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What Is Cyberbullying?- how you can prevent yourself

what is Cyberbullying, Cyberbullying

In the fast-growing technology, world internet has connected more people than ever before, it may be better or for worse. Most people use the internet for constructive and entertainment purposes, but some people use it for a new kind of bullying called cyberbullying.

So, let’s start it with the definition of cyberbullying and how you can prevent yourself from it.

What Is Cyberbullying?

If the bullying means harassing and insulting anyone in real life, then we take the term cyberbullying into the digital world. Cyberbullying means the use of technology to harass, embarrass, or to target any person. Online threats include aggressive or rude texts, posts etc. Posting personal information, pictures, or videos of that person for embarrassing purpose.

Cyberbullying include photos, messages, or posts for hurt, or upset anyone.

Cyberbullying ranges from calling anyone with a rude name to the breaking point. If someone experience cyberbullying from anyone, then it’s important to stop here before it gets too devastating.

The effects of cyberbullying can be so bad or devastating for that person. This can be from a temporary sadness to the long lasting damage.

Why People Do It?

Why someone would want to be a cyberbully? There are many reasons as there are bullies themselves.

In some cases, online bullying may be accidental. The aggressive nature of text messages, posts, and tweet means it can be difficult to find out if someone is joking or not.

Most of the people know that they’re being bullied to someone else, because bullying is repeated insults. The cyberbully very well knows about they’ve crossed their line, too. It’s not an insult or joke, its constant harassment that go beyond fun teasing or a nasty comment made in aggression.

Few Examples of Cyberbullying

There are a lot of examples of Cyberbullying. Some handfuls of them are below:

Sending Harmful Messages by any Social Media

Cyberbullying on social media is most common example. From commenting on someone’s post to Tweeting at them, there are many ways present for a bully to show their message to a victim.

Targeting Victims In different Chat-Based Software’s

Many chat based Software permit people to talk to one another, which is divide them into different chatrooms.

The person who created this server has the power of these services. Who can appoint a team to running these things. The quality of team depends on how works the administrator.

Some servers have strict rules and will take action on malicious comments. However, some servers allow people to say hurtful things. This creates an environment where people feel free to say anything.

Creating Websites to Ridicule the people 

It’s easy to create a website these days, making a useful tool for cyberbullies. They can easily create a website that talk about the victim in a harmful way.

A website may have more than one person. It may have pictures of many victims and invite people to comment on victim people.

Hurt People in Video Games

Many Online Video games permits bullies to hurt other players by Harassing messages, posts and actions. In multiplayer games people can communicate with one another. This may be by text or speaking. The bully performs certain actions to hurt other players. 

How you can Prevent yourself from Cyberbullying

In some cases, people are not sure about they’re being bullied. So they don’t know about anything. If you’re being bullied or know someone who is, then you don’t need to face it in silence. So, here are some ways to prevent you from being bullied.

Talk with someone

The first thing you will do is that you will talk with adult you trust. This is often easier for you. Many cyberbullied people may feel shy to report a bully. Some people may feel hesitate because they’re not sure who is doing the bullying.  So talk until you find bullies. Sometimes the police can help you to find bully, so it’s important to report it.

Walk away

If you feel something hurting, try to stay away from the computer or turn off your computer for a moment. Don’t respond their messages, and never forward this message. Do your favorite hobbies  that doesn’t give you time to think about bullies, like playing games, going for a movie, or busy yourself in a book. 

Report bullying

Many Social media sites take serious actions when people post hurtful stuff or create fake accounts. If users report about hurtful stuff, then the site administrator may block that bully from using the site. If bully sends you hurtful texts or emails, then you should report it to your phone service or email providers.

Block the bully

Today Many devices already have settings that electronically block the bully person from sending you hurtful stuff. If you don’t about anything, then you should ask your friend who does.

Be safe online

Passwords protect your mobiles and your online sites. Be sure about you share your passwords only with trust ones. Think more before sharing personal information that you don’t want the others peoples to see. Once you’ve posted your personal information, it can be hard for you to delete. So be cautious when posting your information or you should response to someone’s hurting message.

Key Takeaways

  • Online harassing, embarrassing and insulting to someone else is called cyberbullying.
  • Bullies do it for just their fun and entertainment.
  • There are many ways you can prevent yourself from bullies like you can stay away from your mobile or computer for a moment, or you can block or report that bully.

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