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What is Voice Recognition?

What is Voice Recognition?


Voice Recognition, also known as speech recognition, is the ability of a program or a machine to interpret the dictation after receiving it. It is actually its ability to understand and perform tasks based on voice commands. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent assistants, including Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana, there has been a significant increase in the use of this recognition. If you are wondering, “what is voice recognition?”, we have you covered.

Voice recognition system basically enables its customers or users to interact with the technology, recognition technology to be specific. Users can make them perform simple tasks, including remainders, hands-free requests, etc.

How is a computer-controlled via voice recognition or computer voice?

Voice recognition is mostly built in the devices whose hardware support it. This is the reason why high-end phones and tablets having good microphones support recognition programs. Similarly, the PCs often come with inbuilt microphones, speakers, and cameras. You can use computer speech as an alternative to typing on a keyboard. In simple words, speech recognition is an easier way to work on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. The users usually talk into an external headset or microphone, and their words appear as written text on the screen. Voice recognition has uses in a search engine’s text bar, in a chat application, or an email, etc.

More than input text, some devices have greater use of recognition technology. This recognition program can control devices. You need to command the device, and it will be fulfilled. Voice recognition has significant use for people that have some physical disability. These people can use speech recognition technology to do simple daily life tasks. You can perform the following tasks on the computer using recognition technology:

  • Text Formatting and Saving.
  • Printing documents and Sending them to others.
  • Writing an E-mail.
  • Web browsing.
  • Forms filling.

New computers have pretty powerful recognition programs. But if you want to gain a high level of controlling functionality, a specific software needs to be installed depending upon your device’s system.

How Voice Recognition Works?

Voice recognition software present on computers and other devices requires analog audio to be converted into digital signals. It is called analog-to-digital conversion. A library of words or syllables and a fast means for comparing the data signal is also needed. As far as the speech patterns are concerned, they are stored in the hard drive. When the program is run, the speech patterns are loaded into memory. The stored patterns are then checked against the output of the analog-to-digital converter via a comparator. This is known as pattern recognition.

Moreover, the size of the recognition programs’ vocabulary in use is directly related to the computer’s Ram capacity or PC it’s installed in. When we talk about the program’s speed, it’s a lot faster if the entire vocabulary is loaded into RAM. The speed reduces significantly if you have to search the hard drive for some of the matches. Processing speed plays a significant role too. It determines the speed of the computer to search for matches in the RAM.

Why Voice Recognition?

Dictating and correcting

In normal talking, people often hesitate or mumble. One of the main skills required to use voice recognition software is to learn how to talk clearly so that the computer can recognize what is being said. This will enable you to plan what to say and speaking in complete phrases or sentences. At times, the software misunderstands some of the words. It may write similar sounding words. So, you need to proofread the text carefully after using voice recognition.

The Voice Recognition software is improving. But still, the error rate can be high. If you use voice recognition software to correct the errors, the mistakes may not be repeated. You will be able to achieve high accuracy and correction rate with skillful dictation. Another important thing in this regard is perseverance.

Text to speech

With the digitalization of the world, technology is improving, and so is voice recognition programs. Some applications in the market, such as Dragon Professional, come up with a text-to-speech option. It’s a pretty convenient option as you will be able to listen to the file you have just created using speech recognition. You can get audio playback of the speech as well. More than normal people, this text-to-speech facility is significantly useful for people who find it difficult to read any text file. Similarly, people with dyslexia can also benefit from this particular software.

Use in Everyday Life

Voice recognition technology is growing with each passing day. Devices such as Google’s smart home kit is very famous these days. This smart kit enables its customers to set the device to work even before they enter the home. They can turn the lights and heater on, unlock their doors, and can monitor their space remotely via this device.

It has the ability to identify the words you use. You can watch any video on YouTube you want without typing. You can also binge-watch your favorite shows on a smart TV without pressing a button. Recognition Technology takes it a step ahead. It ensures that only your voice can unlock your home. You can rely on the specific voice technology as recognition technology is safe and convenient.

Voice recognition devices have numerous security perspectives. Customization of deices is also possible. For example, if you want your children to stay away from certain devices, you can inhibit the device from turning on by the children’s voice. In short, you can perform most of your everyday life tasks using the Recognition Programme.

Future of Recognition Technology

The future of recognition technology is quite bright. With the development of more recognition software programs, there will be a significant increase in voice-enabled devices. Online shopping will become easier when the customers have to use voice recognition for secure payment. Criminal acts and legal procedures will get more transparent with the use of recognition programs. In short, with the increase in the use of recognition technology, the question, “what is voice recognition?” will no longer be asked by anyone.

Final ‎Verdict

More than being secure and convenient, voice recognition is fun. It reduces the effort without affecting the outcome, which is great. The versatility and expansion of this technology cannot be denied and will be increased with time.




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