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What Newcomers Should Know About Google Ads

Shopify Ads on Google with Cleverecommerce

Have you been looking for new ways to take your brand to new heights? If so, it is probably a good time to invest more resources in pay-per-click marketing. The method is often forgotten in favor of others, like SEO and social media. However, including it in the overall marketing strategy will bring more positive results.

If PPC was not something you considered trying before, changing the stance now would be a time. Here are some ideas that will help you get a better grasp of the most important aspects of pay-per-click marketing.

Idea #1 – Learn About Different Ad Types

As expected, there are different types of ads, and you can adjust your campaigns depending on what you want to achieve, and what targeted demographic you have in mind.

For example, if you have a Shopify store, there is an option to run Shopify Ads on Google with Cleverecommerce. Video ads are also gaining more popularity as the platform offers a lot of neat features that help with setting innovative ads and stand out from other brands provided that you are

Overall, you have multiple variations that may bring better results with different demographics. In other words, you can test things to your heart’s content.

Idea #2 – Set a Budget

The budget plays a prominent role in any marketing strategy. The resources you can afford to spend do not necessarily guarantee the best results, but it still helps to know that you can shift some of your money and hire a professional to run the campaigns, manage multiple campaigns, and bid on more expensive keywords.

Finance management is important because you may end up in a situation where you do not come out on top because of poorly managed investments.

Idea #3 – Have Clear Goals

Clear and defined goals will help you with controlling everything more efficiently. This is especially the case when you are running multiple campaigns at the same time.

Trying to cover multiple demographics and goals with the same campaign is a bit of a stretch unless you have a lot of experience and know what you are doing.

Setting realistic goals will also help with remaining motivated. It is easy to lose hope when you do not see immediate results. On the other hand, seeing your progress take shape, even if it is step-by-step, can be a great motivator.

Idea #4 – Research Keywords

Keyword research is going to be one of the most difficult parts of creating a successful PPC campaign. Prepare to spend hours if you are doing everything on your own.

Finding good keywords that are not too expensive and competitive is not the only difficulty. There will be competition, and if you are in an oversaturated market, you may find that there are very few options unless you are willing to take more risks and bid on more expensive keywords.

As a rule of thumb, it is a good idea to invest more resources into locating long tail keywords. They are not as competitive and give you higher odds of finding success.

Idea #5 – Include Ad Extensions

Ad extensions can be a life-saver in some situations. You have very little room to work with in the first place, and every character space matters when writing an interesting copy with hopes to attract potential customers.

Ad extensions allow you to add extra bits of information without sacrificing the main space. You can include contact information, special offers, and other stuff that will make the ad stand out more and hopefully lead to attracting extra people.

Idea #6 – Develop Relevant Landing Pages

An ad should not be misleading. Landing pages that people end up on need to be exactly what the ad tells. Trying to fool your potential customers will only lead to negative things, like penalties from Google. And, ultimately, you will have to shut down the said landing page.

The page itself should also have good loading speed because not everyone has the patience to wait. The bottom line is that you also need to be more careful when creating landing pages.

Idea #7 – Target the Right Demographics

Targeting the wrong audience will not get you anywhere, especially in the long run. Make sure that your campaigns are developed for the right demographic. Otherwise, it will only be a waste of resources. Take your time with testing if you cannot find the most optimal solution from the start.

Idea #8 – Optimize Ads for Mobile Devices

According to Statista, about half of the internet traffic will consist of smartphones and tablets in a few years. The desktop is not as popular as it once was. Do not neglect this and optimize ads, so they are clear to understand for mobile users as well. In case you forget, you will lose out on a lot of potential customers.

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