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What Is AR Zone App – Best Guide line

Nowadays technology is changing very fast because of the competition and if you want to stand powerful in the market, then you have to develop something new especially if you are battling in the market of mobile technology.

You may get something new every month in the market in the form of a mobile application and technology. But today we discuss about a new technology called AR zone app. This is a new feature that is especially for the Samsung mobile users as Samsung offering this feature to their mobile users in Galaxy series. Let’s start our discussion from what is AR zone app.

What Is AR Zone App?

There are many new mobile companies comes forward in the market today and these companies providing very tough competition to the big mobile companies such as Samsung, iPhone, 1+ mobiles, Sony and so more. To stand powerful in the market Samsung launches his new feature for their mobile users.

There are many features in this AR zone app and this app is very similar to the Snapchat if you compare these two apps in the point of view of some features.

AR Zone Features

There are mainly 6 features that you can use in this AR zone app on your android phones which are:

AR Emoji Camera

The AR zone app works with your mobile camera. The first great feature of this AR zone app is an AR emoji camera. This is the very cool feature that you will find while using this app because of the cool effect.

You have to just click a picture of anyone you like and cover it with the help of cool animated emoji’s. There are two methods to do that first one is that to seem and the second one is to mask your face.

When you select the first method you totally cover up in the picture by the animated character and if you select the mask option, then only your face will be cover up by the animated characters. Your picture starts animation such as if you speak, I love you then the mask of the animation also say I love you. You can also download more characters to enjoy it.

AR Emoji Studio

AR emoji studio is such a great feature that used by every Samsung mobile user. This is very simple to use and very effective as you have to choose your selfie and design it into the animated character which you like with the help of the studio.

You can also select the character and it will catch the face of your selfie then you can easily change the dress, hairstyle, shoes and so more. You can even very easily change the sunglasses of that animated character that you want to edit. After editing the character you can also share it with your buddies in different expressions.

AR Emoji Stickers

Well, if you want to edit your character in the AR emoji studio, then it’s not end it’s a beginning of the fun. After creating a character, save it and go with the AR emoji sticker section and you can send these created characters to your friends in the chat section with different kinds of expressions.

You can also hare these AR emoji stickers with your buddies and with your family members when you chat with them. You can also use them as sharing your mood status such as laughing, sad, cheer and so more. So this feature is a top level feature of the AR zone app.

AR Doodle

Well this feature is also used by the many peoples who love to make short videos of them and share it as a meme or any type of purpose. The feature is very simple, but can effect, according to your creativity level.

In AR doodle you can draw anything which you want in the video and also can add flowers or something like that in the video. The drawing you drew in the video sticks in the video and moves according to your face or choice.

You can also use lot’s of pencil color’s and also use lot’s of, combined with the things that offer by the AR doodle section. You can also create lots of good and many different videos with the help of this AR doodle section with your creativity.

Deco Pic

The Deco pic is also a good feature that is offered by the AR zone app. It’s a feature that gives you lots of preset stickers such as lips, mustache, beard, eyes and so more. You can also use these stickers to make your photo or videos in different ways which you like.

This feature is similar to Snapchat when you compare some of the stickers. You can also download Deco pic Stickers if you need. This feature is best to play with your kids that are below then 5 years.

Make up

Well, this feature is especially designed for the ladies because you will find make up and skin care options in the part of the AR zone app. You can also use the features such as hide your pimple, hair color, skin brightening and so more. This app provides you the skin score out of 100 points.

For instance, if you have the pimple on you face and you don’t want to show to your friends in the photo than you can very easily hide it by selecting that option to remove your pimple from your photo. You can use many options like that from this Make up section of AR zone app.

Home Decor

This is a very good feature that offered by the AR zone app. If you are searching for any of the product to decorate your home or office, then you should use this feature. Just open your camera and select the product and place it where you need to check.

The main key feature of this option you don’t need to spend the money to test the product to decorate your home. Just check it out with the home decor option from the AR zone app and if it suits your imagination, then simply order it and if not then don’t order it.

Quick Measure

This is very amazing feature of the AR zone App and we can say that it’s absolutely a magical feature of this app. You can very easily measure the distance, size and depth of anything by just placing it to your camera and click the quick measure option in the AR zone app.

For instance, if you need to measure the size of the door just click the Quick measure option that is present in the AR zone app with the help of your camera and all the measurement will be done very quickly by the AR zone app. So this is a great feature and the main reason behind use this AR zone app.


So this is the very simple answer to your question that what is AR zone app? We discuss here all the features in detail related to AR zone app in this article. You can now easily use this app according to your choice or needs as you know all the features of this app.

If you like this article then you can shares it with you friends who want guide line about what is AR zone app. You can also share this article through many social media platforms because you know sharing is caring.

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