these vectors resize them to that specific coordinates. And as a result, image quality remains the same.

What do you know about Illustrator CC?

Creative Cloud is a Cloud-Based platform for Adobe. Adobe Illustrator is a part of Creative Cloud. Firstly

Adobe Illustrator was introduced to Creative Cloud in 2013. The name knew this version of Illustrator v17. After that, changes are being developed on this version, and a new version is launched. The name of the latest released will be Illustrator, and after this released year is mentioned. The performance of Adobe Illustrator, which is being used today, is Illustrator CC 2020.

File Formats Adobe Illustrator can work with

As we all know, Illustrator can work with vector graphics. This means that it can also save files in vector format. Some formats with which Adobe Illustrator can work are discussed below.

  • PDF is included in those formats that Adobe Illustrator exports. It is used irrespective of the operating system because it works with Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. This format uses a structured system used to compress all elements in the form of a single file.
  • WMF is a format that was firstly used in the Windows Operating System in the 1990s. It can store both vector graphic format as well as bitmap format. WMF format is just a list of GDI functions in Windows reads and uses it to display images.
  • EPS is also a part of the PostScript format. But it is a little bit of advanced form. One benefit is that it can store graphic files. An EPS file is a PostScript file that contains a low-resolution image. The advantage of a low-resolution idea is that any environment can run this kind of file.
  • VML is a two-dimensional vector graphics format that was at first the part of Microsoft office. But it was removed from Internet Explorer in 2012, but it is still a part of Office. And this format is supported by Illustrator.
  • Formats Illustrator can import word(Docx), JPG, JPEG, PSD, GIF, TXT, PSD, PDD.

How much an Adobe Illustrator Cost?

As we discussed behind, Creative Cloud contains more than twenty useful applications. All these applications are useable after subscription. Their subscribers are provided with a lot of exciting features.

Illustrator costs $19.99 per month. But if we pay the price per annum, we find a ratio of $17.99 per month.

There is another offer for users to use all the applications included in Creative Cloud by paying $49 per month.

Free Trial

Generally, all the paid applications give their users an opportunity for a free trial. In a free trial, anyone can use the application for a specific time to check the application’s quality. This free trial is also offered in Adobe Illustrator CC. One can use this free trial for one full week before buying the software.

Learning Adobe Illustrator

Learning the usage of different high-level tools is also considered a big problem for users. The most common methods for learning Illustrator include Illustrator classes, Illustrator online, and learning with the help of books. Most people prefer learning illustrator online from tutorials despite going to remote places for learning. For online learning, users mostly consult or YouTube.

Final Words

Adobe Illustrator is an incredible software and comes with great versatility. You must be aware of almost all the features, pros, and uses of this software. The rest is up to you. There is numerous other software available in the market, but none of them has surpassed adobe illustrator yet when it comes to functionality and features. If you are a graphic designer, we will suggest you not waste your time and experience on other software and come straight to this fantastic tool and cover your journey to success conveniently. Best of Luck!


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