What You Need to Know About Massage Scheduling Software

There is a lot of competition in the massage industry due to its high demand. The majority of clients are looking for quality services at affordable prices, which means either you have to lower your rates or increase the number of sessions per day.

However, it’s not always easy to achieve both goals at once, primarily if you work alone with no employees who could cover your working hours while you take some time off. This is where massage scheduling software can help you save money and earn more by increasing the client retention rate.

What is a Massage Scheduling Software?

A massage scheduling software is a computer program that helps you manage all of your appointments, whether massages or something else, online. The best massage scheduling software solution for your business will have solid security, unlimited multi-user support, robust reporting capabilities, and more to keep your appointment book in order.

The software can be web-based, meaning you will access it on any Internet-connected device or download it to your computer using an app. The advantage of the former option is that you don’t need to install anything on your computer, while the latter option gives you faster speed and offline use when required.

What is its Purpose?

A massage scheduling software serves as a scheduler for your business. It makes sure that you have enough staff members on hand to handle the number of appointments you’re booking. It helps turn those customers into repeat ones by providing an easy way to reschedule or cancel their appointment online.

In addition, good massaging software notifies both the customer and employee at the appropriate time, so everyone knows what’s going on with each appointment.

The Benefits of a Massage Scheduling Software

Saves time: As a busy person, you don’t want to waste even a minute which can be saved by efficient information management through massage scheduling software. You will have all the information of your appointment and client on hand at all times, reducing the need to shuffle through paper schedules.

Reduces costs: Massage scheduling software can help you save money by cutting back on wasted supplies, printing costs, etc.

Helps turn customers into repeat ones: Customers love to use online tools that make their lives easier. They will appreciate that they can book their appointments online without having to pick up a phone or send an email which will make them happier with your business overall.

Allows for better customer service: When you have more accurate data at your fingertips, it becomes far easier to provide excellent customer service since you know what you’re talking about when answering questions or addressing concerns.

Improves employee productivity: Employees will be more efficient when they access all the information they need from their computers. This means that instead of constantly looking up information in a planner or a book, they can stay focused on their work and spend less time flipping through pages.

Helps maintain client records: An organized client record is where you have accurate information about appointments, payments received, and your client’s likes and dislikes, so it becomes easier to cross-sell other products/services that you offer with each appointment.

Tracks busy times: Through reports that show how busy your business is during specific days or times of the week, it becomes obvious where improvements need to be made in scheduling – whether that’s hiring more employees or working longer hours.

Aids in booking future appointments: With software integrated with your scheduling program, it becomes easy to ask for referrals and book new appointments, thus increasing your business.

Reduces time spent on administration: Since every task has its little box to check off on an automated schedule, you can spend less time managing day-to-day activities, so you have more time to expand your business or take care of other important matters.

Improves security: A good massage scheduling software will encrypt all data that goes back and forth between the client and employee and include a system that requires multiple passwords for access to different software (so if one password is compromised, the software itself isn’t).

Massage Scheduling Software Key Features

Advanced Reports: Useful reports can give you information about your business that will allow you to make changes and improvements where needed. Some of the most important types of reports to look for include:

  • Number of clients vs. total capacity based on day/hour/minute.
  • Details about the revenue generated by specific employees at specific times. This report helps you fine-tune employee schedules, so they’re bringing in more money overall.
  • Ability to compare this year’s figures with last year’s results allows you to see how much business has increased or decreased over time and pinpoint when those changes occurred.

Ability to Send Reminders: Sending reminders will help you reduce no-shows, a huge source of lost revenue. Over time, this can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars in wasted client appointments that could have been filled if they had just shown up.

Client Preferences: The most effective massage scheduling software gives your clients the option of telling you what types of massages they prefer, so you don’t have to keep track of each client manually.

This feature can save you hours upon hours of work and ensures every client receives the best service possible every time they come in for their appointment.

Easy Scheduling Process: The more streamlined the entire scheduling process is, the less likely your employees will make mistakes when filling in the schedule.

The best scheduling software allows employees to view their schedules online, saving time and money since they don’t have to print out a list of appointments every day.

Two-way Communication: In addition to being able to input new clients into the system, you also need your software to have the ability to take them out, so you don’t have an excess amount of data clogging up your database.

This ties back into keeping your client list organized and efficient. If an employee hasn’t seen a person within a certain period (usually around six months), that person should be removed from the database.

If not, then their profile might accidentally be assigned to the wrong employee, which will cause confusion and frustration, not only for your employees but also for your clients.

Professional Look: Considering how important first impressions are, having an elegant software program that’s also easy to use is a must. After all, if you can find a way to make scheduling fun and quick for your staff and clients alike – then there’s no reason why you should settle for anything less than the best.

Tracks Employee Hours: A good scheduling system should help you automatically track how many hours each of your employees has worked every week (for tax purposes). This keeps you easily organized and leaves little room for human error, such as forgetting to write down 12 extra hours somewhere in between time cards and payroll sheets.

Integrates With Other Programs: If you’re already using other software programs (such as a time clock app), then it’s essential for your massage scheduling software to work seamlessly with them and vice versa.

Otherwise, you’ll spend more time trying to transfer information between different systems, leading to lost client appointments and unhappy staff members who don’t understand why they can’t see their schedules online like everyone else.

Customizable: When choosing the best software for your business, be sure to look for customizable options such as location, billing carrier & currency, types of massages offered (i.e., Swedish vs. deep tissue), etc. This ensures that no matter what kind of massage business you have, it will accommodate your needs.

Integrates with Billing Software: When you’re done with a client, the best massage scheduling software should allow you to update that person’s profile and then automatically update their billing information as well (this is usually done through integration with a standard billing program).

This prevents you from having to manually retype each service/item/fee every time someone receives invoices – which can cause all sorts of mistakes and headaches for your employees.


Besides saving both time and money, massage scheduling software offers many additional benefits such as personalized services, accountability within your company, automated reminders for clients and therapists, etc., making sure that everyone involved receives prompt responses, gets treated according to their preferences, and leads satisfying lives.

Before choosing a particular system, carefully compare each option’s pros and cons to ensure that you end up with the best one for your business.

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