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What Is Cross Browser Device Testing – Everything Under One Guide

Cross Browser Device Testing

This might be your very first approach towards the field of cross-browser testing. You have no clue what it is unless you get some help from the professionals out there. This testing is mainly designed to verify in case the app works across various devices globally or will be degraded with time. This is one significant process of verifying the compatibility rate of the application with multiple browsers.

Users have encountered various problems with the website and will end up calling the technical team for support. They will ask you to try on a different browser, and magically it works. But, how about a site, which will work equally on any browser you choose? That will be a miracle. And to know if that works for your site, you first need to learn about what is cross-browser device testing. So, this post will answer your question.

What is cross-browser testing?

As understood from the name itself, cross-browser testing is here to test the app or the website in multiple browsers and ensure that it works consistently and as intended without dependencies or even quality compromise.

  • This form of the testing module is applicable to both mobile and web applications.
  • Over here, customer-facing applications are the preferable choices. 

Reasons behind the testing:

Now the first question that comes to your mind after learning about cross-browser testing is why this method is necessary. Well, some of the points mentioned below will answer your question well.

  • With the help of this testing, you will know what is wrong and can fix it proficiently.
  • Moreover, this form of testing helps in enhancing the efficiency level and user experience, which results in business growth later.
  • Through cross-browser testing, you will be informed of all the possible pitfalls and get the services covered now.
  • With proper testing, you will understand the appearance or rendition of the page in multiple browsers. 
  • It will further focus on the working and functionality of the entire site.

Who will be performing the testing?

You might be thinking that there are millions of versions, browsers, and platforms out there. Now, which one will you possibly choose? Thankfully it will be a part of the tester’s responsibility. 

  • The business analysis team, client, and marketing teams will play a major role in making a decision.
  • Moreover, the companies will be collecting traffic statistics and usage for narrowing down the environment, devices, and browsers to be used mostly.
  • Even the entire project team will have to invest some money, time, infrastructure, and interest in making this cross-browser testing happen.
  • Even you can see the QA team involved in this process of cross-browser testing. Sometimes, it will be the design teams who are more interested to know how the application is going to fare in various browsers.
  • Whether it has to be performed by QA or any other probable team, the results will be interpreted by the development and the design teams, and all the relevant changes must be made.

The steps to perform cross-browser testing:

Learning ways to perform cross-browser testing will be a good call. Understanding these points will actually help you to make the right move out there for sure. So, let’s focus on the manual and automated methods a bit.

An automated method to follow:

The value of cross-browser testing will run on the same sets that of the test cases various times and on different browsers. This form of repeated task is mainly suited for automation. So, it is time-effective and cost-effective in nature by performing testing using these tools.

Nowadays, you will come across multiple tools available online, and some of them are free to use. Make sure to get along with the best teams offering tools, perfect for offering the best testing ways.

Manual method:

Here, the business is going to identify the browsers, which the application needs to support. Testers over here are going to re-run the same test cases with the help of various browsers. They will observe the behavior of the application and then report bugs if they come across any.

  • In this form of manual testing, it is not always possible to cover multiple browsers.
  • Moreover, the application may not be tested on some of the major browser versions.
  • On the other hand, performing the cross-browser testing in a manual way will be time and cost-consuming as well.

So, most people would love to take the help of the automatic tools, which will make the task of cross-browser testing a whole lot easier. It will be less time-consuming, and you don’t have to bother about the quality of the testing at all. The money you need to spend will be towards the lower side as well. So, waste no time further and start focusing on the best tools for the services here.

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