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WhatsApp desktop app not working or connecting

WhatsApp Desktop app is a must-have for anyone who wants to be productive instead of always having to check their phones when they are using a computer. It makes life so much easier, so when folks are complaining about issues in regards to the tool, we have no choice but to look into it.

Some users of the WhatsApp desktop app have been experiencing a particular problem when trying to set up the service to work. You see, the app is basically saying the smartphone is not connected, but such is not the case, therefore, what gives?

The big question right now is whether or not this problem can be fixed at all. To that, we have to say, yes, of course. Bear in mind that there are two versions of the desktop app. The one found in the Microsoft Store, and the regular classic version.

WhatsApp Desktop app not working

Getting this problem under control is not straightforward, therefore, we expect readers to pay attention to everything we say in the guide.

  1. Run WhatsApp in Compatibility Mode
  2. Update WhatsApp app
  3. Check WhatsApp server status
  4. Reset or Reinstall WhatsApp UWP app.

1] Compatability mode

Depending on the version of Windows you’re using, you may have to toggle the compatibility mode for the classic WhatsApp desktop (x86) program. We can get this done by right-clicking on the WhatsApp shortcut icon, then select Properties. Click on the compatibility tab, then under the section that says Run this program in compatibility mode, select your operating system, and hit the OK button.

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Restart the computer, then make attempts to run WhatApp again to see if it is working as it should again.

2] Update WhatsApp desktop

If you are using WhatsApp UWPapp from the Microsoft Store, then to update it, we suggest launching the Store, then visit the section, Download and Updates and click on Check for Updates.

If you are using the x86 version, you know, the one downloaded from the official WhatsApp website, well, there is no way at this time to manually initiate an update. You will have to download and install the latest version. That is quite disappointing, so it would be best to just use the version from the Microsoft Store if you are seeking a sense of freedom to perform manual update tasks.

If everything fails, then how about uninstalling either version of the tool, redownload it, and install once more to see if that is good enough to solve all problems.

For those who are still having problems despite reading the above guide, please let us know in the comments, and we will certainly get back to you as soon as possible.

3] Check WhatsApp server status

You may not have known this, but WhatsApp is not peer-2-peer, therefore, users must rely on the company’s servers at all times. If you are having issues with connecting or loading the app, then we suggest checking if the servers are working fine. You can do this by visiting, and check

If the web version is working, then the app is certainly working fine as well.

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4] Reset or Reinstall WhatsApp UWP app


whatsapp desktop app not working

The final tip for fixing your problem with WhatsApp for Windows 10, is to reset or uninstall the entire thing. First, let’s look into how we can reset the app in order to return it to factory settings.

Launch the Settings app by pressing the Windows key + I, then navigate to Apps > Apps & Features. From there, locate WhatsApp, select it, and click Advanced options. Scroll down and click on the Reset or Repair button, then follow all instructions.

In terms of uninstalling, follow the steps above to Apps & Features, locate WhatsApp again, select it, and hit the Uninstall button to get rid of it. Finally, find the tool again in the Microsoft Store, and redownload.

See this post if WhatsApp Web is not working on your computer.

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