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What is quantum computing and how will it benefit your business

quantum computing

In the not so distant future quantum computing will be affecting our everyday lives, but what exactly is it and will it benefit you? Chances are quantum computing will change your life and if you run a small business it could help you to cut down on energy bills and allow your business to be more profitable.

What is quantum computing?

The first question that most people ask is what is quantum computing? Quantum computing in the simplest definition is a much more complex version of computing than we have now.

Traditional computing systems rely on something called bits to make decisions. These bits are either a 1 or a 0. The state of these bits limits how many computations can be carried out within a certain time period. Unlike traditional computers, quantum computers can be in between a 1 and a 0 and can be both at the same time. This is called a superposition.

Being in multiple states allows a quantum computer to make decisions at a much faster rate than what we have now. Complex problems that would take billions of years to compute would take less than 30 minutes with a quantum computer.  

For companies that work with large data sets, this will change the way they forecast as this can be done far more accurately while taking up less time. Chemical engineering companies such as Tuball who make graphene nanotubes and carry out experiments to improve existing materials can also benefit from quantum computing as creating new materials can be expensive. Using quantum computing they can simulate experiments for cheaper and carry out more experiments while using less energy to do so.

It’s not just the big companies that will benefit from quantum computing either, smaller companies and even individuals can benefit from the reduction in costs of most items. Manufacturing costs will drop dramatically when quantum computing is introduced as the whole manufacturing process will get cheaper.

People can also expect improved pharmaceuticals as processing speed from quantum computers will be able to simulate molecules and how they react to certain medications in real-time. This will lead to diseases that were thought of as incurable being cured.

As you can see quantum computing will have a big effect on us all so when should we expect to see it in action? Enterprise companies are already using quantum computing with their big data problems but we are still in the infancy of quantum computing.

Experts believe that quantum computing will be available to us all by 2030 and with that, we can expect rapid advances in all areas of technology including encryption, data analysis, data forecasting and much more.

Will quantum computing stop my computer from slowing down?

Some people confuse the uses of quantum computing. Quantum computing isn’t used to speed up your computer so you can open more programs or listen to podcasts while you work. Quantum computing will be used for computational heavy processes and will break them down and run them at faster speeds.

Quantum computing will be used for more complex processes and we can expect them to be used in places such as creating better artificial intelligence, or improving a businesses cyber security protection. The benefits of quantum computing are limitless and over the next few years, we will begin to see these benefits coming to life.

Where can I buy a quantum computer?

At the moment quantum computers are not available to the public to buy, enterprise companies have started to use them so we can expect the public to get their hands on them over the next 3-5 years. If you are an enterprise company and want to get your hands on a quantum computer you should reach out to the main computer manufacturers to see if you can apply to be one of the first adopters of the technology.

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