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Why Telecom Industries Should Use CRM?

Telecom Industries

Contemporary business space proves to be more dynamic. There are therefore two main business elements that every marketer must put more effort to manage: customer and data management. This means therefore that for every business to become successful, it must efficiently manage its data and customers. Data to a wider extent encompasses that information that is customer related. This is the reason why CRM integration in businesses remains key in all modern market and business spaces.  

Precisely, CRM is a short form for customer relationship management. But what is CRM in telecommunication? It is a tool that helps manage all the relevant data about customers in a telecommunication setup. Coordinated research supports the establishment of the right basis to manage the three main business aspects i.e. customer service, marketing, sales, and service. But the customer relationship management system covers more than just the three business aspects. And it is very important to be aware of this analysis.


The telecom industry maintains cost controls to all their operations in order to lower their operating costs. While doing this, they work hard to increase their customer pool, raise revenue, and improve customer experience and hence retention. Industry players in the telecom sector must therefore invest in CRM systems in order to overcome the overriding difficulties. 

CRM system therefore not only helps industries to build stronger customer relationships but also helps them by increasing efficiency and productivity of the various businesses that use it. Remember we are all competing in a space where businesses rise and fall through Instagram, Linked In, Twitter etc. CRM tools have all the capacity to track or monitor all customer interactions with your company through various communication media.

In this article, we will base all our discussions around the telecom industry and why they should use CRM in their operations.

Increase Sales

The sales team have a general focus to generate as well as execute more and more sales. This is why it is perceived that this is already a greater burden of task that any added burden is a subtraction to their effort to generate sales for the business. Some sales reps may therefore consider CRM as a distraction or micro-management tool. 

Research shows that about 67% of sales people fail to meat their quota every month of the year. On the other hand, 65% of sales people who integrate CRM in their daily activities are reported to meat their quota every month. What does this mean in digital communications? It is an indication that a good CRM helps improve telecom sales when used effectively.

The high fall out rates in the telecom industry increases the costs per order, delays the processing cycles, and results into poor customer service. What does this mean to the telecom business? Less revenue. CRM can be used to reduce the fallout rates by improving validation processes and making order entries error-free especially through interconnected computer networks across various departments. 

Analyze Your Competitors

As new entrants try to grab a portion of the telecom business market share, the pioneer giants flex their muscles to retain their already bigger market share, making the business much more competitive. 

CRM system monitors your competition and delivers all-inclusive reports that help with a comprehensive competitive analysis of your company against the giants. This offers the business all the necessary information such as distribution channels, support, brand equity, customer exclusion and post-purchase services. This way, CRM software gives your telecom business leverage against your competitors. 

Minimizing Risks

Companies should be in a position to do more using less resources. This way, they can make business processes less expensive and more impacting to the customer. 

In a telecom business environment, employees take over one another and exchange roles more frequently and regularly. However, during the process, it is very easy for an overtaking employee to overlook a customer issue. This leads to a number of customers getting disappointed and reporting lower satisfaction rates across the telecommunication departments. 

Such oversights may range from missing sales, missed targets and unhappy customers which are all contributors to lost revenues. 

However, CRM changes this disappointment to a celebration by easily realigning tasks and gives regular reports on all customer interactions. This means that managers will be in a position to monitor all customer engagements and interactions with employees and be able to rectify problems that arise from time to time, just when they occur. 

Expand Business

It takes a sales rep more than five times to seek new leads than a telecom CRM. my constantly monitoring the social behavior of prospects from trade shows, seminars, conferences and webinars, telecommunications software helps a business by generating leads from website visitors, email lists and more social media engagements. The report managers get is easily shared with salespeople in order to initiate follow-ups immediately. 

On the other hand, CRM has the ability to direct employees to upselling or even cross-selling opportunities in telecommunication. This contributes to an expanded business for the telecom industry. 

Increase Customer Retention

A good telecom CRM helps the business to streamline communication within a company. Smoother and quicker information sharing n this business does not only mean happier employees but has the potential to increase the number of sales recorded on a daily basis, make clients happier and generally increase revenue for the business. 

Research shows that companies with improved customer experience have the potential to increase revenue from 25% to 95%. This contribution is usually directly attributable to double work, improved scheduling, fewer wasted hours and smoother communication. CRM system therefore contributes to increased customer retention in this case.

Consistent Expectations

Teams struggle to build working customer interaction models in attempt to improve customer experience and efficiency of the salesforce. However, if good practices are not well documented and replicated, more time is wasted in developing models every time and again. 

Telecom CRM tracks a company’s best strategies and replicates them for consistent results across all business processes. This way, customers are happier and return rates are increased across the telecom industries that are implementing the software. 

Offers Instant Feedback

CRM software makes it easier for managers to comprehend sales processes in order to be able to understand how every sales rep is carrying out their duties. These real time reports help them to send feedbacks in time which sales teams use to improve their sales processes as well as efficiency. 

Instant feedback means that sales reps can utilize this information to grow or improve their careers. In addition, it ensures no information is lost as a result of the lapses in the information sharing systems. This is where CRM comes in to improve reporting by providing real time data and analysis reports. 

Offer A Forward Perspective

Apart from reviewing historic data on customer engagements with the company. CRM also offers wholistic forecast of events that are more likely to affect revenue, future trends and profit margins in telecommunications networks. The data provided can then be studied for pipeline value, channels in lead generation together with missed opportunities among many other trends in order to clearly identify and respond to the problems. Managers can therefore utilize these reports to make well informed decisions. 

On the other hand, managers can use the information to monitor activities of sales teams at individual levels. This will easily help them to determine sources of problems and thus they can be addressed before they impact the company heavily. 

Professionals in the marketing departments can also utilize the information gathered to track all promotional activities and be able to assess their successes or failures. 

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