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What is Airplane Mode? Everything You Need to Know About Airplane Mode

what is airplane mode

Airplane Mode is a feature on smartphones that disable any wireless connections to be made from your device. Once you turn the Airplane Mode, all the Wireless connections with your phone will automatically get disabled. This includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and all other wireless connections.

Mobile Phones have made the world a global village, but there come numerous advantages with this as well. At times all we want is a break! Airplane Mode enables the user to take a break from all the hassle of the word and blocks the connection of the device from the internet. The user would still be able to listen to his favorite music or play the games of his choice. Isn’t it amazing!

How do you Switch it On?

The airplane plane is super easy and convenient to switch on and use. If you are using an iPhone, simply swipe up from the bottom of your screen, and you will see a small airplane icon along with others. Click the icon and activate the Airplane Mode. Another thing that you will notice is that the Wi-Fi icon will turn it off on its own and no radio signals could be seen transmitted from your device. An Android user has to repeat all the steps as mentioned above, but for him, the screen needs to be swiped down.

What Is the Function of Airplane Mode?

You must be aware of airplane mode and a bit of its introduction by now. Let us just move forward and have a look at the functions done by it. When you enable the airplane mode on your device, it will accomplish the following tasks:

  • You will not be able to send or receive any text messages from your phone. Moreover, no voice calls can be sent or received by your device in airplane mode. The reason behind it is that in-flight mode, the connection of your communication device with the cellular tower gets broken.
  • The connection of your mobile phone with the Wi-Fi networks ends. When your phone is on Airplane Mode, it doesn’t even attempt to make a connection with any Wi-Fi network nearby.
  • The Bluetooth on your device gets disabled.
  • In some cases, the GPS functions of the device stop working too.
  • Access to all the things that need a network or internet connection becomes impossible.

Can Wi-Fi be used on Airplane Mode?

This is a question asked by most people. Wi-Fi can be used with Airplane Mode enabled but this is possible only if your plane is offering an in-flight Wi-Fi connection. Usually, when you turn the airplane mode on, the Wi-Fi turns off immediately. But you can enable the usage of Wi-Fi on your flight. If your airline is offering a Wi-Fi connection, go to the settings and allow its use.

Can you Use Bluetooth on Flight Mode?

If you are wondering whether you will be able to use Bluetooth on Flight Mode or not, here is the answer. Short-Range Bluetooth can be used on Flight Mode like Wireless Air pods, Bluetooth Keyboard, and other Bluetooth devices like Bluetooth mouse. But just to be a bit careful, don’t forget to ask for permission from a flight attendant before taking out your earphones.

Why do we have to use Airplane Mode?

The Airplane Mode needs to be enabled during flights for safety concerns. You may know this or not, but the airplanes use navigational equipment. The equipment uses radio signals. The use of smartphones is prohibited on airplanes because the wireless transmissions to and from the phones might interfere with the radio signals of navigational equipment. This could cause a disturbance in the pilot’s work. In addition to this issue, there are numerous other instances, also when the airplane mode is beneficial. These include:

Limit distractions

If you are someone who easily gets distracted with notifications and other apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., especially while working, the airplane mode is the best thing for you. It blocks all the apps that distract you and helps you in concentrating more on the work. But the one drawback is that all the messages and phone calls will also be blocked. For that, you have to switch the airplane mode off and check if you have missed on any necessary calls or messages.

Works as a Battery Saver

The airplane mode serves as your savior at a time when your phone’s battery is running down. If you switch the flight mode on at such time, it will serve as a battery savor turning off all the Wi-Fi connections, Bluetooth, and all unnecessary apps that consume the battery. So, you no longer need to worry about your phone’s battery when you forgot to take your charger along.

Charge the phone faster

Another thing in which the airplane plane helps the user is in charging the phone faster than usual. If you are in a hurry and want your phone to be charged in a shorter period, just switch the airplane mode on, and you are sorted. It will shut off all the battery draining apps that will aid fast charging. Charge your phone while it’s turned off to make the process even quicker.

Good for Kids

If you have kids at your place, airplane mode is the best thing for you. Turn the airplane mode on before handing over your phone to the kids. This will be beneficial in a lot of ways as your child will not be able to send messages and photos to your contacts accidentally. Moreover, they will not be able to have access to Wi-Fi or the internet, which is a good thing for them.

Makes Traveling Less Expensive

Do you know how much it charges when you use Wi-Fi to contact your family in airlines? It takes a massive amount of money. Airplane mode makes traveling cheap as you are not going to use Wi-Fi on International flights. Moreover, this will disable your phone to access any wireless connection saving tons of money automatically. So, always put your phone in airplane mode while traveling and use any local Wi-Fi connection to contact your friends and family once the flight lands.

Undisturbed Nights

The smartphones these days have made the nights less peaceful and are giving disturbed periods of sleep to the individuals. If you are longing for quiet and undisturbed sleep, airplane mode is the best pick for you. Put your phone in airplane mode before sleeping and save yourself from the ‘tick-tick’ and other notification sounds at night. It will block all the incoming calls and messages. You can still use other features like music, notepad, alarm clock, etc. So, what are you waiting for? Make your sleep peaceful and your nights undisturbed with this impressive feature.

Final Words

Airplane Mode has plenty of features that compel people to use it. It is called airplane mode because it was made to be used during flights and on airplanes, but you can take advantage of the features that it offers and make your life easier. You can use airplane mode or any other component but make sure to make things easier for you because that’s what matters the most. Keep Growing and Enjoy!

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